Hello, today in my project the Wicket metal with a wooden facade. This is the second gate of our site. The peculiarity of this project is that the gate crashes into the finished fence, since the need for a passage appeared later. On the example of our sliding gates, I liked the result. combining materials, so I also do I assemble the frame from the profile pipe, and the facade is sheathed with a wooden board. Now go to the graphic part of the video. We make a gate in the finished fence. PREPARATION I clean the boards under the pillars. We drip holes under the pillars. We make the lower workpiece longer to fix the fence to the posts. Pillars with a gate will be hanging on lags. We cut the logs and remove the wooden pole at the end! When the solution solidifies. We assemble the frame in a horizontal position We make welding. Align the diagonals. We reinforce the frame. We make welding. Pipes are relative to each other. Lock blank. We weld the frame, we do long welds with periodicity and staggered. UP. I use chiseled loops. bottom Platinum cut off in place from the strip. I adjust and weld in a horizontal position. I use a mortise lock with a lever mechanism. ATTENTION! At the stage of forming the castle strip, be sure to make lock holes. After installation and fixing Poles on the ground, make a hole in the reciprocal plate. The emphasis for opening the gate is the lower lag. For the facade of the gate we use a board with a fence. We fasten the board to the frame with a metal screw, after making a hole in the board for the diameter self-tapping screw. Concreting the pillars. We open an aperture, we remove a column and logs. Thank you for watching and see you soon on the HOMEWORKTARAS channel!


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