✔ Minecraft: How to make an Ice Hockey Rink

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ICE HOCKEY RING Hello you! Today’s project is way too big for my island. We’ll work here instead. First, some digging. I’ll skip the most boring parts. Phew, finally! This’ll be a great starting point for the build. Now for some ice! It would be a pretty boring ice hockey field without it… Now for something a little more interesting! We need to make all the lines and other markings! There shoulld be 7 blocks between each lines here. Let’s make the center line first. Now find the middle… There it is, that’ll be easier from now on. This is gonna look super cool! Now for the next two lines, closest to the middle. It’s time for, you guessed it, the next lines. Just in case you forgot, this video features a like button. Also, I read your comments and would love if you subscribed!<:3 it really starting to come together. now for some goals i up with a design proud of they had be compact red outline and net. sit back relax while build the surrounding walls. hmm must have miscalculated. technical difficulties please stand by tec hnical diffi culties pl ease sta nd protective glass will keep audience from getting hit puck you playing with... : that done we can add final details. need way get in out. came simple solution. this entrance does not interfere functionality ice hockey rink. last detail: :d was easy... hope enjoyed video could easily big stadium around if unsure how make subscribe might one day>

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