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– [ Christina ] Oh no William. Did the flowers hurt you? – Mama look! – Oh man! – And they do not come out! We’ll just cut the whole thing off like William’s hairdo. Like we’ll just do like that. Is that okay? – [ Josh ] Yeah. – NOO!! ( Music playing ) – BLOODY KNEE! – Good morning! – [ Josh ] Ask them if they’re having a good day. – Are you having a good day? – Say if not I’m gonna jump and get you a balloon. – Uh Otay. ( Laughing ) – So William has a little bit of a predicament because the balloon is way up there. And as you can see the string goes to here. And way down here is little William. K little Wills, I’m gonna scoot all the way back. And you’re gonna jump and grab that balloon, okay? – Okay. – K on your mark, get set, go. Oh that was so close! Get up and try again! Oh that was so close! You almost got it! Holy! Here he goes, ladies and gentlemen. Let’s see if he can get it. ( Laughing ) ( Laughing ) I don’t even think you’re jumpin! – Well good morning guys. I woke up early this morning and played some basketball. Trying to you know get in a little bit better shape. Um, I’m definitely eating healthier. I got my apple cinnamon oatmeal. I know that looks delicious. I took the uh, older two kids to school today. Mom is getting ready. And I think we’re gonna have some fun things that we’re gonna be doing today. Of which of course we’ll always bring you along with us. – So I went and picked up the kids from school today. And it is Friday funday so we are doing something fun. And these um, local gardens by our house, they have this really fun thing in April. Called the Tulip Festival. Where the whole grounds are covered in beautiful tulips. – [ Christina ] Oh William look at these ones. Stand by em. Look! Turn around and look at me! They’re as big as you are! Holy cow! So pretty! Those are so pretty, huh? – A huh. ( Music Playing ) ( Record Scratch ) – Oh no. These must be mean tulips cause William’s crying and is hurt. One must have attacked him! Oh no William Did the flowers hurt you? – Mama look! – Oh man! Did the flowers scratch your knee? – ( Gibberish ) Bonked my knee! – Oh I’m so sorry. When you find a big hill of grass what do you do? Roll down it of course! ( Children laughing ) ( Laughing ) – [ Christina ] Which one do you want to smell? – These. – Okay. Oh does that smell so pretty? – Mama! – What? – Suns shining. – The suns coming in? K seriously it has been cloudy and rainy for a week straight. And it has been miserable. We’ve been wanting to come to the gardens so bad and see the tulips. But its been so cold! And so depressing! So we’re so excited to see the beautiful sunshine today. Hey buddy how do you feel after rolling down that hill? – Not so good. ( Laughing ) Did you guys ever see the movie, “The Secret Garden”? This is the real secret garden! – [ Christina ] What is it, Tay? Pretty flowers huh? It smells so good in here can you smell them? – [ Christina ] Everybody say good bye to the pretty flowers! Nikoi – Zi Chen! – Zi Chen pretty flowers! – [ Josh ] So it looks like we’re in a little bit of a predicament here. – So if you guys thought gum in hair was a challenge, you should definitely get these things called Bunch Ems. And you should put them in your hair cause they’re really easy to get out. – [ Josh ] Here let me try. Let me try. – [ Christina ] William show them what they look like. – How does that feel, Nikoi? – How does that feel when I’m trying to get that out? – [ Christina ] They’re these cute little balls and they stick together. And they do not come out. So should we just cut all your off? I know we have clippers upstairs! Dad can just shave all your hair off! – [ Josh ] Buzz it off! – But we’ll have to cut of it so it’s the same length. [ Josh ] Hey a summer buzz cut! I’m good at those. – We’ll have to cut all of it so its the same length. We’ll just cut the whole thing off like William’s hairdo. Like we’ll just do like that. Is that okay? [ Josh ] Yeah! – No!! – [ Josh ] Holy crapola. That’s actually in there.. – Help me! Somebody help me! – That’s in there pretty good. – It has all these, like.. Each one of these little things is a hook. That grabs your hair. I just don’t even know what to do. – [ Josh ] Just rake it, rake through that with the comb. Oh. Ouchy. How does that feel, Nikoi? – Deep breaths, Koi. Deep breaths. ( Laughing ) Pain is beauty. – What if I help hold.. – Oh it’s breaking her hair! Like its ripping. – Okay so you’re going to have to use a different strategy. Wow that’s really working. – Um, it says right in the instructions like do not get in your hair. And Michelle warned her not to get these in her hair too. I think her girls got it in their hair. ( 20 minutes later ) – [ Christina ] Uh, we finally got this out of Nikoi’s hair. She sacrificed some hair casualties. Can you see this? Oh come show me. Come here, Koi. Don’t. I want to show them what your hair looks like. This is the aftermath. Wow that looks so great. It’s like a new hair style. What are you going to do with it? You’re gonna put it in the garbage. So kids, do not put Bunchees in your hair. That’s the lesson of the day! – Hhhh – [ Josh ] 3, 2 1 action Dyches Fam. – Hey Dyches Fammers. Should I say fammers? – Fammers, no. – Yeah! That’s what they are! – Family ( Laughing ) – Today we’re going to be doing some mail unboxing. It’s going to be awesome, right? Cause we got some awesome birthday presents sent to us from one of our favorite family members! Catherine! You know we love you! – Woo! You’re the bestfriend! You’re the bestest friend cause you send us almost all the presents. – She’s like she’s the bestest friend we’ve ever had! Huh, Nikoi? – [ Josh ] Rip it. Rip it. – Amazon uses this really, this tape with the strings in it. – Yay! ( Laughing ) – Yay! – Yay! William pop it! Jump on it! Pop it! Pop it! – [ Josh ] Oh. – [ Christina ] Pop it, pop it! – Woo – Ohh – Vision gear. Oh cool pink glasses. But I think they’re used with whatever is in here. – Wait. – Ohh! – Cool! – Explosion! – It’s exploding! These my friends.. Okay. Are bullets. So Nikoi must need these awesome glasses to wear when she’s shooting these bullets. – [ Josh ] From what though? – Is there more in there? – [ Josh ] You just throw the bullets? – Huh? – [ Josh ] Huh? – What is that? – Ohh. – Cute purse. Maybe that’s for me. – Uh uh. – Yeah she said something was for me. – [ Tayden ] That’s for you, mom. – Where’s the scissors, Koi? – Ohhh. Cool! – [ Josh ] Is that, is that.. – Oh this is definitely for mom! – Ahhh! Ah. ( Laughing ) – It’s a bag full of make up! Yay! – Me. – ( Laughing ) Oh no we might have a fight over this one. – [ Josh ] Mommy daughter fighting already. – And a cute bag to put my makeup in. Well maybe we’ll need to share our makeup. I love it. It’s so awesome! There’s tons of make up in here. – [ Josh ] Hold on lets take a look at it. – Hold on. There’s some awesome, um, moisturizer creams. Some, um, lipstick. Look how cute that color is. And some mascara. Wow I’m gonna be looking good! [ Josh ] Wow my girls are gonna look purdy. – Purdy. – This is mine! – Ohhh. – Ohhhhh! – [ Josh ] I think that’s for mom. ( Laughing ) – Yes this is what I’m gonna shoot you with when you’re naughty. – Yeah! They are naughty kid darts. – Oh fun, Koi! That’s why you need those cute glasses! And those cute bullets. It’s for that awesome bow and arrow! I think Tayden and William should be afraid. – AHHHHHHHHH! – Thank you, Catherine! – It says, “Happy Birthday Nikoi. You are such a beautiful, clever, adventurous and talented kid.” “And I just think you’re amazing!” From Catherine. Isn’t that so nice? Ahhhh. Thanks Catherine! We love the gifts. You are so sweet. For real. ( Muah, Muah, Muah) So guys I want to show you another thing that I got in the mail too. And this is, I’ll give you a little sneak peek. This is my cute maternity haul video that I’m going to featuring on my weekly update next week. And it is some really cute maternity clothes from Pink Blush Maternity. So stay tuned next week for that video. If you would like to send us something and see it featured on the vlog. Then make sure to go to our about page and find our mailing address and you can send it there. – Thank you, Catherine! – Thanks Catherine! Love you! – K guys its a beautiful sunny day again. And I know the kids are doing soccer right now. But we’re also prepping for in a couple weeks they have … – Baseball! – ( Laughing ) Baseball! Ow! Meanie! – Ha Ha Ha – And even our sweet little girl Nikoi said she doesn’t want to do gymnastics or dance anymore. She wants to play all sports. So she’s going to try them this year with her big brother. So we are out here practicing.. Tayden. We actually took last year off from baseball because it’s really crazy with soccer. Oh William. – [ Josh ] Look at William. Hold on watch him. Do it, hit it buddy. – [ Christina ] Oh so close! Hey William, show me your batter stance. Show me. Both hands. Get that elbow up! Oh so tough. Wow! That’s a tough guy! – Mom watch. – Okay. Oh wow! But Tayden took last year off because it’s crazy um, in June and July cause we are already doing soccer and golf. And so this year we decided to do baseball. And Tayden is ready to catch it. I am so surprised at how far he’s come in a year. Huh daddy? – That’s right here, catch. – Ahhh! – So we were just warming up with a tennis ball. – We like to use these tennis balls. Because then when it hits them it doesn’t hurt. Except I hit William in the face and he cried. – Then we got a soft, hard ball. It’s a lil.. It’s a little bouncy. It’s not as hard as a real baseball. – It’s like the t ball ones where they’re a little bit softer. – But Tayden’s been doing pretty good. So here we go. – [ Nikoi ] Oh I can’t wait to use this bat. – [ Christina ] Nice catch, buddy. It’s all about learning that form. It’s about stepping through and throwing it. Hey he threw one even dad couldn’t get. – That’s not.. That’s not necessarily a good thing! Okay are you ready? – What? – I threw one that you couldn’t get. – Oh Miss Smarty Pants! Okay let’s see if he can do it. Be ready, Tay. Nice catch, buddy! – [ Nikoi ] How about every catch you have to go farther? – [ Christina ] That’s our little baseball player. Let’s see your swing. – Oh I have to do it this way. – No da other way, silly girl. – I can’t! – Yeah that’s the way you do it. Yep. Swing all the way through, girl. Can you swing all the way to the other shoulder? Yes. You know he’s practiced a lot throwing the football and I think that’s really helped him play baseball. I don’t like to throw baseballs in the house but you know a little football they practice throwing a lot at home. And I think that helps him a lot with this sport too. – [ Josh ] Perfect! Yeah put your back elbow up. There we go. K here we go. – [ Christina ] Oh good job William! You hit it! Tayden don’t go up there when he’s got the bat. – Woo! Little bub! – [ Josh ] K Nikoi go back there. Here we go. – [ Christina ] Woo! Got it, William! Oh dang it guys. Our battery is gonna die. But We’re having a great time. Get outside and do something fun today! ( Music playing )

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