【French Cover】Hide and Seek「Yuri & Crystal Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ」

Sempai I’m here ! No, go away ! Come on, open the door ! No… Sempai… sobs I know that you’re here Come on, open the door 8D Psychopath laugh Hi, it’s Crystal ! And Yuri ! First, thanks for watching this video, I hope you enjoy it ! But it’s not the end !
Now here’s a little bloomer of our bullshit Kisu ~ Ok.. We left her in her delirium ! Listen to the sound of a cat now ! Ok, let’s go ! Sempai, I know you’re here Open the door ! Come on ! But I’m sad without you :'( There you go… Crystal’s crying and we don’t know why ! It wasn’t fun ? Ok…
Now it’s Yuri’s turn ! 8D I’m here ! Noooo ! Come on open the door ! In your dreams ! Go away ! I know you’re here ! Yuri : I don’t care ! 8D
Crystal : Come on open the door ! So, her voice acting is not bad, isn’t it ? Another one ! (Be careful, violence !) I’m here ! I wont open the door ! Come on, open the door ! GO AWAYYYY !!! You see the violence ?!! Crap ! FUCK FUCK FUCK !!! *cough* Sorry… Ok…. Crystal is a big psychopath ! So, in your opinion, who’s the most violent ?
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