गर्भ नाल की देखभाल कैसे करे| Newborn Stump or umbilical care| garbhnaal ki dekhbhal kaise kare

hii my super friends ,welcome to my channel Umbilical cord supplies oxygen and nutrition to the baby in Uterus.which is joined to mother also. After the baby is born, it is cut off above the navel of the baby and some portion of umbilical cord is left behind. . Until this portion of umbilical cord dries and detaches from the baby’s navel , it requires special care. Today, I will like to share some tips on it:- In summers, make sure to dress up the baby
in loose cotton clothes or inner made of hosiery material so that the air passes to navel and
part of Umbilical cord, i.e. stump dries quickly. In winters also, first layer on his body should
be of cotton cloth or vest. Make sure to keep the Umbilical cord clean and dry . Diaper or nappy should be tied on lower side of navel so that it does not come
in contact with urine and is protected from infection. Normally, Umbilical cord separates from the body automatically within a period of
5 to 21 days, still try to give him bath with clean sponge instead of bath tub. If giving him bath in bath-tub, make sure that baby is not in tub for more than 5 minutes. Don’t dress baby in tight clothes. Also, don’t try to separate the Umbilical cord by your hands, even if you feel that it is going to fall down. Wash Umbilical cord only with lukewarm clean water. Don’t use alcohol and make
sure to wash your hands with soap before giving him bath. Don’t keep the stump open and keep it hidden under cloth so that bees and mosquitoes
don’t reach there and harm it. If there is some infection in Umbilical cord,
visit the doctor immediately. Some symptoms of infection are as follows:- If baby cries when you touch the skin nearby the navel. If the skin around the navel is reddish or if there are some spots near the navel. If the stump has started smelling or if some yellow-water like discharge is coming out, it is the infection. Normally, nominal blood comes out of navel
once the stump is separated from navel, but if the bleeding does not stops, visit the doctor immediately. These were some tips to take care of Umbilical cord of newborn. I hope this video was helpful to you . Till next video, Bye…

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