25 thoughts on “杀球技巧(九)点杀 Badminton Smash Skills 9-Check Smash

  1. Could you do a video on "How to play a reverse slice", like Lee Chong Wei does?
    That the racket face goes like a cross drop, but the shuttle goes straight.

  2. Sure that is on my list of recording. It will be done some time in the near future so please give me some time to provide it. Lee

  3. Thank you for another great series! What if anything is the benefit of using the pronation technique when smashing? I'm guessing it might be slightly more powerful but less accurate because of the twisting?

  4. I think you pointed out accuriatly. If someone is able to do both ways would be perfact as there are times for different skills during a match. There are time pronation can not be used and there are time it can be used in full. So players should be able to do required skills in all diferent situation. Lee

  5. Hello Coach, just wondering… how can I make sure my smash passes the net and not go into the net? (also, does the player's height matter with that?)

  6. If the player is tall then it may be better then short but it does not mean the short player can not do tha skill. Try these.
    1. Make the impact point in front of your body
    2. take it high but in front.
    3. Use sharp wrist action then big action
    4. It will work 100% so please practice with total belive and will to make it happen.


  7. Dear Coach Lee, I like your videos a lot and it really helped me out. I am wondering if you can make a video about jump smash.

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