🏆MESSI vs RONALDO vs VAN DIJK!🏆 The Best Awards: Football Challenges

Football Challenges: Van Dijk vs Messi vs Ronaldo! Who is ‘The Best’? The Sprint Challenge! On your marks! Get set… Wait! We already know who the winner is… Top speed in last season’s Champions League – me! 34.5 km/h vs Barca. When you lost 3-0? Yes, a week before we beat you 4-0 in the second leg and knocked you out Gareth Bale 4th?! Pah. As the greatest specimen ever to grace the sport of football… surely I am on that list? No. You’re even behind Sergio Busquets and Romelu Lukaku. The shame! Go! Ow! What the hell? Haha! At least the lone shooter didn’t target the black guy for a change… Point to Van Dijk! The Top Bin Challenge! EASY! YES! You can’t do that! Yes I can! That’s what makes me The Best! Easy! YES! You can’t do that! Yes I can! That’s what makes me The Best! EASY! Oh, come on! You can’t do that! AIM FOR THE MIDGET!!! OW! DEJAN, YOU CAN’T DO THAT! Yes I can! That’s what make me The Best! Haha! Ow! See boss, in Dejan you should trust! Poin to Van Dijk! The Best Tackle Challenge Siii! Beat this be-atches! Not that kind of tackle! This kind of tackle! The won that us the Champions League… Or THIS kind of tackle that won him the Champions League! When it comes to tackling, I’m a conscientious objector …so Virgil, the point is yours! I think you’ll find the point is mine! Point to Ronaldo! The Nations League Challenge! Point to me! Nations League? Never heard of it. As this is a round about winning international tournaments… I suggest you keep your mouth shut. Before you embarrass yourself …like you do every summer wearing blue and white. Point to Ronaldo! The Dribble Challenge! Come to Papa! Point to Virgil! Yes! Come to Papa! Siii! Point to Ronaldo! Wait a minute! Nicolas Pepe? No point! Siii! Point to Ronaldo! That’s the worst cheating I’ve seen since Sergio Ramos in the 2018 Champions League Final. Point to Ronaldo! The FIFA20 Challenge! No way – my PES contract says I’m not allowed to be seen playing FIFA! Me either! Point to me! Well how about we play PES? No way! Because your FiFA contract says you’re not allowed to be seen playing PES? No – just because I wouldn’t want to be seen playing PES. Sell-outs. Point to Van Dijk! Win The Best Trophy Challenge! For 5 Bonus Points! The Best Player 2019 is… Zlatan! We all know Zlatan is The Best Virgil van… Dejan Lovr- TBC The Best Player 2019 is… Like, derrrr, Cristiano Ronaldo! Obviously! Cristiano Ronaldo! How the hell did he win? I have no idea! Ronaldo truly is the GOAT! WITHOUT CHEATING! The Best player 2019 is… Lionel Messi! Correction, Divock Origi! Final Scores: Van Dijk 3, Messi 0, Ronaldo 3 Divock Origi 5! Divock Origi wins!

47 thoughts on “🏆MESSI vs RONALDO vs VAN DIJK!🏆 The Best Awards: Football Challenges

  1. Just saying, I don't hate Messi, Ronaldo, Van Dijk or anyone else… 🤦‍♂️

    Just because Messi didn't win a point in this video (though he won 5 briefly before being cheated out of it) doesn't mean I am a Messi-hater. This is a cartoon – not a documentary or serious statement about any of the players' abilities.

    Messi won the real-life Best Player. He is one of the greatest players ever (as is Ronaldo). Chill out and enjoy a very stupid take on The Best Awards that means nothing and is just an attempt to twist the expectations of who wins with a silly ending to make you laugh.

    Thanks to those who get it and don't whinge in the comments or dislike the video because their favourite player lost 🙂

    We have a Messi A-Z planned where we will celebrate all things Messi anyways so look out for that soon.


  2. Bra this video is just a embarrassment to football videos it disrespected Messi and Ronaldo so don't even bother watching this

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