Subtitles: ON I want to tell you about an amazing experience I had My first time paragliding the frontier of Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia an incredible panorama. Hi backpackers! This is what is going to happen next I’m in a very old chair lift maybe from the communist era As you might see this old locks are not used anymore but well, what I’m doing now is going to the heights of this mountain to get down paragliding is my very first time doing this so I want you to be with me along this new experience The giant upward way took several minutes Once in the top we had to walk some extra meters After getting being lifted here there’s more way to do by foot Finally at the top we find this big tower for telecommunications At this side, a great panoramic view and at the other side too. Many people rech this place with giant backpacks ready to do paragliding Ok, seems like finally we’re at the place where the real thing happens. As you can see at my back everything looks normal but on the front the landscape is really really incredible. I’m going to zoom the show you on detail the place we’re going to reach. We’re going to jump among this hill and fly over this valley As you can see here’s somebody doing that. Is really much higher than I imagined I imagined a little slope with a little wind to go up This this will take us directly to colosal heights. Once there I met my instructor: Radim a really cool dude with lot of experience since 15 years ago doing paragliding and living in this area. [Radim] [Another instructor] Considering that not everything can go right that made me feel more confident. [Dramatic dramatization] So we started preparing the flight Safety first. We put the helmet, and we’re about to prepare us to run, fly and see what happens I wasn’t afraid at any moment. I felt as safe as taking an airplane Then we prepared the cameras…and started to run. I have a gopro here another here and you. I felt very enthusiastic! Was like wooa!! a complete piece of planet watched from above that was close! Ok, this is an exciting part. We ‘re waiting for the perfect wind. One in the sky everything was marvelous Wow, that’s amazing. There you can see the border with Poland and the frontier with Slovakia [Slovakia] [Poland] As I told you before I started from the Javorový mountain and I was at just one jump to more than 1,000 meters of height. In this map I’ll show you the área of the overflight These are Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia Praga is around here, and here’s the mountain Javorový Let’s see in detail my route To reach the top of the mountain I use the chair lift starting from this building You can see here the ascending posts amont the mountain until reach this building After that we had to do all this path by foot until the top and the final jump that took the to the sky happened just here. Then you can see that the overflight that was over all this valley show the lands of Poland, Slovakia and Czech Republic Then when we find some height we did some acrobatic experiences Vertigo and extreme G force 😉 I only war nervous about the landing I didn’t have idea of how’s gonna be We had two options: to land sitting in the chair or to land on foot if the speed would afford that At the end, was the first. Would I reccommend it? Without a doubt. In fact I’m thinking on doing that again. Thanks for being part of this overflight If you liked it please leave your thumbs up and help this video to fly too. Hugs for everyone my fellow travelers, see you on a next episode Bye! Follow me on social networks, there’s more to watch.

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