Обзор кроссовок Adidas ZX8000 OG Light Aqua 2019

[music] friends all hi today at us legendary republishing of model from adidas zx80 common people торшин model becomes in Vietnam as you see it republishing of 2000 nineteenth year the release of November 17 if doesn’t change me memory initially was 30 years ago this model this model is produced bought up worldwide from online stores for five in 10 minutes from retail everywhere bought up to very few people this model got limited everything put the range consortium well also you understand it everything kind of shan’t be here in it look that we see a normal blue box oridzhinat adidas oh are alive today simply you will hear a negative of brandy of Adidas much but because who waited for this model you me you will understand that won’t understand who generally is far here model we watch that we have standard Burke for тэкс 8000 others textiles everything I here pull out materials just about sneaker sneakers I when the first time took I at and so I pull out I pull out in hope that here something is and here nothing is simple no I was this factor very strongly it is grieved well as it can be additional couples of laces some cool brelok not booklets here with such here history brand where to tell at least a reptile what coloring well at least minimum information model after all not drain not some it is normal not any still such insertions of booklets that there still husband that that some additional options of a nishtyaka of it there is nothing just anything all handed over this the model it was produced and just there now it sneaker it is more of nothing [music] I will tell about model-release 140,150 dollars official price tag about 150 euro on the country depends in Russia I don’t know there can be 10 11 12 thousand rubles and can to be in Adidas somewhere sell I don’t know but we have Moscow-St. Petersburg in Omsk these are hundred percent of nothing all won’t be finite bought up the majority it who takes on resale who really for himself took those got to me sent this model a little On November 14 from Europe 5 pieces directly batches and you know a gift and that hardly prokanat to the person thanks a lot I won’t be to open something as well as for some reason it can punish but storekeepers drive at least quitted with delivery with express delivery 12400 there now and so I didn’t participate in what draws didn’t participate anywhere that is I so would think I nothing there not could buy because five-ten minutes but it is just grief on model 89 year initially but there very tangled history 89 year of the version of record 8000 of an adzha of the version and 8020 there are versions a lot of the version germanium-francium there well and there so further any countries of Europe now adidas museum I don’t know the archive site I couldn’t on it the bottom of vpn of nothing as usual could come all this grieves me just I can’t to find reliable information on model up here it is synthetics as you noted and textiles synthetics it as on ultra since the course, which I recently showed one in one very much good pile is the maximum synthetics which on quality can be it here it is applied it very steep textiles nice on the touch here synthetics classical rate about the transparent adidas торшин here all this classics directly I want to tell this plastic help on the classical version this version it kind of is considered from greasy it is variety of aqua aqua generally at it sole in other color it is the same there shall be blue but here it variety we here will tell aqua so and generally versions it g of sharks with is considered куек strike for some reason there heap tangling and heap here if you well get in these there archives you will be tangled as here and I you were already tangled where that this part this part is stitched in principle plastic it shall be stitched on to all perimeter you see just goes trough even to stitch here this plastmasska here it isn’t stitched and in original this part it not in such color it shall be here such here on the model model somewhat lyogenky but it besides very much grieves it not summer in the summer you can’t do it from 5 up to 20 degrees from within now I will pull out a receptacle from within still there are textiles nice on the touch soft but all this is very feeble it is ventilated to plus 20 degrees in the summer sadly well release in and the summer version and more such some well demi-season perhaps I don’t know that they are such some the strange children of gain under big finger gains under a little finger everything is stitched it is underestimated not made narrower nothing all on to the standard size there is made азаттык сафо 7 thousand already heap of different versions having shown these are made a little bit in a different way here on heels light reflector the back x 8010 texts aren’t present there is and with a text is without text differently everyone do I already somehow told about advantage of similar materials before natural materials that as soon as you you get soles you wash the footwear your dye doesn’t fade your dye leaks on adjacent materials soils and not to spoil forever you watch your model here we will take any place here flew away only wars yes and fabric it wasn’t painted it pile these are grains fibers yes over time slightly it will be to hang slightly but I advise to impregnate all the same for the sake of what that that didn’t get wet after all I tell it демисезон cold summer this material breathes well I he tell wearproof bends the principle is but it bends here not is afraid very such on wear resistance it is close to to natural materials the intermediate sole I will tell you this me it seems it slightly softer it is made what here I before showed you the back x 8 thousand here such counter it not is softer here color is plastic insertion I understand for what here is necessary for rigidities that the heel wasn’t filled up here this part for support it as system too there now here and I never understood why it is made it why here to do the place for a bend rigid I don’t know a setting for what that is for me it is a big riddle there is everything standardly here here plastic insertion quantity of holes of dependence from the size as you understand here classical text of Yandex 8000 adidas porsche here the model becomes in Vietnam here there is no text of mail that is men’s anything it isn’t here you about the nineteenth year textiles here it pleasant pretty to the touch and also the perimeter of a heel goes this most textiles additional hole that to make different options of a lacing high the uvula it very much pleases but it is possible to stir up as it is necessary here besides heel stabilizator volume and problem that not stitch and over time this part can come unstuck on a sole here standard sole with a plate торшин rubber all this everything is standard only softshell shock-absorber here it much more you look more softly as it is pressed through on other versions which held to ттк 8000 they so weren’t on sale but all this cut down is equally reduced version of softshell but because original it the transparent bigger well I don’t know is there balls aren’t present there balls but here on a section you now you will see that is the classical version as there shall be an insole at us here is finite it is delivered here such here you see it or flight insole but a normal stock direct insole without any supports it me also grieved there are textiles and it made in a different way usually on version 8000 was in the middle and there on anything was somehow peak it is stitched here just here is how standardly made perhaps it just classical option of execution length insoles at ю with 8 and a half 27 centimeters exactly it is the standard size there were I on a balcony it is impossible at home to remove there all shout here look on an insole I will tell you adidas has fine insoles of or flight of ski and with support thick great steep well as you you think what feelings you receive by the way sport the version to bake 8000 to do some and this of 0 9 year release you see what there were insoles yes they were it but you see a text and already were 20 years’ republishings and sport version here I to you already once to show but many looking I think there will be its first time to see and this version is the version of aqua you see sole what here what on which versions it is sport the version it is the summer version a heap light reflectors it to you just like that I show are very similar with versions of supernova and disto which became earlier but that pleases I speak cooling and also synthetics only here were already you see what here here you watch nishtyak it is poured texts there well on anything becomes cool well yes it is not optical illusion real as is so there is also a sole it is finite above any praises a system headlights of machines here I already such insole my ninth year delivered here China whether at least some there are such innovations also you see something unusual were still here such here nishtyak on laces all this as trifles but very pleasantly actually top view side view view from another to a side generally cool I made under them trousers it is possible to make upward trousers it already matter of taste but I to you more here I show sneakers than something else on fit is ideal also from 8 and a half ideally sit down press work not presses everything as well as shall be from within softly here you watch a bend here it goes with time of course strips will be but now at least don’t remain soft I already told textiles so on stabilizing the principle a leg in neutral situation it isn’t filled up on depreciation well alphago slightly adds softness to it so in principle such myagenky with by time it is once again trampled down we will look as behaves against linoleum it is a sole but in principle normally middling such very light sneakers on 5 points children at me the version work by the way European perhaps someone will buy somewhere in Russia someone will buy can be for the ocean in America you will write at all such complete set of all such box but because but this it as normal release any other sneakers insole a little bit to sticks here in these parts yes I feel a little bit I feel perhaps it then over time to be applied still fuck-up children just no comments sky and earth absolutely other feelings absolutely other support completely I I understand that this option it here such specific final option to a sneaker directly there are I won’t tell that they are twice softer than steel well on a third yes I advise you at once this to pull out business because here still such cool component glue is applied if you directly you won’t take out you will walk it nothing will be pasted then it will be possible to unstick then only the sphere but generally in general these sneakers very children very bad not are good to adidas care for the clients admirers snikerkhed well you understand here a game it not to express in words on it everything children thanks here such release from 30-year-old assessment history you saw everything saw all thanks to all good-bye write comments surely write that I asked such not such complete sets at all [music]

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