⚾️KIDS MEET THEIR FAVORITE BASEBALL PLAYER! – Good morning Dyches Fam. Today is a beautiful spring day And me and this cool dude, where we gonna go Wills? – Um Macey’s. – Macey’s aka the grocery store. William do you want to show them the grocery list that you made? – K. – Can you tell us what those say? William wrote his own grocery list. And he’s even been sounding out the letters. – What’s this? – Okay so this one is.. – P- O- P. What is that? – S. – S. – Remember popsic.. – Cles. – Popsicles. K. What else? What sound does that make? – I don’t know. The nan. The pizza bread remember so you can make pizzas. Good. – H I know it. Honey dew. – Honey dew. – Batman. Remember Batman? – Uh huh. You wanted a Batman Lego set. What does it say on the back? I know it. Cantaloupe. – Cantaloupe. Guys I am so proud of William. He’s only 4 years old and he spent a lot of time sounding out all those words and thinking about what letter made those sounds. And trying to write. That is so good I’m so proud of you William. You’re doing a good job. You’re all ready for school, huh? – Yeah. – Yay. Hey papi. – And action. – What’s going on? – Hi everybody hope you’re doing fantastic today. I’m just doing some editing on today’s vlog. Just thought I’d check in and say hi. – Josh is wearing a special shirt today. And you’ll find out why. – Yeah. – I’m telling you Y. – Telling you Y. – Daddy, daddy. – Y. – And he’ll show you later today why he’s wearing that shirt. – Yes I will. – And William you know he’s just wearing his usual attire. Some cool sports shorts. He’s got his Nike cleats on. And you know that’s what he wears everyday cause you know at any time all the sudden some sports game could happen. And he would have be ready to play. So we’re gonna head to the store and also be ready for sports at the same time. – Someday I’m gonna do outdoor soccer. – Someday you’re gonna do outdoor soccer? – Yep. – Okay. Can’t wait. Holy moley what did you get? – Medium but it’s chocolate and white. – William wanted a medium ice cream. I got him this little one but he decided that mine was way bigger. And more delicious. So mommy was nice and let him have to giant one, huh? Ohh that looks so good. What else did we get? Some veggies. William also picked this green smoothy. Strawberries. This bread looked awesome. I love like seeded bread I thought I’d try it today. Are you having fun? – Yeah. – Okay. Gushers. – Oh gushers. Those are secret for Nikoi’s birthday that’s what she asked for. Shh don’t tell. – And I asked for. – And you asked for. – They made it home with like $6000 worth of groceries. Did mom spend $6000 dollars on groceries? – Coconut juice. – [ Josh ] Coconut juice? That’s worth $6000 right there. – Our fridge really was so empty. Cause we went on Spring Break last week. So we had wiped out everything. And then I haven’t gone to the store since we got back from Spring Break. So we were totally empty. But now look our fridge is all full. – Daddy, Gush. – Gush. I love gush. – Yeah. You know what William? – Yeah? – You are a gusher I bet you have sweet sugary candy inside you. – Josh has realized his new super power. Which is carrying groceries in he can seriously carry more groceries than any person I’ve ever seen. – So I don’t know if you guys are the same way but I don’t like making multiple trips to the car. I’d rather be creative and see how I can stack all those grocery bags on my arm all the way up to my elbow. And see how many I can pack in. And usually I can pack just about the entire grocery haul. So that’s how awesome I am. Are you awesome like me? Let me know in the comments below. – Okay so we picked up the kids from school and now Tayden has his first outdoor soccer practice for the year. – Did you say we’re going? – Yes. – Why? – Cause we’re gonna go clean the car. We’re gonna drop Tayden off and then we’re gonna go out the car because it’s very dirty after our Spring Break adventure. K Tayden do awesome. Tayden. – Okay. See ya. – Here we go into the banana bath. K guys let’s wash this stinky car. Should we? – Yeah. – William you wanna wash the stinky car? – Yeah. – Yeah. – I saw the colors. There’s colors right there. ( Music playing ) – What does Roswell think ,Koi? – Can I show him? – [ Christina ] Here we go in the tornado. – [ Nikoi ] Wow the tornado. Look at his face. He’s like.. Hooray. Hooray my baby. We made it. – Okay kids. – Hi. – It’s time to clean the car. Oh William you got one? Ahh don’t get me with it. K William you go and do the carpet. Nikoi you do the side things. Okay good work children. Van is better. The floor is cleaner. No more Spring Break crumbs on the floor. – [ Christina ] First goal. Tayden. – Hey. – How was your first outdoor soccer practice of the year? – Pretty fun. – Pretty fun? How did you do? – Pretty good. – You gonna be awesome this year like usual? – Yeah. – Yeah that’s my little soccer boy. Keep up the good work bud. – I will. – Everybody give mom and Rozzy a hug. – Have fun buddy. – [ Josh ] K hey Dyches kids where we going? – To the BYU baseball game. – Mom has a uh church thing that she’s going to with the ladies of the church tonight. – Me and my date Rozzy. – Her and her date. He’s a handsome little date aren’t ya buddy? – The cutest. – K so they’re gonna go have fun. Where you going tonight? – We’re going to the humanitarian center place where they gather supplies for like people who are in need. It’s kind of a cool program. – All throughout the world huh? – Yeah they’re like some of the first responders to crisis situations over the whole world. And they provide clothes and blankets and like hygiene kits and stuff for people that are in need all across the world. – That’s awesome. K tell us what you learn. – K. – K. Bye Rozzy. Take care of that mommy okay? And I love you. – Love you. – And I love you. K bye bye. Bye bye. Bye bye. He’s doing that little lip thing again. K bye. – Bye guys. – We lost one already. ( Music: Cheap Thrills , Sia ) Awesome we made it. Hey I didn’t think we’d see you guys here. – Hi Dyches Fam. – What’s up? Hi. – Just hit. – Oh did he? – He’s playing in left field. – Brent Brown ball park. Our cousin Bronson’s playing left field for some reason today. He usually plays catcher but they switch them out sometimes. But it’s already 2 zip. What do we got here? William just woke up. William how you feeling bud? – Good. – Good alright. It’s right there. Woo hoo. Alright say baseball. – Baseball. Say go Cougars. – Go Cougars. – My cousin right there. Here we go Big Wizard. – [ Nikoi ] What number is our cousin? – Right there he’s number 14. Top of the 4th inning. BYU’s up 6 – 0. Huddy. – Yeah? – Who’s gonna win? – BYU. – BYU? – It’s 6 to 0. – 6 to 0. Hi Talia. – Hi. – Our cousin’s on deck. Whoah he bout gets hit. Is he gonna take his base? If he gets hit. That was a foul tip that almost hit Bronson. Ah man. Darn it. Next time. So these guys have to go. Good seeing ya. By Huddy I love you buddy. – Love you. – Talia bye. – Bye. – Love you. Cousins gotta hug. You’re so sweet. Say bye everybody. – Bye. – Bye. Give me a hug dude. Willy. You got some kids. K say Willy. – Willy. – Thank you. Yeah. So I’m not sure if I mentioned this but BYU’s playing Utah Valley University. Here in Orem Utah. So it’s across town rivalry. And anyways so we’re here. We like both of the teams but we like BYU just a little bit more. Right? – Yeah. – Right? – Yep. – How you doing Tay? – Pretty good. – What’s the score right now? – 6 – 3. BYU is currently winning. That’s right. So they barely have a lead and our cousin Bronson’s up right now. – Come on you got this Bronson. – This is so big. – You gonna catch a fly ball with that? – This is so big.. what? – Aren’t you cold yet? – No. – [ Nikoi ] Come on let’s cheer him on. – [ Josh [ Oh nice. Well he got on first. Put some fear in the third baseman. For sure. – Ouchy. – What happened papis? – The batter hit it right back at the pitcher. And it hit him right in the side. Ahhh. – [ Tom ] K buddy I’m going home. – Dad’s leaving. Take me out to the crowd. Buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks. I don’t care if I ever get back. For it’s root, root, root for the home team . Except BYU. Just kidding. It’s a shame. Cause it’s 1, 2, 3 strikes your out at the old ball game. 7th inning. Is that fun buddy? Dance. Big Wizard. Last at bat. Most likely for the night. Top of the 9th inning. Number 14. Here we go Brons buddy. Ah shoot. Next time Big Wizard. Alright. Here we go. On the count of three I want to hear you guys say Big Wizard. 1, 2, 3. – Big Wizard. Awesome. – Good stuff. – K kids what did you think about the BYU baseball game tonight? – Oh it was awesome. They won it. – They did huh? – Yeah. – What did you guys think about meeting Bronson? – That was crazy. – Crazy? – Awesome. – Crazy awesome? – Um LA. – You like your LA hat huh? Yeah next time we see him we want to have him sign some hats and some baseballs huh guys? – Yeah. – Every single hat I have. – You want him to sign every single hat you have? – Yep. – Sounds like Bronson earned himself some fans tonight. Alright until next time BYU baseball. – Woo. Go BYU. – Okay guys we made it home. Found this pretty lady. Eating some salsa. – None of us had dinner we’re starving. – I know. We threw some homemade pizzas in the oven real quick. It’s only 10 o clock at night you know? School night. Do any of you guys stay up that late? – We’re living the life. – We live the life. William what are you doing? – He for some reason wanted to get baby food. – If you guys watched our baby food challenge.. – He loved the blueberries. – Uh the kids all tried this just pear and blueberry. Baby food. And they loved it. But apparently William loved it more than most. Because when they went to the store today, he said mom I want some of that pear and blueberry baby food. Huh? Is it yummy? You still love it? – Yeah. – Oh but William’s not a baby though guys. He’s a big kid. – Dad. This is not real baby food. – That’s not baby food? – It is baby food. – It is? Hey big kids can eat it too right? – Yeah. Oh okay. – But Roswell can’t. Only when he’s one. Like Nixon. – Oh when he’s older like Nixon? And he’s even using a little tiny baby spoon. You’re a funny kid William. – Yep. Baby spoons are easier. – K take a big bite. Oh yummy. That’s gonna give you big muscles dude if you keep eating that. Show me your muscles. Holy cow. Oh my goodness you’re gonna be able to hit home runs buddy. It’s huge. Is it getting bigger as you’re eating it? – Em hmm. – You’re a funny kid. K guys thanks for hanging out with us today. A lot of your comments are from the question that I asked in regards to whether or not you want to see this guy play soccer or baseball. And we’re getting a lot of mixed answers for both. People wanting to see you play baseball and soccer. Or one or the other. And a lot of the comments are actually for this dude. Say William we hope that you’re okay. How’s your shoulder doing? Remember when you landed on it at Kangaroo Zoo? – It still hurts. – it still hurts? – Yeah. – Can you raise it all the way up? – Yeah. – Oh wow that was fast. Flex your muscle for us. See? He’s good guys. I think you’re gonna be okay. – Well when I touch it it kinda hurts. – It was actually really scary for me. When I saw him land.. He was like, he was holding his shoulder up like this. And I thought the way he landed if you guys saw that. I thought instantly in my mind. He has dislocated his shoulder. For sure. We are very thankful that he did not dislocate his shoulder. That would have been bad. So anyways the comment of the day is gonna go to Molly Mellon. Awesome comment. So thank you for that. That’s gonna be it for today guys. Yesterday’s video I did a lot of comments. We’re gonna end with just that one today. Please leave us a comment below. Um ask us some questions that you want to know about us. – Oh yeah that would be cool. – Yeah and we’ll answer that in the next vlog. Does that sound good Tay? – Yeah that would be amazing. K guys we’ll see your faces tomorrow. Be sure to check in with us. Peace out Dyches Fam. – Peace out. – We love you guys. See you tomorrow. William will you do the final peace out? Peace out. Say love you guys. – Love you guys.

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