【Eisjon Noaj】Yankun &Taeko Yamada | Hide and Seek- SeeU (Lizz Robinett ver.)

Ding Dong
I know you can hear me Open up the door I only want to play a little Ding Dong
You can’t keep me waiting It’s already too late For you to try and run away I see you through the window Our eyes are locked together I can sense your horror Though I’d like to see it closer Ding Dong
Here I come to find you Hurry up and run Let’s play a little game and have fun Ding Dong
Where is it you’ve gone to? Do you think you’ve won? Our game of hide and seek has just begun I hear your footsteps Thumping loudly through the hallways I can hear your sharp breaths You’re not very good at hiding Just wait, you can’t hide from me (I’m coming) Knock Knock
I am at your door now I am coming in No need for me to ask permission Knock Knock
I’m inside your room, now Where is it you’ve hid? Our game of hide and seek’s about to end I’m coming closer Looking underneath your bed but You’re not here, I wonder Could you be inside the closet? Ding Dong
I have found you Ding Dong
You were hiding here
Now you’re it Ding Dong
Finally found you, dear
Now you’re it Ding Dong
Looks like I have won
Now you’re it Ding Dong
Pay the consequence (Ding Dong
Looks like I have won
Now you’re it) (Ding Dong
Pay the consequence)

61 thoughts on “【Eisjon Noaj】Yankun &Taeko Yamada | Hide and Seek- SeeU (Lizz Robinett ver.)

  1. Due to the copyright problem, the song (Hide and Seek- SeeU by(Lizz Robinett ver.))is removed.
    The ending Song – 芒種/芒种 by 音阙诗听(赵方婧)

  2. Dlaczego zgłosiłeś filmik Reni!?
    Jeśli to ty oczywiście jeżeli to nie ty to sorki ale Dlaczego to zrobiłeś temu przeszkadzało ci to video!?

  3. Can you please do another animation of yankun and yanchan please!!I m really addicted to your animation of yan Chan and Yan kun please!!I'm a fan of it

  4. 이야…우리 한국노래가 이렇게 전파되다니…
    숨바꼭질 꽤 옛날 곡 아닌가?…6년 넘은걸로 알고있는데…ㅎ

  5. C trop bien fait j’adore comme d’habitude🤩
    Est-ce que tu pourrais refaire des vidéos sur Yandere-Simulator😎🥳

  6. Hi, Eisjon Noaj! I see on your deviant art that you're Malaysian!And hi again, I'm also Malaysian and I'm Sabahan! Nice too meet you! I'm 14 years old!
    Edit:Your art are soo beautiful!

  7. How do you draw them so handsome and beautiful? When I try to draw, it looks like a demon monster thing

  8. Типа девушка избегает от какого то парня а он хочет её найти чтобы заняться с ЭТИМ(или бить)А девушка начинает его убивать ножом … потом у нее глаза становятся красными…А потом?потом что случилось?

  9. oh no,he's sooooo hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooootttttttttttttt ^

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