엘에이 일상/혼자 떠난 솔로 캠핑여행 브이로그/먹방을 가장한 캠핑 (getaway big bear)

She tired of waiting the starbucks drive thru line lol You know i’m into an Iced latte I’m going to do a lot of errands today. I need to stay alert!! Gotta go to take Lucky to groom and do grocery shopping I’m going to leave now. I need to drink coffee first so let’s stop by Mcdonald’s Geez i couldn’t sleep at all It will take 2 1/2 hrs to head to Big bear I wish today was Sunny You know what i get here. I love their sugar-free vanilla Let’s gooooo !! cloudy omg… what the heck…. As soon as i got into freeway i got a flat tire… I don’t know what to do with that. I’ve never experienced it before It’s crazy… Today is a national holiday whoaa They said i’m lucky that it wasn’t a front tire I’ve tried to save money this year, but i guess it’s already ruined lol Let’s wait for about 30 min. Lucky~ I have this in my tire. I think i stepped on this metal I’ll keep it as a souvenir lol Please save my life for entire big bear trip Anyway~~~ lot of receipts in my car lol Let’s go to big bear again! Lucky! Are you ready?!!! Let’s have fun there! Finally i made it I booked the getaway house in Big bear for one night. I think it’s about 150-200 sqft cabin They don’t have a wifi so that we can enjoy books and listening radios They have a cellphone box so that we can get away from distracting txt or emails I did grocery shopping over the weekend I’m so excited that i can cook and enjoy meals with stunning views I have issues with my home lately I couldn’t use my kitchen So i’m going to eat a lot while i’m camping They have a private camp fire, i’ll grill meats and veggies I’ve experienced a camping with someone else tho But this is the first time i’m preparing it myself Let’s go outside I bought wood panels which makes it easier to star fire I have no idea where and how to star fire lol Maybe i should use the charcoal lighter It’s gonna be okay hehe Are you ready for firework? just kidding Super cold yikes Is that working? oh my camera!!!!! Don’t mess up with my camera plzzzzz Okay let’s get back to work I know what i’m doing lol i saw many camping documentaries lol Mission completed! hang on.. where should i put it? Don’t get me wrong. It’s one person portion lol Let me tie Lucky to prevent from wondering around I’m sure she’s not gonna walk away from meats Oilve oil oh yeeessss hands down~ perfect! can’t go wrong with garlic hummus i brought totilas too You did a great job hummus!!! I got back inside it’s too cold to enjoy my meal sniffing It’s too cold lol As soon as i ate my early dinner, it’s getting darker outside. I want to eat something snack i felt i’m getting hungry again I’m going to roast marshmallows. i’m so excited That was my ultimate goal for camping lol what a romantic it’s freakin coooolddddd!! It’s cold, but it’s worth it!!! i put a roasted marshmallow between the crackers It was soooo goood Lucky is ready for sleep. It’s only 6pm i’m going to warm up myself having some coffee Late night snack one more time This is going to be my last snack seriously i got a small butter from Mcdonald’s I brought a taco seasoning from home you needs fritos, meats, cheese and salad! It’s very convenient! I’d love to eat salad when i’m dining out little bit of meats You need cheese… A MUST It’s done! it’s easy huh? All you need to do is shaking it!!! tah dah~~ yammmm i got it from Lee’s sandwich shop ( can’t find a good coffee drip bag) The reason why i’m drinking a cup of coffee at late night? Cuz i don’t wanna sleeeep 🙁 I don’t wanna go back to home They have everything Towels, toilet tissues First aid kit and Sanitary pads You don’t need to pack everything from home From left, Shampoo, conditioner and body cleanser I couldn’t miss the apple cider donuts from Trader joe’s let me have one Good night Lucky my baby Don’t forget to pee before you go to bed Lucky Let’s go back inside poodle paw cut hehe so cute it’s easy to clean her paws I like to watch Korean drama when i’m in travel, i feel like i’m in homie It was a long day good night everyone~ me: how’s your sleep Lucky? Always prepare her meal first She is chilling out in front of heater hehe Let’s drink a cup of coffee first I got up super early Let me prepare some breakfast Today’s menu: Mushroom soup and breakfast burrito I’ll eat a lot lol I normally skip my breakfast but, i have nothing to do so let me eat ground beef that i used it yesterday for late snack add one egg cheese a giant burrito She didn’t eat at all. i’m giving her treats Okay, i’ll eat first what a view Lucky! you should eat your food! sleepy She loves window side Iove to stay at sunny sunshine~ It’s really fresh air Hello there~ It’s 9am, i need to check out at 11am I’m enjoying me time to sit in a chair with stunning view I wish i can stay one more night I told you that i’m having an issue with my home So that i don’t want to stay at home at alllll I booked this cabin immediately I thought this cabin was too small for me But everyting was built in and spacewise. They have everything that you need Utensils, dishes, cookware and everything induction and refrigerator you can take a shower You don’t need to worry about cooking and taking a shower It’s so easy to do a camping I don’t feel that i’m isolated in small space lol Because it has a big window which i can see outside Ironically, i feel cozy really I can focus limited items that i can use only I understand why minimalism is popular Sometimes i feel i don’t need many things in my life I feel calm and focused when i’m cooking Should i try minimalism too? hehe Stay minimal and be mindful It was a great experience tho Love to sit window area and thinking nothing Love this cabin is a pet friendly Lucky loves it too!! I think i’ll book another time again I highly recommend the getaway house As you know my instagram followers, i decided to do something I’m going to move out my apartment I’ve been dealing with and doing everything that i can The issue hasn’t been resolved and i’m getting a lot of emotional stress as well as physical stress I felt i didn’t need to endure this pain anymore I felt this is the right time to cut it off I’ll keep you updated in this vlog I cannot tell right now. (btw, i’ve already moved out. i’m editing my video!) I don’t want to think about it right now I want to feel happy at this moment I’m so glad that i came here I’ll think about it later when i get home It’s time to go back home

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