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– [Tiffany] Morning. – Good Morning. – [Tiffany] Ready for
day two, volleyball game? – Yep. – [Tiffany] Getting
all her stuff together. Bryce is doing his usual. Wait until the very last minute
you have to leave the house. Morning. – Morning. (bass notes) – Hey, what’s up guys? Welcome to today’s vlog. Just got done
watching the cool Apple event. They announced
so much stuff today. New AppleTV, new Apple Watch,
two new iPhones. Like what? I’m not going to lie guys,
I was a little disappointed with the iPhone 8. They did the whole iPhone 8, and I’m like, the new
update was wireless charging? I was kind of like, why is it an 8
and not a 7S, right? That was totally a 7S update. Not gonna lie, that
should have been a 7S. But then, they revealed the 10, which is also odd,
they skipped 9. Not sure why they
did that, but whatever. New iPhone 10 looks super dope. $1,000 though, guys. Holy crap, we’re
at the day and age now that phones cost $1,000. And there’s no more
$200 like, contracts. You’re literally gonna
pay $1,000 for that phone. You’re just gonna
make monthly payments. Which is just like, holy crap. That’s the day and
age we live in now, guys. Little mini-computers
in our pockets that cost $1,000. Tiff’s on Pinterest, looking
for her next Crock-Pot find. You’ve been killing it lately. Crock-Pot finds. – Back to our
busy sports lives, so. – [Clintus] I know. Crock-Pot’s where it’s at. Speaking of sports lives, tonight we have the dual header, Sierra’s next volleyball game and Bryce’s basketball practice. It’s looking
like we’re going to go to volleyball game first, and then I will leave
at some point with Bryce, take him to basketball practice, so that’s going
to be tonight’s plan. I think we’re doing tacos from leftover
pork the other night, so Tiff’s working on that. So we’ll come home for
some tacos for Taco Tuesday. Hi, Baby. Hi, Baby! Hello! – [Tiffany] She’s so
excited to see Bryce! Say hi! – Oh.
– [Tiffany] Oh. Hi. – Hi.
– [Tiffany] How was school? – Good.
– [Tiffany] Good. – No homework for today. – [Tiffany] That’s good. That’s always good. – So, does my
practice start at 7:30? – [Tiffany] Uh, no. It’s still six. (groaning) – All right guys,
time for game two. Really excited after watching
the girls play yesterday. Got a good little team. So, three games this week. Kind of crazy, no practice,
just game, game, game. So here we go. (crowd cheering) – [Clintus] That a girl! Aw. Nice. (crowd applauding) There it is! Ooh! (crowd applauding) – [Tiffany] Nice shot! Nice pass! – [Clintus] Oh, tip. Oh no! Aw. Well guys, I ended
up having to leave Sierra’s volleyball
game after the first match, and they lost, just by a couple points there. Had to switch sides, and that’s when
Bryce and I had to leave. He just walked into
basketball practice. I’m going to make one
quick lap for my walk, my move goal, then head inside and watch him
play some basketball. Hopefully the girls do
better the second round, and win it in three. I think I mentioned
this earlier, days are getting shorter, right? Sundown now is like 6:40,
but man, it’s still hot. It’s 107 degrees out right now. I’ll be like, “Oh, I
want to go for a walk,” and then I’m like,
“Oh wow, it’s still hot out.” I mean, 107, but still,
hot enough to start sweating like immediately. (crowd cheering) – [Tiffany] Nice. (crowd applauding) (whistle blowing) Yes. (crowd applauding) (crowd applauding) (crowd applauding) There you go, Sierra. Yes! Go, go, go! (crowd cheering) (crowd applauding) One more! Aww. Yes! (crowd applauding) Okay, go Sierra, yes! Yes, yes! Yes! (crowd applauding) Game point, here. Woo hoo! (crowd applauding) (whistle blowing) – I’m tired. – [Papa] That was a good game. – [Tiffany] Good job. That was fun to watch! (boys shouting) – So that was an awesome win. – Yep.
– Yeah. It was fun to watch. I may have already said that. I can’t remember. But Sierra has one
battle wound from it. – [Sierra] I got a court-burn. – [Tiffany] She got a little
court-burn. It’s a good one though. It’ll sting in the shower. – [Sierra] Yeah.
The sting is just like,– – [Tiffany] Ooh, yeah. – [Sierra] now,
touching my backpack. – [Tiffany] Good job. – Thank you. – [Tiffany] Too bad Daddy
had to leave halfway, huh? – Yeah, he missed
the awesome win. – [Tiffany] Well, he
sees it, because of this, the clips. – Yeah.
(Tiffany laughs) (boys shouting) – So tonight’s dinner, we
are using the leftover pork from Sunday. It was a 3-pound
roast, so I knew, just the four of us, that
would be way too much meat, so I’m like, we’re
going to use those leftovers. I’m not going to
let them go to waste. So, I won’t buy
anything else for Tuesday and we’ll make pork
tacos out of the leftovers. I might end up adding some
stuff, if it seems a little dry. I had some tomatoes and
onion left over from Sunday. I don’t know. Some green chiles,
maybe some sauce. Cooking some
black beans in there. Just kind of throw
together stuff that I have here. Random shells. – [Clintus] You
look a little beat. It’s only halfway
through practice. You feeling it? (Clintus laughs) – And bam, just
like that, it’s done, because it was leftovers. You just have to heat it up. Ended up just adding
some green chiles to it and looks good, huh? – Yeah. – I already tried it.
It’s good. Our beans are bubbling. And then, I’m assuming, you want both those,
or one of each? I don’t care either way. – Both those. – [Tiffany] That’s
what I thought. It’s fine. – Unless you really want one. – [Tiffany] No, it’s okay. I think last time I actually
liked the blue ones better. Thank you, though. – ‘Cause I don’t think
you like Hot Cheetos, there. – [Tiffany] No, not my thing. Careful, they’re a little hot. Don’t make a mess. – Burn through my paper plate. – [Tiffany] They’re hot. – Yeah, everything’s hot. You got a fork or
something for this? – [Tiffany] Umm, I don’t. (silverware clanking) – Thank you. – [Tiffany] You’re welcome. Cheese, and
lettuce, and guacamole, and sour cream, and
some leftover lettuce. Good to go, right? Just you and I. Do you feel bad
eating without them? – No.
– No? I mean, she did just
play a whole volleyball game, so I have to feed her. And I’m just not
gonna watch you eat, so I might as well
feed myself, you know. And then once the boys get here, we’ll make their tacos, right? – Yep. – That’s the plan. – [Coach] Go! Go! – We have returned home, to a glorious smelling home. Tiffany is making us some tacos. We have a little, our own
little tray of tacos here. – She’s using a lemon or a lime. – A little bit of lime, yeah. So good. – [Tiffany] Isn’t that cute? I have a mini taco tray for you. – [Clintus] It’s
a little taco boat. Our little taco boat. Yeah yeah! Bryce is just like, pork! – [Tiffany] Bryce is starving. – [Clintus] I’m starving, too! I told him to hurry up! Coach kept them longer. – Yeah, I already
got my comfies, like. – Oh. All right guys,
wrapped up with dinner, kids are upstairs, playing,
doing their thing, Tiff’s watching
America’s Got Talent. I’m going to catch
up on some e-mails, maybe do some Destiny 2,
maybe stream a little bit. We’re going to
end the vlog here. This is it though, guys. Dual-sport action,
back in full effect, volleyball, basketball, at least two nights a week,
sometimes three nights a week. So, you’re gonna get
a lot of that right now, while the kids
are doing their thing, playing sports. You know, once
Sierra’s volleyball season from school is over, and we go into club
volleyball, you know, if we stay with this team that Bryce has been practicing
with, then we roll with them, or we join back with
the Bulldogs, or whatever. You know,
basketball’s not going away. So, this is our next
couple of months, guys. It’s going to be
dual-sport action. So, hope you enjoy it,
hope you’re excited about it. It’s back. We’ll see you guys tomorrow. Vlog on. – Hi Clintus, my
name is Curt Castille and I come from
Bullhead City, Arizona. Vlog on! (upbeat music)

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