【BNHA】hide and seek || Deku vs Kacchan

And here you’re, wearin’ this selfsatisfied face while growing more and more the whole god damn time… Until finally for the provisional license, you passed, but I fucking failed That’s not a matter of ability, but- Just shut the hell up and listen, asshole ! Kacchan ! Why … ? I said wait ! Why did I end up having to chase after the back of someone who was always trailing behind me ? But why… Why did I… Why did I become the reason for All Might’s end ?! I’m not planning on being a sandbag ! It was kind of twisted if you thought about it From kindergarten to elementary school, middle school, high school… We’ve known each other for a long time, but until now, … We’ve never talked about how we really felt I ended up making you bear that burden I’m sorry You’re still young, too

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