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the world with Salil We are Kathmandu now…. on the way to Pokhara We will be in Pokhara for 2 days and then we will back to Kathmandu again With me is Ratheesh and also Sooraj… So let’s see Pokhara next This is the Domestic Airport…. and we have our driver waiting for us It’s a really small airport… they carry the baggages in a trolley Our driver is waiting, so let’s see what’s next we are going to see We will directly to the hotel now, and after we keep our bags….. We will go to check out Pokhara, which is today’s plan This is Bodhi Suites, it’s a 3 star category There’s enough facilities, with a swimming pool and all We were discussing with Sooraj about…. going to see the World Peace Stupa and waterfall’s which are included in today’s plan…. let’s see what all we can cover… This is our room The facilities are good for a 3 star facility, with enough toiletries You will now be having doubts about cots when you see this, theres double bed and twin bed What you see here is a twin bed, 2 separate beds In a double bed it will be a single king or queen size bed And the view from the balcony is amazing , from this room We can see mountains, and also the Pokhara Lake The climate is good, we can see everthing far away very clearly Pokhara lake is close, it’s at walking distance because when I asked Sooraj He mentioned it’s close to walk And then we can see the paragliding from here, the place is called Sarangot and that’s where paragliding happens, and we also have it in our list This is a restaurant called Thakali Banccha Ghar, a famous place for proper food It’s really close to the Airport so it’s called Thakali Banccha Ghar Airport So we have decided to order a meal here A nepali thali We have mostly locals here As i mentioned before the Airport is very close you see that the tower from here So we have ordered There’s different type of seatings here As you can see we eat by sitting on the floor too And there’s also normal seating This is the World Peace Stupa in Pokhara There are 8 stupas in the world, two are in Nepal One in Pokhara and the other in Lumbini Lumbini as many of you know, is the birthplace of Buddha So this is the World Peace Stupa in Pokhara The view from here is another attraction, we can see the Himalayan Ranges and also the Phewa lake, which is Pokhara’s main attraction Buddha has been displayed in many forms… around the World Peace Stupa We can also get the view of Pokhara city from here and it’s 7 kms from Pokhara to here Local bus is available We can come by car and also local transport bus Now we are at a Tibetan Settlement Tashiling Tibetan Colony, like the colony in Coorg, Karnataka They use sheep skin for various products, all are handmade Which is a means of earnings for them This is a list of many awards and honors given to Dalai Lama by many countries and universities From the list we can understand how important he has been to this world Including India he has received awards from many countries…. Looking at the list… Not only India So many countries has presented him awards…. It looks like this board will not be enough It’s filled up to the bottom We leaving from the Tibetan Colony to next place Next we are off to Devi’s Falls Sooraj has gone to get the tickets…. so we are waiting here In any tourist spot’s we visit outside we can see a lot of these……. shops Photography is not allowed, but I just took a clip when I saw it This is Devi’s Falls There’s a lot of fences around it There’s a story about these fall’s and it’s a sad one On July 31st, 1961 Two couples came here from Switzerland An that time there was no fences.. They got in to have a bath and what happened was…. A rush of water came from above and they got trapped And the lady fell into this hole This hole is 500 ft deep and after she fell into it… It took 3 days to get her body After her death the lady’s father wished about naming the fall’s to David’s fall But David’s falls was later changed to Devi’s Falls eventually This is one of the main attractions of Pokhara and many tourists visit here When we stand here the sound of the rushing water has a feel Also drops of water falls on us when we are close Its so good…. and this falls end in the Phewa Lake It’s must visit place in Pokhara, Nepal So it’s Day 3 here We had a lot of plans in the morning but was interrupted by the rains So now we are off to a mountain called Sarangot Paragliding is what we are looking forward to Sarangot is a really nice viewpoint to watch the sunrise…. But because of the rains we had to cancel the plans But we are still thinking about the paragliding So we are here for that…. and let’s try This is Pokhara’s valley view We can see Pokhara beautifully from here The weather is a bit bad, so the visibility is less When we got here we realized we made a mistake We came here without booking If you are planning to Paraglide here…. Before coming to Sarangot there is a booking office below, where we have to book first This is because the rules have become strict now Only a single pilot will do this activity per day So if we need to do this The pilot will come with his glide in the transport and will take us to the bottom paragliding, which is what they normally do here It is around 8000rs per head, and do not forget to bargain a lot The mentioned 10,000 – 12,000 Because 2 of us where doing it they made it to 8000rs They will be coming wih GoPros, to shoot all the video and audios during gliding Which is included in the package Our guide helped us a lot, so we have to wait for sometime for the pilots who are coming from below to glide and we are really excited to do it.

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