Винтовка KalibrGun Cricket. Пневматика с Предварительным Накачиванием (ПСП) по схеме bullpup.

Guns-Review.com presents video review of Pre Charged Pneumatics (PCP) air rifle “Cricket” by KalibrGun company “Cricket” rifle was developed in KalibrGun company, Russia and manufactured in the Czech Republic. Rifle is made for “bullpup” scheme and is available in two sizes: Standart and Compact. In this review examines the “Standart” version. Its total length is 68 cm, the weight of the rifle around 3kg. “Compact” version has a length of 62cm. Rifle supplied without optical sight, but with a removable device to reduce shot sound. The scope of delivery, except for the rifle, includes: – Two 14-round drum magazine; – Charging adapter; – Spare set of rubber gaskets; – Replacement spring; As for the replacement springs: The laws of some countries limits the free sale of airguns, focusing on the maximum value of muzzle energy. Manufacturer, in this case, complements the rifle as a standard mainspring and weakened mainspring, which prevents exceeding a certain threshold of muzzle energy. In rifle, which I represent in this review, I replaced weakened spring for standard mainspring, and results of shooting test we will see later. “Cricket” rifle is not equipped with open sights, and you need additionally purchase a optical sight and, of course, will need to purchase a high-pressure pump to pump the tank rifle. For mounting an optical sight “Cricket” equipped with Weaver rail. In this embodiment, the rifle stock is made of plastic. The plastic is pleasant to look at and touch. In hand touch plastic reminiscent of solid rubber. In the line of KalibrGun “Cricket” models are also available rifle with the rifle stock performance of walnut tree. “Cricket” rifle is made by the “bullpup” scheme. The scheme “bullpup” is a mechanisms location (eg rifles and machine guns), in which trigger is brought forward in front of the magazine and hammer mechanism. This significantly reduces the overall length of the weapon, but without altering the barrel length and lossless accuracy and precision firing, as well as the effective range. The proliferation of arms, made with the use of such an arrangement, received after the 2nd World War, although some models of small arms with “bull-pup” scheme was designed earlier. KalibrGun “Cricket” is one of the few models of air rifles, which is made under this scheme. Through the use of this design, the length of the barrel in KalibrGun “Cricket” is not inferior to the average length of the trunk in the air rifles and carbines executed by the classical scheme. Barrel length in KalibrGun “Cricket” is 450 mm. Compressed air-tank, which is located under the barrel of its capacity does exceed some “classic” air rifle and its volume is 280 cm3, while, for example, BSA rifle it is 200sm3. At the end of the air-tank is located pressure gauge. The scale of the pressure gauge is broken off in divisions of 10 bars, which is enough, and has maximum value of 350 bars. Connector for charging location under a spring-loaded sliding ring and in the end of the air-tank. Maximum operating pressure for KalibrGun Cricket, specified by the manufacturer is 300 bars and it may not be achievable for some high-pressure pumps, designed for 220-250 bars. If you decide to purchase a rifle Cricket, pay attention to this feature and a more careful approach to the selection of a pump or a high pressure cylinder for rifle charging. Rifle stock fixing by one screw located at the bottom. On the right side of the butt placed rotary sections for storing spare magazines. Recoil pad is equipped with a rubber strip-shock absorber. On the barrel, recall, is located removable device to reduce shot sound. In the rifle KalibrGun “Cricket” implemented a system lever cocking and chambering a bullet. Cocking lever is located on the right side of the butt, which left-handed is not quite convenient. Lever may simultaneously perform three functions: setting the rifle cocked, turn the magazine and chambering a bullet. While acknowledging the universality of the lever I have to say about it inconvenient location. If in shooting you have to constantly keep the rifle on the line of sight, then it you will not succeed. In the firing position for cocking the lever, the right arm should shift back over quite a large path, because the angle of rotation the lever is 110 degrees. This in turn may potentially lead to a shift of the top of your body. The most optimal, in my opinion, the method of charging – is lowered the rifle muzzle down, without releasing the butt from the shoulder, and cocked lever your right hand. Maybe it’s a matter of habit, but my first experience with the cocking lever were not entirely positive. Although it is recognized that the universality of its operation – is quite a big plus. The rifle is equipped with two 14 round magazine drum, which are metal drum with a ratchet gear on one side, whereby occurs control magazine rotation. Under the cocking lever is located the drum magazine mode selector. Selector (Lever) is also multifunctional. First, he removes the pulley for place the drum magazine. Secondly, allows you to either enable or disable the turning magazine mechanism at rifle cocking, which is very useful in the absence of a safety lever. To select the mode turn off or turn to the magazine, must be turned cocking lever to 90 degrees, lift the lever up mode selection and move it to one of two possible positions. The trigger KalibrGun “Cricket” is made of metal. Trigger movement smooth and soft. Length of trigger travel before the operation of the release mechanism is approximately 6mm. Now we turn to a shooting test and measure bullet speed. I’ll take for test one magazine for bullets 3 different scales of production Haendler&Natermann: – H&N Excite Econ, weight of 0,48gr; – H&N Field TargetTrophyPower, weight of 0,57gr; – H&N Baracuda Hunter, weight of 0,67gr; and test the maximum number of shots with the measurement of the dynamics of change of velocity with bullets H&N Excite Econ weight of 0,48 gr. Speed measurement will be held at 1m distance from the muzzle to the chronograph. Test of each bullet will be started from charge air tank rifle to 250 bars. This is due to the fact that in my disposal pump attaching BSA, which ensures that maximum pressure only 250 bars. On your screen shows the results of the shooting test using 3 different bullets caliber 4,5mm: H&N Excite Econ weighing 0,48 grams; H&N Field Target TrophyPower 0,57 g and H&N Baracuda Hunter weight of 0,67 grams. Let me remind you that KalibrGun “Cricket” equipped with a special air supply system and, as we saw in the benchmarks, this technical feature lets from first shots, in terms of the speed of a bullet and muzzle energy, show their maximum values at a small value deviation of the average speed of flight bullet. Next, I introduce you a summary table of the maximum number of shots and the schedule of the dynamics of change of speeds and muzzle energy, using bullets H & N Excite Econ weight of 0,48grams. This test gave a pleasant surprise. Agree, not a lot of rifles, even with Pre Charged and without any additional technical changes are able to show such a result. I mean the number of shots in a stable maximum speed equal to 65 shots and the total number of rounds equal to 161 shot. As for the pressure in the air-tank – remind you that the shooting was conducted after pumping pressure of 250 bars although the rifle is designed for an operating pressure of 300 bars. After 161 shots occurred automatic release of residual compressed air from the air-tank. So, sum up.
KalibrGun “Cricket” solidly made air rifle with very good shooting characteristics. Equipped with a removable device to reduce sound of the shot, has informative gauge and has compact dimensions. I don’t like the location of the arm cocking and chambering lever and lack of safety lever. As a barrier for many fans of PCP rifles will be its cost. Price of KalibrGun “Cricket” is equivalent of about 1,600 USD. But thanks to it’s technical features rifle exhibits high performance on indicators a maximum number of shots with full charge of air-tank and the dynamics of change bullet velocity and consequently muzzle energy. And of course when using a rifle don’t forget safety rules of handling of weapons, which you can learn more about in Guns-Review.com web site or youtube channel GunsReview All the best! Bye!

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