โดดร่มจากหน้าผา ‘Paragliding’ ที่เกาะล้าน | ทริปไร้แสง「EP.3」

[Previously on I Roam Alone] I’m terrified! Will you ever do it again? Never again! We’re taking a boat to Ko Lan to go paragliding. Ready Go! Arrrgghhh! Whoaaaa! We’re taking a speed boat. It’s gonna be … Terrifying? Nope! Not terrifying? Not not terrifying. [Holding on to his dear life] You’re scared? A little I really want to get wet. Walk into the sea! Can I? Go ahead! Turn this way. Do you come to the sea often? Not often. Do you like the sea? I love it. Let’s touch it. I love the sea. The waves are coming. Like that. Let’s go! Yes. Mint, take him with you! [♬ Hello, darkness, my old friend. ♬] Sorry! Did Khun Jeff send you? Yes. Let’s go! Hold on tight. You can get on now. Scooch over for me. We’re going uphill. We’ll be jumping from there. Krit, hold on tight. Hold fast. [What are you screaming for?] We’re going uphill! Get on here. [He got off, so the motorcycle could go uphill.]
Come on! [Absolutely beat …] Our ride from here
will probably be more thrilling than paragliding. Hold on tight. Why is everything so brutal today? I’m a little woozy! [Interlude] Let me explain it to you. You’ll put on safety gear, just like when you did with bungee jumping. To take off you’ll have to run a bit. The instructor will be with you in the air. You’ll feel the wind in your face. And under your feet is the sea. It will be breathtaking. I’ll be soaring through the sky? Yes, you’ll be riding the wind. Easy breezy! Easy breezy! Easy breezy? [You said that last time!]
I’m terrified. [Burning question …] Do you have a girlfriend? I did. What do you do when you go on a date? We mostly text and chat on the phone. We also go on dates outside. What are your moves when you hit on a girl? I don’t normally make the first move. Ladies come to me first. Try your moves on. Hey, Krit. Wanna go have some ice cream? That’s scary. My voice is too rough for you? But I know you’re pretty. [Excellent survival skill]
Yes, you got it right! That’s scary. That means you just live a normal life like others. Exactly I have a pretty normal life. And I can travel just as anyone can. Being blind is just having one thing missing. For me, I can’t sing. No one has all the abilities. If you don’t have certain abilities,
that is still pretty normal. [What most people do not know] [Curious] You look like you have a question. He’s posting comments on Facebook. Really? Yes! That’s superb! This is just a regular Samsung phone. The latest model as well! Yes! I didn’t know they could use Line
until I started working with them. He’s so good at texting! Really? He replies much faster than me. That’s the next comment. So, it reads to you, right? That’s the next comment. And this is how to read it. That’s lol. [lol] I’ll like that comment. Done! You’re a wizard! [Words that you dislike the most] “We have to help them.” “We have to be a giver for them.” Suddenly, I’m consigned to a place
they have set out for me. An example would be a trip like this. They’d say “it’s dangerous.” What I want people to say instead is:
“We have to understand them.” This is for all kinds of disabilities. That will have them see blind people in a new light. Just a couple of things to keep in mind to make sure that they’ll be safe when walking. Just keep an eye out for them a bit. This trip is like stepping out of my safe zone. I remember how loud your scream was. Arrrghhhhh! There goes my cool guy facade. Let’s go paragliding! That’s what we have to put on. It’s basically the passenger seat. All our equipment is up to standard. You have to put the parachute on. I’m ready! Do I need to take off my glasses? No. Otherwise, the wind will blow into your eyes. That can hurt your eyes. Will it make me even more blind? Are you excited? Yup! Another first for today. Ready! Go! I feel like a bird! What’s on this side? A green mountain And below us is the beach? Yes. It feels like I’m soaring through the sky. This is my first time ever. Paragliding at Ko Lan! We’ve made it! And now a whole plate of prawn is in front of us. Did you have fun? Definitely A brush with death in the morning. And a breezy afternoon. I feel like a bird. Would you do this again? Sure thing! What did you like the most? I really liked paragliding. Broaden your horizons and try new things! You can try them yourselves. These activities are great fun! Next time, we’ll take to the sea. See you next time. Bye bye! [Deleted scene] I’m gonna do it too. I’ve done this a few times. But this will be my first time in Thailand. My life is in your hands. Spread your wings and fly! Your name is Chadum, right? Yes. [♬ Chadum, chadum, chadum ♬] [Back to business] [Something’s wrong with the wing] Everything’s alright, right? Are you sure? Everything’s fine. You’re making me nervous. I’m already afraid of height. We’re going now? I haven’t turned on my camera. Now? My feet just hit tree tops! My feet just hit tree tops! We’re landing. Arrrgghhh! [Almost brushing the ground] [Barely cleared their heads] Run, run, run, run

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