이장호의 외인구단(1986) / Lee Jang-ho’s Baseball Team (Lee Jang-ho-ui oeingudan)

The 1st movie by Pan Film Inc. Some called them “Team Alien,”
or “Team Invincible.” At last, they were born after
such a long period of labor. Lee Jang-ho’s Baseball Team Ahn Sung-ki Lee Bo-hee Special appearance Ha Il-seong
Park Am, Sin Chung-sik, Park Jeong-ja Choi Jae-sung, Maeng Sang-hun Lee Jin-yeong, Gwon Sun-Cheol, Na Han-il
Gwon Yong-un, Choi Jae-hyeon, Im Do-wan Lee Eun-yeong, Kim Jin-gyeong, Kim Seon-ae
Noh In-ryeong, Kim Mi-gyeong, Im Gwi-ryeon Kim Hyeon-cheol, Lee Gyeong-hui, Kim Dae-hwan
Kim Heon-jun, Lee Jun-yeong, Song Wan-mo Mun Tae-sun, Lee Gi-yeong, Sin Chan-il
Park Min-ho, Lee Seok-gu Lee Ji-san, Yu Myeong-sun, Park Yong-pal
Lee Han-suk, Sin Dong-uk Child actors Han Sang-cheol
Ahn Yeon-hong, Jeong Jong-hun Park Jang-ho, Jeong Seok-hyeon
Choi Tae-un, Park Jeong-sam Original novel Lee Hyeon-se
Screenplay Ji Sang-hak Cinematography Park Seung-bae Lighting Kim Gang-il Special effect cinematography
Yu Jae-hyeong, Yun Jong-du Photograph Yun Jin-ho
Prop Kim Ho-gil Editing Hyeon Dong-chun
Art director Kim Sin-hui, Wang Suk-yeong Lyrics Lee Hyeon-se, Heo Yul
Kim Il-gu, Sin Cheol, Kim Il-tae Singer Kim Do-hyang
Yun Si-nae, Jeong Su-ra Music Jeong Seong-jo Recording Kim Gyeong-il Effect Yang Dae-ho
Developing Sebang Developing Company Assistant director Park Gwang-su, O Byung-chul Script Sin Yeong-hui
Production manager Yu Hyeok-ju Cinematography Cho Dong-gwan
Kim Hyeon-su, Wu Seung-ryong Lighting Park Hyeon-won
Kim Il-jun, Lee Je-hu Sponsor Haitai Tigers Sponsor Nike Korea
Yong Sports, Jet Sports Sponsor Hurricane
Park Jun Hair, Jeju Seohae Hotel Producer, Director Lee Jang-ho He just hit!
Ma Dong-tak, from Hwaseong High School. He made it into the infield. He surely lives up to his nickname
“prodigy hitter,” creating hit streaks in this game! What a set of hits!
He made the second base. Second base! Second base! Dong-tak! Hye-seong! Um-ji! Long time no see. I’ll go first. This is the captain of our baseball team,
Ma Dong-tak. You’ve heard of him, right?
He’s famous. I think I have. Hey, congrats on your first victory. You are up against us in two days, right? Gets me worried. How in the world am I going to
take that powerful pitch of yours? Most of all,
since I know of your struggling past, I want to applaud your victory
from the bottom of my heart. If I did well, the credit is yours. What is this? You sent me these letters of encouragement
to be a great baseball player. Wow. You still kept this… You were my goddess and these letters
were a sacred place to me. I have told you before
that I would do anything to make you happy. I am going to be a great player. – Tak!
– This is hard to bear. Sorry. Tak! You like that? You’re the goddess
and your letters are a sacred place? That’s not it, Tak. Hey, shut up. What, you think
I would get jealous of a guy like him? But I should teach him some lessons
before it’s too late. I’m going to beat him at the game
in two days. Just going to crush
and humiliate him. Got it? Ball count.
Two strikes, no ball. On his first at bat,
Ma Dong-tak had strikeouts. Now, at his second bat,
he still looks unstable. He’s almost shaking.
He looks like he lost confidence. Third pitch wind-up. He pitched.
Swing out! Ma Dong-tak gets second strikeouts. This is the bottom of the 7th. Hwaseong High School has not
made anyone into the base yet. Who’s that dude? You were my goddess and these letters
were a sacred place to me. I am going to be a great player. Strike! While both teams have zero scores
the bottom of the 8th inning has started. Ma Dong-tak is the cleanup hitter
and the first batter. You told me that you would do anything
to make me happy, right? But I like Tak very much. Shoot! I will see you tomorrow. Hey, see you tomorrow. – See you.
– Sure, bye. This is the last time. I want to see Um-ji. Last time? I don’t know where she lives. I want you to call her for me. Looking for her wouldn’t do anything. This is my house. She’s on the line.
Speak to her. Hey, it’s me. Hye-seong! I want to see you for the last time. What are you saying? I’m going to quit baseball. No, Hye-seong. You need to keep playing. Why do you want to squander your talent? If you want to see him,
you’d better hurry. He is at my house. And I will wait for you at Shamony. I’ll wait until 8 o’clock. You pick one of us. Do you have to do this? Of course. She can get here by 8 o’clock. If she doesn’t come by then, think she is with me, so just leave. You are amazing. I can’t believe your scores improved so fast. I would do anything for you. Choi Um-ji, Oh Hye-seong
100 points I won’t blame you, Um-ji. I would do anything
to make you happy, Um-ji. Hey. You are Oh Hye-seong, right? Who are you? I watched you at last game
and got impressed. Professional League Alien Team
Coach Son Byeong-ho Mountains! Sure, that’s good. Training while breathing in mountain air. That sounds better than
training at a school playground. A hundred times better. That’s a very good idea. You will be a successful player. No. I mean I’m going to quit baseball altogether. Hey. What I want for you to do
is not give up baseball but to let out all your anger
through baseball. Yeah, right. Whatever you want
has got nothing to do with me. If you quit baseball, who knows
you might end up committing crimes. Ma Dong-tak, the prodigy hitter,
joins the Haitai Tigers. How much did you just say? 200 million won on our first contract. What? Are you kidding me? Take him out, now! Wait! But that doesn’t mean
I’m asking for the whole amount. You take off 10 million and I just take 190 million won. Coach Yun, get this guy out of here. Hey. It doesn’t mean
that you get the whole thing. How about 180 million? Hey, man. No, maybe 170 million won? I don’t need it. I don’t need it. Then let’s bargain for… I really shouldn’t be doing this but… How much do you really want? I can’t give you a penny.
Just take him with you. Do you think this is a market
where you can haggle? Sir! So you’re saying that he is not good enough to go pro, so… Does it even make sense
that a pro player can only pitch straight? But his pitch is pretty fast. – Depends on how you develop him…
– I’m too lazy. Take him out! That’s why I’m going to provide him a place
and meals and see how he grows. It is only on this team that’s possible. Sir! Please take him. I’ll accept it. Poor thing. Born into a poor family,
his parents can’t do a thing for him. Mr. Cho Sang-gu.
How would you go pro with that pitch? – Please throw harder!
– You are the best, Dong-gi. Thanks to you, I get to see the pro team
playing for the first time in life. My dad is over there! Hey, you really are hopeless. Just come a little closer and throw. Sorry.
I’ll try one more time. Hey, stop the chatter
and try to throw right in front of the net. Why don’t you have any strength? Sure. What are you looking at?
Throw it now! That is Ma Dong-tak. What? How can Cho Dong-gi
be Ma Dong-tak’s son? But your last name is Cho. You’re not Ma Dong-gi. – Yes, it’s Cho Dong-gi.
– Come on! Phew… Let’s stop it here.
You have such a puny pitch. So dumb and stupid.
You’re no pitcher! Don’t even come home! I know you are a player worth 200 million won,
but play like a rookie. There is a certain order
in this professional world. Coach Son,
please calm down. He is the most sought-after player
on our team. Teach him the right thing. My old house in Dongducheon gets moonlight. In my youth, I was a blacky. Mom goes after blacky. I am truly sorry that I was even born. Mother! Why did you bring me to this world? I do not wish to live. Blacky doesn’t get any whiter
even if you keep cleaning! Thanks, customer. Come to booth number 8. I moved to this branch last year
so that he won’t come and bother me. I don’t know how he found out but he started showing up again
from a few days ago. – Has he tried talking to you?
– Sure he has. When it was about a month
since he reappeared, he said, “let’s talk for a minute” and… oh my… He says that I should marry him
because he is short and his kids need to be taller. Because you are tall. Not just for the height,
why would I marry a guy like him? You shouldn’t come to a conclusion so fast.
Who knows? He might be a son of a millionaire. No way. He is just a baseball player
with no background. And he is not even a good one, either. He went pro last year
with the lowest salary possible and was kicked out a year after. Then he showed up a few days ago and told me he entered a no-name team. – My gosh!
– What duh! – This is ladies room.
– Ladies room! Get out! Well…
No wonder there was no urinal here. Yes, there was something
that was causing me a headache. I’ll go as soon as I resolve this. Hey, Coach Son. I don’t want to get a rumor that a coach was fired from our team
for no apparent reason. And from your standpoint, it’s better to say that
instead of saying that you were fired… No. I’d rather just get fired
than look for a chance to linger. Man, you’re stubborn. You and the character of yours
brought it on yourself and you will give yourself only a hard time. Don’t worry about me. Are you seriously not
going to change your mind? Fine. Look up tomorrow’s paper. It’ll say in bold letter that you were kicked out of our team. I sure will look at it. Okay. I’m leaving now. Please call his home again. If he doesn’t come,
we’re doing without him. Calling his home can’t reach him. He hasn’t come home since early
in the afternoon. Food is getting cold. Hey!
Food is no big deal. We can reheat it. Don’t take it out on me, Mom. Damn it. Just celebrate it without him. Um-ji, he’s here.
Let me get the door. Hyeon-ji, no.
Let your sister go. Go get the door. I’ll keep my mouth shut to Dong-tak
because of your mother. But just give him
a few pinching words of advice. Hyeon-ji, you should stay. Happy Birthday, Um-ji. How did you know? I was invited a few times
when we were in elementary school. You still remember… I never forgot since you moved to Seoul
with each year that went by. If this is a bad time,
let me just give you the present. No. Yes. That’s better, I think. Tak is here and he wouldn’t like it. Sorry. Here. I brought these stones from our hometown. This is probably nothing
but is a valuable memory to me. Let me say one more thing. This will be a good gift. I won’t bother you anymore. I will just think of you as my sister. I’ll just watch you from a distance
and live to see you being happy. Dong-tak. Good night. I am going to fall in love with you, Mi-seon. Haitai Tigers vs The West Strike! Strike! Strike! Put this on and listen. Strike? Strike! Hey. My son is the best baseball player. Oh, your son is Ma Dong-tak? Doesn’t matter what his name is.
That’s not an issue. Do you want a drink? I fed him this.
That’s how he turned out like that. What is that? Snake. Yes, snake. Strike out! The invincible Tigers turned out to be so vulnerable in front of our monster pitcher. – Coach.
– What? Hye-seong is complaining about
excruciating pain in his shoulder. What, pain? Let me see. Hye-seong! What… This shoulder is completely out. It will be hard for him
to continue to play baseball. Hard, you say? No, it’s completely over. He’s lucky if he can use a spoon
to feed himself. It really is just short-lived glory, huh. Um-ji, you remind me of Hye-seong
when he was in high school. I had never seen anyone
who would practice so hard. He is not interested in fame or wealth. I thought there must’ve been a reason. Now I know it was you, Um-ji. That dumbhead now… is in the hospital,
completely ending his career in baseball. He lost his father after he lost you, and he lost baseball
which was the only hope left for him. Please. I know that it’s a lot to ask. But his father or baseball won’t
come back to him. You’re the only one
that can come back to him. He hasn’t been talking for a week. He is so torn apart now
that I can’t even face him. You’re the only one that can help him, Um-ji. Father You’re staring at TV like you are mindless. A fox in a den tries to rule as king
only because tiger is not there. You seemed to have been
very close with Tak. How can you talk about him like that? Dong-tak is our team’s key player and I am the manager. We are close because of that. The reporters made a big deal out of it. That is good to hear. As you see, I’m in a relationship
with the daughter of a millionaire. That woman just said it with her own mouth that she has nothing to do with Dong-tak. – Hye-seong!
– See, it’s over. Don’t be so stubborn and go home. Just go home! You know what I’ve done for you, at least you shouldn’t interfere with it! I know everything, Hye-seong! I know what you’ve been going through. Du-san, you bastard! I don’t know what’s going on here, but this is a good time
I bring this up to you. To be honest, I’m told to have you on board
by any means necessary. I think you could’ve guessed that. But I don’t care what they say. If you want, I’m willing to move to
whichever team you belong. I have never felt this way before. I like everything about you. Do you think I’m lying? Come over here, Um-ji. The play is over. It’s over for me. Look at this clearly. My career is completely over! Stop humiliating me. Just go away! I cannot even make a living
being a carpenter! Where have you been? Who did you meet? What have you been doing all this time? Hey, Um-ji. There is a letter from Ma Dong-tak. Open it. I want to know what he wrote.
Let me hear, too. There must be a reason
why he haven’t sent you anything. Hey, at least he has manners no matter what. Hey, Um-ji. Why are you locking your door? Um-ji! He’s crazy!
He’s a crazy person! Did you have a good break
over the few days? Yes. Coach, so it’s like having a party before you go off to serve in the military, right? Isn’t it right? You will be working really hard and
let’s have a last supper kind of a deal… Bippity boppity boo!
Bippity boppity boo! As soon as we get out of here,
a perfect storm is waiting. Yes, I’m looking forward to it. I’m going to try really hard this time,
and bite the bullet. What about you, Kyeong-do? Yes, same here. What’s up with you, little dude! You’re still not sober? How could you bear
such a hard training like that? Give him a more solid answer! What! You blacky! What? How could you call me that, huh? You stubby little specky! – What, you little!
– Geez! Coach, please stop him! If you call me stubby one more time,
I’m going to kill you! At 8 pm, take the train
from Cheongnyangni station. You’ll arrive at the place called Mageum-ri
early in the morning. When you get off,
someone will be waiting for you guys. Listen to his directions. Are you crazy? Hye-seong is my best friend. It is my duty to help him stand on his feet. Do you know what kind of money this is? Is it okay if your friend is well while we are stuck in this house
without our own apartment? You shouldn’t talk like that, Yeong-sun. Feeding him is already frustrating enough. He eats a lot, too! Why are you hitting me?
What did I do wrong? Why are you hitting me, why? Damn. It’s cold. Hey! Du-san. I lose. I quit playing for my team as of today. They give me time to polish my bat, but no time to practice. But I don’t give up. I’ll practice at home. I’ll do it for 24 hours. Starting next season, they will see new Baek Du-san. You’re not without talent. You will make it. 185cm in height and 90kg in weight. I’ll trust your physique. Of course! Aren’t you Coach Son from Haitai Tigers? He’s the coach for the Aliens. Oh Hye-seong. You’ve still got the fire in your eyes. Were you going to be a street vendor? Your eyes are still alive
which means your soul is, too. Don’t you think it’s a little too early to quit baseball which was everything to you? I was waiting for this moment. And you, Baek Du-san. Do you want to be with Hye-seong? Yes, Coach! You’re lucky. I’ll give you 30 million won
for signing the contract and 200 million won for the annual salary. What? That much? But annual salary will be paid in full
at the end of the year. It’ll be paid after you pass through the training and
are ready to get to the next level. But you are willing to sign with us, which means you believe that
we are worth that much? Of course! But keep in mind that you need great determination to earn it. We will whatever the costs. No time to lose. We’re leaving in three days
to the training camp. I’ll give you 30 million won each for now. Falling on water is better than falling on the ground
in terms of the pain it costs. Still, no! I cannot swim. Same here. Not since I was seven. And that was in a public bathhouse. No! Don’t push me, dude! Give us this day our daily bread… Hey, how does the Lord’s Prayer go? You don’t even know that, dude? Our Father in heaven, – Heaven…
– Heaven… Our Father in heaven… Our Father in heaven… Heavenly father! Don’t grab me. Hey, you’re already down there. Please send me a letter. – Goodbye, Um-ji.
– Well… – Here…
– Don’t worry. Please send me a letter. I’m worried! Hye-ryeon, bring out more wine. Brother. You should care about your body. Honey. Just bring him one more bottle. Ok. Arirang, Arirang… Arariyo… I don’t know what is driving my brother. He’s not even healthy
yet he acts like he’s a strong man. It seems vain sometimes. You shouldn’t think like that. Your brother is about to realize
that big dream of his. The dream of his life. He’s almost there. But on the flip side, he seems like
the happiest man in the world. Happiest crazy person, you mean. Who are you? Where are we? This looks like some kind of an island. That guy is… Do you know him? He’s a baseball player. I used to know him
when I was in the amateur league. Hey, you’re Guk-sang, right? Ha Guk-sang! For me, being a three-time champion
is meaningless. – He must be so happy.
– My goal is to make 100 game hits in a row. Is it possible? – It must be the best day of his life!
– I will make it! Ma Dong-tak you just mentioned shows
how determined he is. Is there a particular reason you need to
achieve 100 hits in a row? Yes, there is. The day I achieve 100 hits in a row, is the day I’ll propose to a lady. I already noticed her by a letter. What, what’s wrong? I did it. I just did it. See, here. That’s cool! How did you do that? This guy is a hero. I was almost completely fooled. While he was lying down pretending
to be dead, he hid a metal gaiter and when this guy fell asleep,
he locked him up with that. See? And I tied him up really hard. He has only one arm
so once I got his legs, he couldn’t resist much. He tried to kill me. No. Nobody can dare to kill me! Let him go. If the trainer is tied up,
you can’t be a famous player. Shut up! Don’t be bossy, kiddo. Don’t hit him! Let him go. Du-san, you let him go. Hurry! You were so confident about
surviving a hard training and you couldn’t even last one day? No, if we let him go, he’ll kill us! It’s obvious that you guys did it. So he can beat you to death. Take off the metal gaiters yourself. Coach has the key. I can only lock them up. What a strong body! If he had two arms,
he could be a great player. Ma Dong-tak achieves 75 consecutive hits. Dramatic 3B triples
in the bottom of ninth! Why is he stopping there? He’s trying to keep the boat to himself. If we really made up our mind,
we can swim to the boat. No, that’s when
we weren’t wearing the gaiters. Ma Dong-tak!
He achieves 91 consecutive hits. Hey, Um-ji. Tak just hit another one. That makes the 91st hit. And there’s still 9 more games to go. Yes, right? You are waiting till Tak makes a record. No, I mean there is a chance out of nine that he wouldn’t be able to hit for sure! Which means
you decided to accept his proposal once he makes a record. No!
Hye-seong is the only one for me. Don’t fool me. Your heart is with Tak
instead of Hye-seong who never called you at all this year. No. He will come back! He will, for sure! Don’t think that going to Tak is betraying Hye-seong. Because on the flip side, you betrayed Tak to go to
Hye-seong in the first place. We learned a lesson from Choi Gwan
that a one-armed person can beat anybody through
such a hardcore training. The power of mind
surpasses beyond limits. Same with you guys. Choi Kyeong-do is shorter
than any other players. It’s likened to not having one arm. Ha Guk-sang has a complex
about his dark skin which interfered with his growth. Cho Sang-gu’s timid personality
goes against a trait for a pitcher. Baek Du-san has very slow
movements and with that, he could never beat those slick players. And… Oh Hye-seong is not an exception. Now what is left is
your strong determination. Before you have faith in yourselves
that you can beat anyone, do not wish to get out of this island. Hye-seong,
I’ll bet my life for you, buddy. We die together. Um-ji, I can’t bear the idea
that you despise me. I’d rather just lose you. What do you think? Huge crowds today can be interpreted
that they are here to witness the 100th hit by Ma Dong-tak. That’s not exaggeration to say that.
Don’t you think so? Yes, that’s right.
But it’s a shame that Ma Dong-tak seems very nervous. He seems to have
too much strain on his body. Yes, that’s sad. That’s right. It’s pretty sad. As we speak, there goes the pitcher. Oh, ball it is. Bottom of ninth, it’s sad. Ball count is three balls and nothing. I can hear crowds are jeering. – They know.
– Yes. The pitcher wants a fair competition
with Ma Dong-tak. But it looks like
he’ll get stuck with base on balls. Yes, it’s a shame. It really is. That makes this try
for a new record of 100 consecutive hits is going to end up in vain. – Yes, that’s right.
– Yes. Pitcher. Bunting. Is it a hit or a foul? It’s a hit! Hit!
Safe! It’s a hit. It’s a hit. Yes, Ma Dong-tak at last made a big record of 100 consecutive hits! Yeosu
Sangyeo Pyeongtaek 32km
Cheonan 8km Suwon 1st
Bukmun Street Welcome to Seoul. Well, now,
let’s get to the point. If I hire you,
are you confident about the records? It’ll exceed your expectations. You just intend on getting in first. What if I expect to win a championship? Then have someone else take the job. Hey, Coach Son. – Come on. Quit it.
– Oh, yes. He doesn’t have faith in himself.
What would he do, huh? Invest 1.2 billion won. – What?
– I’ll make sure our Team West wins a championship
in the Korean Series this year. But what did you just say? 1.2 billion won? Hey, Coach Son. That’s our team’s annual budget. How can we hand over such a big money
to one person? You’re not giving it to me. Buy my team. Your team? The Aliens. We will play for your team
for a certain period of time and get paid. As long as we play for you,
there won’t be a losing game. And if we lose even once, we won’t get paid. What? So that means,
you don’t want to be paid in advance? That’s right. The day we win a championship,
that’s when you will pay me. Are you serious about this? I don’t like repeating my words. One more thing. Because you let me sit in the control tower, you will listen to me
and leave all decisions up to me for as long as the contract is on. Hey, you.
Coach Son. Hey, Leader Oh. Yes, yes. I don’t like you. Take off those white shoes, will you? Oh, ok. He is Oh Hye-seong. His shoulders were messed up. Oh, my.
His arm is missing. That black guy is a moron. It is Cho Sang-gu,
kicked out of the Haitai Tigers. Good work. Good work. Good work. Good work, Teacher. Yes. Good work. Take good care of you. We might get busted.
Of course… we are suppressing. Nice work. Good work. We have six new people so we are going to reorganize our team. Coach, President wants to
meet the new guys in person. He invited everyone to the VIP room. You can do that later. – I will start.
– Coach! If he wants to see the new players let him come to see them himself. Pretty strong. I’m calling out the benchwarmers who will be training with me
starting tomorrow. You could’ve guessed. Team captain Bae Do-hyeop. He’s a very thorough person. He is more cool-headed than I thought. He cuts your head off
even though you’re the captain. – He is very strict…
– Stop. I finally realized I am not good enough. You weren’t really in a slump. You can’t be in such a long slump. Beat it now! I want to learn the cold-heartedness of his. What do you mean? Don’t you know? You know people talk about us these days. No, Jeong-hui! Even if I’m not going to be a superstar, I’m still famous. I don’t want any rumors spreading
that I am dating a benchwarmer. Don’t you know my personality? Jeong-hui. Don’t be annoying. Jeong-hui. We’ll see. Coach Son.
You destroyed my lover. I will take revenge on you. A thorough retaliation, that is. Oh… Mother, he’s here. Honey. Wait, honey! Honey. Honey. Honey. Oh, honey.
Look what you have gone through. – Dong-gi, what are you doing?
– Dong-gi! Come here. Daddy’s home. Daddy brought you a present. – Yes, he brought you a gift.
– Come here and see. There’s a bat, too. – Dong-gi.
– Come here. Dong-gi? You’ve been waiting for daddy. – Dong-gi?
– Come on. Mid pleasures and palaces
though I may roam, be it ever so humble
there’s no place like home. Mother. Look what you have gone through. I’m such a bad son. Mother. I thank you
for bringing me into the world. I really appreciate that. Now, I want to live happily with you,
my one and only mother! Mother, mother! Oh, my! Hey, aren’t you Yeong-sun? Hey, why did you come? I’m sorry. You ran away from me on your own feet. I came back alive. I should just… Should I just kill you? Man, I just want to… Yeong-sun!
I missed you! I thought I was going to die
from hard training. Yeong-sun! Do you know how much I missed you? I’m sorry, Mr. Oh, here.
Miss Yu. Come and say hello
to our customer here. He promised to
put in 40 million won every month with a total of 200 million won. Take good care of him. I heard you’re getting married soon. When is the wedding? It’s Sunday 2 pm,
the last day of the month. Venue? Haengbok Wedding Hall on Toegye-ro. Remember, Miss Yu. On that day, that time, in that venue, your groom will change into me. Oh, it’s hot!
Oh, no. Oh, no! Oh, no!
Who the hell is this guy? Who in the world did this? Check to your king! Why are you touching
a sleeping person’s nose? You know what this nose is? Darn it! Who is the guy playing Korean chess? When I heard 6 more new players is coming
on our team to make our team stronger, our expectations were high. If you think that we are a pro team, and we’re only caring about
individual records, you are wrong big time. We are all sad about our team’s records just as much as
we care about our individual records. But I’m even more disappointed at
seeing you guys for the last couple of days. Let alone the records, you just don’t have
the heart to want to be here. Check to your king! Great.
Say, you look inside our mind. What are you guys made out of? Of course, intestines. What? There are a stomach and lungs but… Check to your king! What? Shoot! Quit it. Dude. And what. You’re saying we should participate
in your practice time? Exactly. Oh, but you should think about it this way. How can a grown-up play with kids? What? Gee, I’m so scared. Ok. Ok. I’ll do it. Fine! Hey, let’s practice together. The first hitter,
Oh Hye-seong is at first base. The score is 11 to 3. If they were truly determined, they could have made the score better. Oh Hye-seong. You really are something. That was great. 4 bats, 3 hits and one base on balls. That’s crazy. But don’t worry. It was expected. – What do you mean expected?
– It is fate to fight against him. What are you talking about? As you probably heard,
he’s not a pitcher anymore. Didn’t you see the pitching directions? What? The pitching directions? – They were all aimed for third base.
– Wait, that means… they were aimed at you? Might not be but since I’m the third baseman, our bloody battle is about to begin again. Wait, you had a guy like that? Yes, that’s right. I never even had
a cup of tea once with him. But he keeps chasing you, you’re saying? Yes, he’s a tiny little guy
and he’s annoying. Ok. Let me talk to him. Sure. He probably will come again tomorrow. Try to teach him some lesson tomorrow. Ok. Don’t worry. Hyeong-ja, I love you. – Who are you guys?
– Sorry, dude. What are you sorry for? Not me, this guy. Mr. Kim.
Yes, this little guy. Oh, you must be the one. Yes. I said to him that he shouldn’t
like someone else’s lover. I tried to talk him out of it
but he just wouldn’t listen. You should talk to him for me. Is that okay? Sure, you can. I won’t do anything. Really? Of course. Hey, you little guy.
You shouldn’t do that. Just kill me and marry her. As long as I live, I will follow Hyeong-ja around
to the end of the world. What, you are really helpless! Oh, man. That’s not how you spank. Hold on to this. A guy like this… Stop. Please stop. I can’t stop it now. Hey, dude! You can call it love but she already has someone, dude! I know it hurts but just stop it. No! – No!
– Mr. Kim! – What are you doing?
– Then you should die. Break them apart.
Don’t just watch them. – Give it up!
– Oh, my. Hey, Dong-gi.
What are you doing? Didn’t dad give you the ticket to his game? Come on, will you? No, I won’t go. Even if he plays, he’ll lose anyway. He’s a stupid pitcher who always gets beat up. The West, Haitai Tigers First hitter, Oh Hye-seong. What happened to the Tigers? Everyone seems to be on defense. Yes, Ma Dong-tak studied
how Oh Hye-seong pitches by looking at video recordings of his play. That’s how Tak came up with a defense strategy
against Hye-seong’s sudden bunt. They are doing aggressive defense. Strike! That is not his hidden weapon. This is just a fundamental. Seongmo Ob-Gyn Clinic
2nd Floor Second hitter, outfielder Kim Jong-mok. Cho Sang-gu. Finally, it is your turn. Player will be replaced. Hwang goes out,
Cho Sang-gu comes in as a pitcher. – Pitcher Cho.
– Who’s Cho Sang-gu? Dumbhead, he is the one
and only pitcher of the Alien. Really? Why is the pitcher of The Aliens like that? He’s a joke. You got to kidding. I have a bad feeling about this. What? I feel like he’s creating hits on purpose. Yes, we had much expectation for Cho. This is a home game for the Tigers.
It puts a lot of pressure on him. From here it will be out of control. Third hitter.
Ma Dong-tak on third base. Wish my fourth finger is not paralyzed and… Strike! Strike two! Wow! The West Aliens now beats
the champion every game. 15 consecutive winning streak! You seem to only look at Oh Hye-seong. You’re up against the whole team,
not just him. But tomorrow’s game will be different. The West Aliens, now conquers 20 games. Unbelievable! The West creates a new era. Let’s go. 30 consecutive winning streak! Miracle team wins again and again! Thanks, Um-ji. We should have him check
with a psychologist. Flowers always come from Hyeon-ji. But why are you thanking Um-ji
all the time? These flowers are from Um-ji. She just doesn’t come to see me but delivers flowers through Hyeon-ji. I’m sure she’s watching me from somewhere. You’re crazy. You really are going crazy. Excuse me, where is Hye-seong? Hey, Kkachi! – Here comes your lover.
– Hye-seong! Hey. Congrats. Hye-seong.
You were awesome today at the game. Thanks. I was able to play well thanks to
these flowers from Um-ji. She’s actually here. Um-ji, come on. Um-ji! Um-ji? Um-ji. I told you not to act like this. No, stop it. What do you mean stop it? Hye-seong feels the young Um-ji
from you. He is thinking you are the young Um-ji. No way… That can’t be. Come on out.
That’s not true! Hye-seong.
Is it really true? No. No. This is not Um-ji.
You’re not Um-ji. This is not Um-ji.
No way. This is not how I remember you.
You were not like this. No, I can’t accept it. How could you turn out like this? No… It’s not his fault. – We have volunteered to go.
– Get away! We are being rewarded for that now. Give those damn rewards to dogs! I’m sorry. I didn’t know you were
that deeply in love. If that’s the debt I owe you, I’ll spend my whole life to pay you back. Only if you would have
let me written to her… Only if you would have let me write to her,
things would have been different. She must have been in a big shock. I’m sorry to say but… baby has been miscarried. Now it is very clear to me that Oh Hye-seong is not… He’s not my rival. He’s my enemy. He is a devil to us. He took my baby away and destroyed my family. I had made a promise to live for her but she doesn’t have the look
I used to know anymore. She seems totally different.
Father… That’s not how I have pictured Um-ji. I shouldn’t have followed you. My shoes are ruined. Oh Hye-seong. You seem to have
a lot of stories to share. Fine, you sneaky little reporter.
What do you want to know? I’ll disclose everything! Finally, this year’s championship title went to the West Aliens who played sensationally and won 50 consecutive games. Now, in just five days the long-awaited
Korean Series will begin. Many have been asking me who will win Korean Series…. Of course, us! – Looking at the past records,
– Sure, of course, she is on our side. – it seems that West will win.
– Shut up! But my anticipation is that the Tigers will win. And they have to win. Haitai Tigers vs West Aliens. It is a battle between
humans and non-humans. To make it sound a little worse,
a battle between humans and beasts. Team West, is actually Team Aliens
to be more precise. You all know that we have been
praising Team Aliens. Because I loved them so much
I wanted to know more about them. However, it turns out that they were nothing more
than beasts being tamed with a whip inside a pen. Coach Son is obsessed with victory. Keep in mind. We do not want Team Aliens
to win anymore. It is nothing to be ashamed of. Once born a man,
you shouldn’t be ashamed of being crazy about one thing you do. However, we need to fight now
with the least resource that we have. During the training, you have made your resolution to
give your life for it. The secret to winning Team Haitai is to play like a fighter
who is ready to bet his life, with a mindset that once you
let go of the rope, you’ll die. Bet your life on this game. Coach Son, come on up! 5th hitter Kim Bong-yeon. Here comes the third pitch. Third pitch! Hit! It’s a hit! He lands on the second base. What are you afraid of? Is this fighting
like you are betting your life? You guys act like the soldiers
who are hiding inside a bunker just because they don’t want to die. Does that mean you really won’t die? No. You’ll end up losing your whole camp, and die later. That is why I want you to be
like the soldiers who run through
a shower of bullets and bombs. When you give up your life,
that’s how you would end up living. You have all once died and survived. But you have too much in your mind. Just drop your life! You mean we should… Did you forget already? If you hold on to the rope
because you’re scared to die, you’ll end up letting go of the rope
because you ran out of strength. If you truly wish to live
and have strength left, you need to move forward
to the other side of the cliff. In order to win, you shouldn’t be
afraid of fighting the battle. Designed hitter, Choi Jong-tae. Are you ready? Yes, sir. It’s your turn soon. Do some more stretching. Yes, sir. Team West has two outs
and one on first base. Now, they only have one out count left. What do you think? Yes, this is going to be hard. They just created a miracle of
50 winning streaks. And now there is Ha Guk-sang
on first base, but… Out count is already two. And also, hitting record is the lowest. It’s going to be a tough one. This is the moment
the Aliens is going to sink. Oh, but they are calling the hitter. Probably going to have a pinch hitter. Oh, I see. Who is going to be out as a pinch hitter? Oh, the number on the uniform says
Bae Do-hyeop. Wow, we haven’t seen him in a long time. He was a top player alongside Ma Dong-tak
when he played in the pro league. Yes, yes. Yes, Bae Do-hyeop. He is getting ready to hit
his first hit. He’s ready. First pitch is on. Pitch, hit! It’s going across
and beyond the center field. Home run! Home run! Yes, he makes a turn-around home run! That was awesome! Coach Son’s incredible tactics. Yes, yes.
When he came to Team West, Bae Do-hyeop stepped down
and took the bench. But he was still registered
as the first group of players. It was a groundwork to get him to play
in this game. Oh, I see. Hello. It’s me. What? What did you say? Which police station? Oh, ok. Sister! I don’t die until I get them. Sit down, you.
What’s wrong with you? Let go.
Let this go, this! Hey, calm down. I jumped off the Cheolak Falls
and still survived. Do you think I am going to kill myself? – Let it go. Just let this go!
– Pull yourself together. Dong-tak! Dong-tak, what’s going on? Honey. Coach Park, what’s going on with him? He’ll be fine.
He’s a little drunk, that’s all. I’m not at all drunk.
What’s wrong? Honey. Okay, this is it. We need to take him to a hospital. Please help. – Now, let’s go.
– Let go. – You can’t do this.
– Let go. – Let’s hurry.
– I’m not going to die. Not before I beat him! Oh Hye-seong, you bastard! I never actually beat you
the way I like. I won’t die until I beat him! I’m not going to die. Hop in. It’s not an issue anymore that you and I were close in the past. Please. Now, think about my family. If you want, I can leave you again. If you want, I can let him beat me. Please don’t talk about
my husband like that. And my husband won’t lose anymore. That crazy record
you achieved at the last game, will be broken by my husband. Do you know what I truly want? To have you, who are crazy about scoring,
mercilessly come to destruction. If you leave me like you left me before, I’m going to curse you
for the rest of my life. Thank you, Um-ji. Coach. What do you mean, this is our last? Are you trying to take the team apart? Yes. I was going to take it apart at the end of the season anyway. No, Coach. You can’t do that. We object. Strong is beautiful. But if you focus on the strategy
and tactics against one team, it’s meaningless. Everyone has to be strong. You are going to disperse and compete with one another
to get better at it. Have bloody fights against one another. This is the last game so I had a big ambitious goal. I wanted to play a perfect game
against Team Haitai Tigers. I’m sure you even doubted your own abilities
to achieve such a miracle, but I had believed in you guys all along. But Hye-seong ruined it all. Now, you need to take the burden to fight this last battle
and win without him. It’s too early to give up. Because your troublemaker is here. The West vs Haitai Tigers Oh Hye-seong. You did good, too. – Let’s go now.
– Yes. Hye-seong. Here! Um-ji, you’re here. Yes, I was waiting for you to come. This is no error. Hye-seong is acting strange. Ma Dong-tak on third base. Ma Dong-tak, the happiest dude in the world. Yes, you win. This whole winning and losing
is meaningless. Um-ji. I will do anything to make you happy! Hye-seong! Hey, what’s going on? Hye-seong, let go of the ball. Let it go, please! Hye-seong. Oh, I’m a little late. Hurry, hurry! Hye-seong, Hye-seong! Careful, careful.
Hurry, hurry! Oh, ok.
There you go. Hey, we need to catch up to them fast. Yes. Just put that in there. Careful, careful. Hye-seong! Oh Hye-seong. Kkachi always said to Um-ji. I would do anything
to make you happy. Tears went down Um-ji’s face. Yes, Hye-seong. Now, I would do anything you want, too. The End

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    잠도 잘자게해주는 요즘 범죄자보다 못한 취급 받으면서
    훈련 받은거보면 요즘 살인,강간등 흉학범죄자에게
    저 훈련처럼 팔을 묶어놓고 살려만 드릴께
    이런 교도소 생활 좀 하게했으면 하네요
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    참ᆢ웃껴서 ᆢ
    5공 홍보영화를 제대하고도 또 보게돼는구나ᆢ
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    당시 재성이형은 최고의 스타였지만 이보희는 그 정돈 아니었는데 지금 보니 역시 ㅎㄷㄷ..
    지금 tv에 나오는 아이돌들보다 훨씬 예쁘고 아름답다
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    과학적인 야구 트레이닝은 전혀 없는… 80년대 삼천교육대식 지옥훈련

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    엄지 – 지 남친(마동탁) 위해서 조작게임 사주하는 인성 개쓰레기
    …. 그나마 마동탁이 제일 정상이네

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  18. 참 극화한게 부족스럽다.
    주제는 너무 유아적이고 극진행에 주제를 연결시키는 노력도 없고. 경기장면의 스릴과 긴박도 없고. 야구행위도 전혀 연습되지 않고. 딱 하나 이보희가 만화에서처럼 외모가 비슷한 것. 화면발에서 아주 이쁘게 나오는 정도. 이장호가 왜 저 정도로 연출? 역사의 수수께끼.

  19. 오혜성 실제 모델이 조상구 였따고 하던데 … 조상구도 사실 본명이 아니고 이 영화 이후로 조상구라는 이름으로 살고계신다고

  20. 추억돋네요 정수라노래필름사려고 줄서서기다렸던기억이 그리고 이보희누나개인적으로 너무좋음

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