⚾️Playing BASEBALL and PITCHING to my Dad!

– We’ve had our first Spring Break tragedy. – He climbed on that, you can see the edge of it, the trailer over there. And it’s got a wood floor on it. And yeah let’s just say you can see the big old slivers. – We pulled a few out. He was hoping we could do it all with tweezers. But unfortunately they’re like really in so we’re gonna have to dig em out a little bit with a needle. Yeah I’ll be so careful okay? Oh scary. Don’t be scared. – Mom that’s like giving you a shot. – Tell these guys to be brave for you. Say be brave for me. – Be brave for me. – [ Josh ] Okay, what a sweet boy. 100 SPLINTERS IN LITTLE BOYS HAND! Tayden move. Move number 3. Good morning Dyches Fam. Good morning other Dyches Fam. That’s my brother Thomas. If you didn’t know that. And his wife. – They should by now. – His beautiful wife Joni. – We’re sprinkled in a few videos. – She’s cutting up some Idaho potatoes cause she’s from Idaho. – She’s very biased. – Mom is getting after William. That’s a daily occurrence cause he’s a stinker pot. We love him. The children. K who’s gonna do a trick? You’re dancing like a what? – A prostitute. – More like a shmo. Brittney’s my niece. Brittney say hi. That’s my nephew Brock. This is a grill. We’re cooking food on it. Not yet, but that’s what we’re doing. This is my brother’s backyard. They have a hot tub over there, fireplace. A little pond with frogs in it. They’re getting some grass put in. Now you know all about my brother and his wife and family. How do you guys feel about that? Sunday we’re down in Southern Utah. We’re gonna be staying here for a few days. At my brother’s house. He hasn’t given us permission to stay here but we just do anyways. So I hope you guys are doing good today. Roswell’s asleep. But uh it’s Sunday so we’re listening to talks about Jesus on the tel.. on the tv. From our church leaders. It’s called general conference. We actually get to stay home from church. And we get to watch them on the tv. And it’s our church leaders. We’ve already told you guys that. K? Alright Joni say hi one more time. – Hi. – Nothing better than a wet tramp. Did you smack your nose? Aww poor guy. Feed me. What’s in here? Oh steak. That looks so good. So uh this mossy water has frogs in it. Show me your mossy legs. Dude you got moss on your legs. What is that? William, ew. – Moss. – No wait hold on, hold on. I think those are frog eggs. You got frog eggs on your legs. K show me your frog dude. Can you kinda, I can’t really see it. Ah it’s opening it’s mouth at ya. Open. Why is it doing that? – I don’t know. – Gonna bite you? – Oh it’s gonna bite you! Ah it’s gonna bite you! It’s got sharp teeth, fangs! It’s got fangs. Put him down on the cement let’s see it. Oh I just got wet. Put it down on the cement. K uncle Thomas on cuer. – Look at that. – Rozzy what do you think about all this, huh? – It’s cooking them slow and it’s annoying. Thanks for showing our mossy pond and our backyard. That’s great. – It’s natural habitat. Where you going muscles? – I put his feet in the sprinklers. – Show me your muscles. No turn and look at me. Show em, flex hard. – I put his feet in the sprinkler, he did not like it. – Do it again, let’s see it. Oh is that wet? You don’t like having wet feet? – Cold. – He’s not crying. You’re not crying. – [ Josh ] You guys remember last time we came down? He was crying when Joni would hold him. – Uh he just barely did it. – Oh he did? – Yeah he started crying and so this is my second attempt. So far we’re doing okay. Right Roz? – Brooklyn say hi to everybody. You guys saw her last night though. You saw all of her tattoos last night. Brooklyn. – Yeah I got em all up here.. – How do you feel about your daughter getting tattoos at the age of 15? She’s not even 16 yet. – When I find the guy. – [ Christina ] It’s always a guy fault isn’t it? – It’s always a guys fault. Yeah. – Guys are evil. Stay away from them. – I was born at night but it wasn’t last night so I remember exactly what guys are like. – Do they ever change? – K what are we making Christina? – Dinner. Gotta eat some veggies. – What is that crap you’re slicing up? I thought that was bacon. I was excited. – Watch this, guys watch this. – This is what we like to do when we come to Joni’s house. Sit in the hot tub. It’s a hot tub pool. – Not hot. – What does Roswell think about it? Does he like it? He’s not sure. – I know. – William. William show me a trick. – In the water? – Yeah go ahead. – Look it. It’s a dragon. – Yeah swim. Whoah. That was amazing. – Tayden, Tayden, Tayden watch. Tayden, Tayden, watch this. – Tayden watch your little brother. Wow give me five dude. Ow yeah. – It’s picnic time. Hey Nikoi how’s your grub? Swimsuits on. Eating outside, picnicking. Towels out, suns out. Brittney’s out. Rollerblades are out. People it’s feeling like Spring Break. And it is beautiful. We’ve had our first Spring Break tagedy. – William. – Tell these guys what happened. – I know what happened. I got on that trailer and got hurt. – What happened? How did you get hurt? – On that trailer. – But what did it do to you sweetie? – Get needles and slivers. – You got needles all over your hand? – He climbed on that, you can see the edge of it, the trailer over there. And it’s got a wood floor on it. And yeah let’s just say.. – We already pulled a few out. – You can see those big old slivers. – [ William ] Get them inside my skin. – There’s one in his, there’s like a whole bunch in his pinky finger. – [ Christina ] You can’t really see em cause there’s like seriously a hundred tiny, tiny, tiny ones. So we’re gonna have to try to dig as many of these out as we can. He was hoping we could do it all with tweezers. But unfortunately they’re like really in so we’re gonna have to dig em out a little bit with a needle. Yeah I’ll be so careful okay? – So, hey William. – Don’t be scared. – Mom that’s like giving you a shot. – I won’t put in like a shot. Remember how I said I’d just barely poke like this? See that? Tell these guys to be brave for you. Say be brave for me. – Be brave for me. – Okay, what a sweet boy. Do you want to watch the one where you did the baby food challenge or where you went rollerblading? – Um maybe when we went to that big palace. – Which one? The fire alarm at Legoland. – That’s what you want? – Yeah. – Look at the movie. Hold still. It’s okay. It’s just a little poke. I do kind of have to poke it like that, okay? – Watch the movie, bud. – But you’re gonna feel some little pokes like that. – Oh. – It’s okay buddy just be so tough okay? – Ouch. – [ Josh ] Are you saying damage? – It’s like a shot. You dug all the way in? – No. Just a little bit, okay I got one. See.. – [ Josh ] Did you just shove that needle in your crotch? I would never dare to do that. – I don’t want to lose it. – Okay. – Okay I got one out. The one was too deep I couldn’t get it. – Ouch. – K that one’s hurting too ba? That one’s too deep I can’t get it. K look at the movie now and I’m gonna try and get this one, okay? Be so tough for mommy, k? Just look at the movie. – Ouch. – The problem with these slivers, like wood that makes slivers that easy.. – Did you get it? – Yeah. A lot of times when you go to dig em out, they just break into tiny pieces in your skin. And it’s like so hard to get em out. I got that one big one. The one that’s really hurting him in his pinky though is like one I can’t get. And it’s really deep. Just look at the movie bud. Tayden. Did you see what happened to William? He climbed up on that trailer over there and he got tons of slivers like way in his hand. So just don’t get on that trailer. The black one. – Yeah guys cause I have slivers in me. Owy. – Okay try to be tough okay? – Try the tweezers. – No. – I tried that and it was, I only took off the head. I couldn’t get it all out. Oh I see it. – Use the tweezers now. – Okay look at the movie. – It’s hurting too bad. – Got it. – Look at that big chunk that came out. – Oh I’m sorry that it’s bleeding sweetie. Show daddy. – Oh poor guy. Hey guess what though, the sliver’s out. That’s good. – The blood means it’s gonna heal and make it’s own band aid, bud. Nikoi. – That’s a pull out bed? William look at me. – Owy it’s hurting me. – Okay I know it is, I just need you to be tough. There’s one more right here. I won’t touch the other one. – Okay. He’s got like literally like 100 tiny tiny ones right here. – At least we got the bigger ones out. – Except the one in his pinky that’s hurting him the most. – Except the one.. – I can’t get. – That’s hurting him the most. William. William what is it? – [ Brock ] Spiders are so cute. – Spiders are what? – Spiders are cute but they always scare me. – Hey are you okay do you have.. Spiders are not cute bro. – Yes they are but they’re scary. – Tayden, you scared of that one? – Yeah that, oh.. – William does that freak you out? – [ Tayden ] What kind of spider is that? – It’s called the giant Wolf Spider. Yeah. – [ Christina ] Josh do you want to bring the bat or just the mitt? – Jus the mitt and the balls. Guys I’m sorry but my favorite kind of spider.. Is a dead one. But that right there.. Is a giant spider. – [ Tayden ] Step on it and start squishing it. – No it’s dead. – Who cares? Kill it even more. Step on. That thing is disgusting. – Does that thing scare you guys? Are you guys gonna have nightmares? Because of that? Unless you step on it and start.. Hey. Who’s going to the park, huh buddy? Look at that big boy sitting up mom. – Say hi guys. – He is big. He is so big. Sitting up. You sit back Mr. We decided to get out of the house and come down here to the nearby park. So the kids can get some energy out. And get some sunny day. Tayden. – Yeah? – He’s uh, doing some rollerblades. He’s Mr Rollerblade extraordinaire. But this view down here I just noticed is pretty amazing. Over here we got a plateau. Like look how cool that is. I’m gonna zoom in really close. That’s so cool. Check out this view. Look how cool that is. Look at them mountains.Them big old red rocks and then the huge giant mountain formation behind em. Whoah twirler guy. Trickster. K William. William did you get up there? – Yeah I climbed up. – Having fun on the play ground? Brittney’s over here drinking a soda. Do the Dew, Mountain Dew. This is a commercial. Advertisement. You’re supposed to turn it so we can see the product. See Mtn Dew. Say Do the Dew. – Do the Dew. – Hi Koi. You having fun? Okay. – William you having any fun? I don’t know what you were about to do. You gonna jump down? Whoah brave guy. Hi mom. – Hey. Roswell is enjoying some sunshine and grass. – This little guy is sitting up so good. – You know what I want to record? I wanna record Roswell feeling the grass. – Okay do it. – What’s that? – This is his first time touching grass. – What’s that? They’re always like in awe. Like what is this? What’s that? The grass? Does it tickle your toes? Does it tickle your toes? He’s doing pretty good. The other kids I remember they just held both feet up like ew get it off me. Look he’s like his toes are like pointed up. – Does it tickle tickle you? – Does that grass tickle tickle you? – He’s like mom help me I don’t like this. – Does that grass tickle tickle, oh mamma. Help me, help me mom. – He’s trying to put his feet up. Help me mom. – Oh and he falls over. You didn’t even catch him. – Oh what you think? Oh no. Oh no not the grass. Look he’s like I want to roll over, it’s so comfy. This is called baby grass torture. Huh baby grass torture. Baby grass torture. I don’t like it mom. – He’s not sure what to think about it. – He’s like it’s everywhere. No more baby grass torture. – [ Christina ] Look at dad’s mitt every time. – I’m proud Tayden, this is like… This is like a dream come true for me. Because I’ve dreamed of playing catch with my son. Ever since I was young I always wanted to have kids. And have a son like Tayden. So dream come true. Tayden is gonna be seeing more pitching time at the mound this year. Stay tuned. I’m excited to watch this kid develop some higher levels of baseball skills. – Roswell says yeah me too. – [ Tayden ] Hey keep up the good work, sport you’re doing good. And I was like baby, baby, baby oh. Baby, baby, baby no. This is what we’re currently doing. This is what we do at nights here cause it’s not warm enough. We start fires outside. But we’re gonna roast some hot dogs, is that what I heard? Maybe? – Hotdogs, marshmallows. – Hotdogs, marshmallows. – He loves his daddy. This is like Raging Waters , the lazy river. Tube ride. Tube ride in the hot tub. Hey everybody look at me, say cheese. – Cheese. – Cheese. Hot dog check. – [ Christina ] It is an end to beautiful Spring Break day 1. We’re excited for day 2 so we gotta get some sleep. – That’s right. ( Frogs ) – You guys are sure noisy buggers. Are you gonna eat your foot? – [ Thomas ] Suck your toe all the way to Mexico. So so suck your toe. – You trying to find your foot? He sees it. Now how can he get to it? Just fold in half. You did. Oh bonk. Did you hear uncle Thomas laugh? Holy. Drool all over your foot buddy. Oh that’s so funny. Can you sit up? He’s kicking. Flap your wings, flap your wings. Uh oh he sees the string on his pants. He’s obsessed with chewing on strings on clothes. Can you get it in your mouth? Probably not. He’s trying super hard. Want to sit up? – [ Thomas ] I don’t need toys. I just need a string. – He’s looking for it look at him. You are so handsome I love it. What a good big sister. Look it. Hold on let him lay down. I want to see him do that with his arms. He like keeps like rotating his arms. He’s like trying to flap. Like he’s trying to fly mom. – He’s trying to do his bossy fingers. Your jazz hands. He’s feeling the carpet dad. – It’s just funny though. – Oh yeah. – What a.. What a happy baby. – Yay baby boy. Is this his dirty one? – This little guy is almost crawling. Aww look this kid’s gonna be crawling. Look he’s pivoting. He’s getting his knee up a little bit. We’ve been through this before mom, this aint our first rodeo. – A couple times peeps. – And he can roll. – Whoah face plant. Come to dada. Did you taste the carpet or something? He’s going..

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