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💉😬BROKEN TOOTH! Root Canal and Crown Surgery at the Dentist! – What’s up Dyches Fam? Hope you guys are doing fantastic today. – Hey guys. – We are officially kicking off Spring Break. – Wooo. – Today was the last day of our school for Spring Break. – That’s right they have like a week and a half off and so What are we doing now kids? – Practicing some baseball. – You guys might be seeing these nifty hats we have on. Tayden, what’s our team name? – The Marlins. – We’re the Marlins. We’re the big fish with the spikey noses or whatever. Sword fishey type thingys. – Yeah but their scales are different. – To bad I don’t have one of their hats. I just grabbed this one. – So Nikoi she’s playing machine pitch this year. She’s not on Tayden’s team this year but maybe next year actually. You might be. Depends we might do softball, who knows? Nikoi is gonna, she’ll have her own uniform and hat. Isn’t that gonna be cute? Total. Totes cute. – Yeah. – So what are we doing here at these uh, These uh, thingys out here? What are these things called? – Fields. – Fields. – Baseball fields? Maybe? – We’re gonna be hitting, practicing hitting and fielding. – That’s correct. – We better get going cause the, it looks like there’s a storm blowing in. We might not have a lot of time to hit and field some balls today. Um you guys looking forward to baseball season? – Yeah. – Sure.. – Probably not as much as you are to Spring Break. – Yeah. – That’s right. Anyways we’re gonna go hit some balls and uh, see what these kids can do. So come along with us. – Yeah. – Made it to the ball field. Yeah that’s how you do it. You twirl. You twirl like ballerina. The uh, home plates are a little bit muddy around them cause it’s been raining. We’re improvising. I’m having Tayden just bat right there. So that the wind’s not in his eyes so he can open em. She’s the cutest fielder, folks. Look how cute our fielder is. Huh? K Tayden show me an old swing. Let’s see how you swing, son. Hey batter, batter, batter, batter, batter. Swing. Not bad. K let’s see what you can do. – K. – K. K people. ( Music playing ) So I turned off recording Tayden’s best hit. He actually was getting a lot more confident towards the tail end. – It flew up. – He almost hit it to the grass. But uh, he’s gonna hit again. It hit the grass? K who’s up now? – Me. – K show me your swing. Okay try that again. There we go. That’s a good looking swing. K here we go little lady, let’s see what you got. K ready or not here we go. – Be careful. – I will. K here we go, get ready. Woo! Your first ball, you hit it. Woops. – I didn’t do that. – Nikoi you hit the camera. – I didn’t do it. Yes! Just like that. ( Music playing ) Nikoi did awesome! K here we go. My bad that was a terrible pitch. Sorry Tayden. ( Music playing ) Okay we’re done. It’s cold, it’s a little bit chilly out there. But we’re warmed up from playing some ball. Aren’t we kiddos? – Yeah. – Yeah how did we do today kids? – Good. – Baseball’s been one of the sports we haven’t worked on, I think we’ve worked on it the least. Out of all the sports. And so I feel like these guys are not really up to uh, the standards or par where they could be. If we would have been playing more and got them like an accelerated league and stuff. But. The potential is there. Nikoi has an amazing swing. And.. Ohh that’s dirty put that down. Um Nikoi has an amazing swing and Tayden he’s.. He’s starting to figure out the sport all around. He’s got a good swing, we threw about 50 pitches and he’s got a good arm on him. He’s pretty accurate. – Yeah. He may be seeing some pitching time this year. At the pitcher’s mound. So we’re gonna head home and see what mom and the other two, the two younger brothers are doing. And maybe eat some lunch. Let’s go. – So a fun day of baseball practice makes a kid starving. Tayden came home and he’s like.. He was totally what we like to call Hangry. We’re you hangry Tay? – Yeah really hangry. – So what did we do to fix that? – We made pizza. – We made pizza, look how yummy that looks. – Nikoi’s eating with one hand. – Oh dad is that just so good? Oh how’s your mouth? – I um. I’ll show you guys my tooth that I got a crown and a root canal on. It’s, the way that it’s sitting if I hit.. Like it doesn’t touch like my old tooth did. It’s kinda like it feels like this where I touch this side every once in a while. And it’s, really tender. I just.. I just chomped it, it hurt. – Like I said I’ll just put your pizza in the blender and it will be a pizza shake. – I’ll put you in a blender. – Nikoi let’s see your pretty pizza. Wow girl. That is a lot of chedda. – Look it’s bouncy guys. – No it’s not a lot. It’s medium size. – Guys. Guys it’s bouncy. – It’s a pizza trampoline? – Yeah. William’s pizza’s over here in the oven. Cooking up delicious with daddy’s. – Mine looks awesome. – What? It looks good cause it has cheese? – But no pepperoni. – Oh. – Like I’ve told you guys before we like to buy those little, the non bread and use it to make pizzas. It’s totally perfect and works great for like an after school snack. Or after baseball snack. – K let me show you my tooth real quick. Can you see it? – [ Christina ] It’s the prettiest one in your mouth. – That’s the tooth right there. Second from the back. On the top. It is really sore right now. I haven’t taken medicine since 9 o clock. And it’s 5 o clock. I took some about a half hour ago and it hasn’t kicked in just yet. But eating is, woo. I hit it and it hurts. No fun. Teeth problems are no fun. I’m sure some of you have way worse problems and I’m sorry for you guys. I hate teeth problems. But who needs their day brightened up? Well let’s do it right now because you’re about to get a daily dose of Rozzy bear. Rozzy bear. Hi. Can you tell these guys hello? Can you tell these guys, hey I hope you’re having a good day? Hi. Boo. Who wants a camera? Can you tell these guys hello? Oh hello everybody. I’m a cute little baby boy. I love everybody. Hi. Who’s a cute baby? Aww what a.. Yummy. I was gonna say yummy. – [ Christina ] He is yummy. – What a happy baby boy. – You’re so cute. – [ Josh ] K here’s your daily dose of Rozzy bear hopefully he brightened your day. Cause he wants to eat you. I’m gonna eat these people. Make them have a good day. – [ Tayden ] He’s trying to show them. He’s actually showing them. – [ Christina ] It’s hard to believe he’ll ever grow up and be a man. – I know. With a beard. He’s gonna have a beard someday. Just like his daddy. You’re gonna have a big bushy, manly, burly beard. – [ Tayden ] He’s like yeah totally. Why can’t I just have it right now? Why can’t I have it already? – William’s gonna rollerblade and eat pizza at the same time. Did you tell these guys hello? Wave to em. – Have a good day. – Have a good day everybody. Hey get him to do it Tayden. – Okay so look. Watch it’s super funny. So you have to flip it up and go like woo. Oh no did you drop it? Wooo. – We had some friends stop by. Hi Chloe so hi to yourself. – Hi. – Tell yourself to leave a comment below when you watch our YouTube video, – Leave a comment below. – What’s your name? – Keaton. – Keaton. You gonna watch our YouTube video or what? – Maybe. – He’s eating pizza. I wanted to record Rozzy cause he’s being so cute. William or Tayden come do that with him again. – Woo. Whoah. Wooo. – Baby’s first football. It’s your first football. Baby. Where we at? – Um we’re at the Stadium Cinemas. – Nikoi. What are we doing? What are we here to watch? What are we here to see? What is it? – We’re here to watch Beauty and the Beast. – What is it? – Beauty and the Beast. – You so excited? – Yeah. – William where’s your shoes? Put them on. – I have to hurry and run. – Nikoi. Hi. – Hi. – Are you excited to see this movie? You excited to see the movie? Tayden. – What? – Hi. – Hi. Hey guys. – My parents are here. Their just getting us some treats. With Christina. Look at Rozzy bear. Hi. Okay we’re gonna get ready to watch the movie. – Two hours later. – What are we doing? Sports Shooting USA. Get em guys. Do you have to really look through that? – Yeah it’s an actual scope. – Shoot me. Well we just got out of a movie. Thanks to my dad taking us out tonight. On a family date night. He’s buying the kids some arcade stuff. Hey boys did you like Beauty and the Beast? – Yeah it was good. – Yeah we got all of em. – William did you like Beauty and the Beast? Hey did you like Beauty and the Best? – Yeah. – How much? – Great! – Do you wanna see it again? – Yeah. – K let’s go see it again right now. Let’s go right now. Oh my dad’s doing the claw. This is so much fun. Oh I think he didn’t get it. Ahhh. Uh oh. Oh no you done? No he’s gotta get more money. He’s determined folks. Give him one of them balls. – Roswell’s first time at the movie. – Yeah. Oh you scared him mom. – Did I scare ya? – Squeezy cheeks. – Hey are you tired? – He’s so tired. – K let’s see if my dad can get this. – Whoah you got one already? Ohhh. Oh he got another one. You actually can win stuff here. Nikoi show me. Holy cow. Oh wow. Is that awesome? What do you tell grandpa? Did you give him a big hug? Aww. That’s worth it. Who knew you were so good at that? Beauty and the Beast. – You guys like I grew up watching that movie and I love it. It was really good. And I thought Emma Watson was really good. I think Emma Watson’s pretty cute. What? What Nikoi? I think people are trying to be a little bit too technical. About you know certain things and.. It’s not a big deal. I thought they did a really good job. I thought some of the parts were kinda rushed and not as exciting as the cartoon was. But overall it was a good movie. So.. I’m sure we’ll probably add it to our collection or collections, Christina. Don’t you? – Of Disney collectables. Gotta have the classics. – Yep. – K people watch this. The van doors open by themselves. – Magic. – Get in. – We use magic just like they do in Beauty and the Beast. K guys we made it home from the movie. All the kids are asleep. They passed out. And I wanted to just clarify this real quick. The reason why you guys didn’t see the actual root canal/ crown is because.. I told Christina this, she’s like why didn’t you record it? I said because every time I start recording like people get nervous. And that is one thing I don’t want them, somebody getting nervous about. Me recording is when they’re trying to do something that, that type of surgery. On my mouth. – Well do you guys remember when Josh got his nose waxed? Molly was like super nervous that she was shaking. Just cause I was recording it. And Josh is like what if the dentist was like so nervous and he was shaking and he like drilled my whole teeth out? Or something, you know? – You know what they said to me? They said, we thought you would probably like record this cause they know me. And they know that I do YouTube. And so they were kind of let down that I didn’t record it. – Geez Josh. – I have to get another root canal right here so next time I get a root canal. Yeah. – Well any day now he’s gonna get dentures, so it’s inevitable. – My new dentures. Me and this pretty lady cooked up, well she cooked up a concoction for our April Fools day prank. You guys are gonna watch that in the next video. It’s gonna be awesome. – Hopefully the kids like it. – Sneak peak mom. They can’t tell what that is. We’re gonna get the kids good. They were actually thinking that we were gonna do something, so.. We’ve got a way to fool them so stay tuned for that video. Okay that’s enough. Love you guys and we’ll see you guys tomorrow. – Good night. Peace out Dyches Fam. – We love you.

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