🏈 Do the British actually like the NFL? 🇬🇧 American Football in London Vlog

Ninh explains: Do the British actually like
the NFL? Now, if you’ve been tuning into my channel,
you’ll quickly realise that I’ve covered the NFL in the UK, like a lot. And a lot of haters and naysayers all seem
to have misguided notion that this is just a fad. A novelty. The British public don’t actually care about
American Football and that the NFL wouldn’t work in England because of various reasons. But are they actually true, or do people just
not want to open their eyes to the possibility that not only does the NFL survive in England,
but thrives in a market that’s across an entire ocean. Let’s recap, the NFL has been hosting games
in London every year since 2007. They keep coming back to London, not Berlin,
not Paris, not Munich. And there’s a reason for that. Because a) the NFL is awesome b) the NFL has
no problem selling tickets over here and c) contrary to popular belief: the British actually
like American Football Whilst admittedly American Football doesn’t
get the same coverage as say other sports, over the years it has gotten significantly
more. Can you find the NBA in the newspapers, or
the NHL on terrestrial TV? How about a talk show about the MLB? Nope, none of those. But the NFL has all three in the UK. Why do you think that the MLB, the NHL and
the NBA are all trying to copy the NFL in London format? Because it’s a massive market and the British
audience is huge. But I know some of you are going to be throwing
out some objections. British fans don’t actually care about the
NFL. They only like soccer and getting drunk. Oh really? How about this? Or this? Or this? Like it or not, the demand for the NFL in
London and in Britain is sky high. Pubs stream games on their big screens, people
have Superbowl parties and watch the draft, fans pay massive subscription fees to watch
regular season games on Sky. The Jaguars have a UK based fan club with
UK fan events. This is more than most of our traditional
sports! Look around and you’ll see coverage of the
NFL in one form or another. Sometimes more than Cricket, Rugby, Netball,
Tennis, Badminton and all the other sports that you associate with England except football. Because nothing beats that over here. And as for the getting drunk thing … that’s
probably true. But here’s the thing – there are people
who are quickly becoming disillusioned with football. When only a handful of the richest teams can
win every season, and the sheer amount of hatred that fans display against fans of other
teams, it’s a refreshing change to mingle with fans of other teams without animosity
and without people beating each other up in the street. Or suffering verbal abuse for wanting to like
a specific team. American sports has superior fan interaction
and it’s better – you could like different teams and hate the team of someone else, but
you’re all fans of the game and treat each other like friends. That’s how it should be. But it’s in London, people aren’t going
to travel that far. Well I’m here, watching two teams I generally
don’t like and I’m a Cowboys fan that lives 206 miles away. I’m here again, and I’m here again … literally
yesterday. A 420 mile round trip in a day just to watch
the NFL and I’m not the only one. There’s a trainload of people making the
same journey. These guys are here, they flew in from Philadelphia
and these guys are from Carolina. This is the National Football League – this
is big time. People will come to watch it, and people will
travel long distances to do so. Unlike America, where public transport generally
sucks, the transport system in England is actually pretty good, albeit expensive … and
somewhat unreliable. This is a prestigious league, and it doesn’t
matter which teams are playing – fans will always come and watch. By the way, I just watched Jameis Winston
throw 5 interceptions when I put money down for the Bucs to win. Thanks Jameis. Most of those ‘fans’ aren’t from London
or England. They’re from mainland Europe. Where on earth did you get that notion from? There’s been absolutely no reports suggesting
this and pretty much all the people I spoke to during the fan events … .all British. And this one German guy. But mainly if they’re not travelling in
from the US, they’re mostly all British. By the way, this German guy was actually quite
funny and surprsingly a Green Bay Packers fan. And here’s the thing about London and about
American Football in general – fans of opposing teams can happily sit together and watch a
game regardless of who’s playing. Something that generally doesn’t happen
with regular football. There’s not enough people in London to support
an NFL franchise. Are you serious?! One of the biggest cities in all of the free
world couldn’t support an NFL team? An NFL team may serve an average population
of 1.2 million London has 8 million residents. And it’s the only place that has the NFL
in a country of 62 million. 62 million fans, and you don’t think we’d
sell out a stadium of just 80,000 people? Those London games are actually losing money. If the NFL was really losing money, would
they really keep coming back here every year? You wouldn’t think they’d pull the plug
like some OTHER failed European experiment. Or some other failed experiment in a certain
Canadian city. Regardless of some articles that suggests
that the NFL is actually losing money over these games, you have to put common sense
hat on. The NFL is the biggest profit making machine
in all of sports – the moment where London doesn’t make money is when the NFL says
goodbye. But trust me, at the prices they’re charging
for everything – these guys are seriously rolling in cash. It’s a license to print money over here. What about Canada? What about Mexico? No to Canada thanks to the Bills in Toronto
disaster, although they are hosting games in Mexico now. But they don’t have anywhere near the same
amount of impact on a population like London does. Why don’t you come up with a pro league
just for the UK? We have one. It’s called the BAFL – but it’s not
exactly pro. So you think that London is getting an NFL
franchise soon then, do you? Well, I’m still on the fence. The Jags were the favourite to move to England’s
capital, but owner Shahid Khan has backed out of buying Wembley. It’s a tremendous blow to his chances of
moving a team there, but I strongly suspect that this story doesn’t end here. I’m pretty sure he has some other plan up
his sleeve. And the New White Hart Lane Stadium has a
permanent retractable NFL field built in so there’s already a ready place to play. And the stadium was awesome by the way, but
such a pain in the ass to get to. I wouldn’t put it past Dean Spanos to pull
a stunt like moving the Chargers to London. As unlikely as this sounds, this is Dean Spanos. Him and Stan Kronke are possibly the worst
owners in the NFL … and Dan Snyder, him too. … Fuck you Spanos. Why don’t you expand by four teams and have
a whole division in Europe? Having one team in Europe is hard enough. Having 4 teams is logistically more difficult. London has proven to work for the last 100
years there’s no denying that. But the same can’t be said for Berlin, Paris,
Madrid or any other major European city. Whilst some of these cities have had teams
and played games in the past – I don’t think any of them would have the same impact
as London. As for expansion, I don’t think that’s
on the cards for the NFL or their owners right now. Let’s say you’re right and London does
get a team. They won’t have any fans because everyone
else already supports a team. Here’s the dirty little secret – allegiances
can be changed … and allegiances can be bought! People can change the teams that they like. Is it any co-incidence that the Jaguars had
almost no British fans before they came here? But once they started playing regularly, and
marketed heavily to the public, they’re now the best supported NFL franchise in the
country? If London has its own team with its own identity
– people will make the switch. If there’s one thing you can say about being
British, is that we like our British sporting heroes. Keep that American shite outta my city. Millwall, Millwall! Sorry football fans, but the NFL is here to
stay. Maybe not a permanent team, but the NFL is
making too much money to ever stop playing in London any time soon. In short: I believe that the NFL have got
a pretty sweet deal. They’re making money playing games in an
English speaking market to an untapped audience that’s highly receptive of them. In theory, they don’t actually need to move
a team over here to benefit from British fan dollars. They could just keep doing this every year
with different teams and the demand would be exactly the same. And the proof is in the pudding. This year’s four games were sold out in
just 40 minutes and there’s no signs of it slowing down. Although there have been various suggestions
that the Jaguars may or may not move – one things for certain, the British like the NFL,
and the NFL isn’t showing any signs of not playing there anytime soon. So if you like this sort of thing, be sure
to like, share and subscribe. Check out my other channel to see what it’s
actually like seeing an NFL game in London and subscribe to that channel too. Comment on the comments section below and
let me know what you think … oh, and we do stand for the national anthems. Just saying.

100 thoughts on “🏈 Do the British actually like the NFL? 🇬🇧 American Football in London Vlog

  1. I remember Osi Umenyiora joking about bringing the Chargers here. To be Honest I bet that crowd they drew in Wembley Last year will be better than any crowd they draw in LA even with Kroenke's New Stadium

  2. while i understand why people like American Football, to me its just an inferior rugby. Spending 30 seconds or more just for the ball to be thrown, caught and dropped in 10 is not my idea of a fun sport

  3. My only worry as a NFL fan would be the jetlag in flying across the ocean. We see it in teams going across Country imagine across Timezones. London would face a ton of Letdown games or US stints and then Home Stints rather than being able to move around.

  4. British are curious* most do not like. Some are fans now, but the majority isn’t. In fact take into account the full stadium isn’t all just British. A large margin is probably american tourists. There was a poll of what the most boring sports in the world are, American football was somewhere on that list, and I think the reason is there is way too many stoppages for them to be fans. Plus these British soccer fans hate American football so much, you always see childish complaining about the name of the sport and then they call it “hand egg”. Nfl in London has been a success. But we aren’t even close to the nfl becoming a big sport in England, not even close to being a minor sport.

  5. It would be cool to have an NFL team in London. However players on the team would have to move to a whole new country, it's not like players moving to Canada or NHL players moving in from different countries to play in the top league in the world. I would say that travel is the biggest issue, it would be tougher on players. Pat Macafee even said players like London, but not the travel involved. The away games for the London team would be harder than teams going to London, especially west coast games.

  6. It's so weird! Soccer is still gaining popularity here in America, and will explode after we host the WC in 2026, while American football is quickly gaining popularity across the pond. Oh how the world has turned! And I freaking love it!

    Now if only that bastard Lampard would play our American hero, Pulisic! Then the world would be perfect.

  7. 1. I think it was on the Spurs youtube channel where someone went round talking to fans before the game last Sunday, and most of the people they talked to were Americans who flew in from the States or the EU (including the UK) and a few Germans who came in from Germany. There weren't many English people in the video.

    2. The tribalism in English football is part of what makes it very appealing to people around the world. I am a United fan from Nigeria and I grew up with people who identified with one club or the other. Everyone was a fan of Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal, etc. No one was a 'premier league fan'. When a rival team loses, you banter them. When your team loses, you get bantered. That is what makes the premier league fun to a lot of people.

    3. What do the original fans of these MLS franchisees think about their team playing one of their 'home' games thousands of miles away? As much appeal as the premier league has around the world, I can't imagine Liverpool, Chelsea or any other Premier league playing a home league game outside their home city. I mean West ham fans aren't happy about having to go all the way to Strafford for a home game talk less of thousand of miles away.

  8. what has always confused me about alot of brits iv'e talked to online. is some of their outright HATRED for the sport. i don't get it. it's like they are treatened by it's existence…. even though there are lots of sports in the world. i don't particularly like soccer. but i Don't HATE it. it's so annoying.

  9. Can you do a video on if the MLB would work in Europe please? The London series hopefully could show that it can +Ninh Ly

  10. Is it a coincidence that every time England hosted World Cups in British sports similar to those of Major US Leagues at the same time the latter had their International Series in London, like NFL and Rugby World Cup in 2015 and this year's MLB and Cricket World Cup?

  11. Also in the US it can get just as bad with the fan interactions. Also with public transit in the USA it depends on where you go

  12. Wait? Shaid Khan wanted to buy Wembley? Wembley Stadium? Isnt Wembley a national treasure? Wouldnt her majesty (most likely her goons) want a say in that? Dont you guys have the blue plaque program?

  13. The reason no one went to the bills games in Toronto it’s because it’s the Buffalo Bills. Plus we have our own Pro League called the Canadian Football League (CFL) which have cheeper tickets and game merchandise

  14. I sort of got into an argument with you in the comments of another one of your NFL videos and even though it seems like you believe there is a higher chance a franchise moves to London than I would say, I can't really argue with most of the points you make in this video. I'm not sure on the money aspect, but British fans have certainly shown up for the last two games at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium and Spanos could definitely be looking for somewhere else to play. Also Ive gotta thank you for saying Fuck Dan Snyder.

  15. I like that the nfl is popular in england. Now I do have to say that there is a reason why no one goes crazy during rivalries, it's because it's just in the name. Eagles or redskins fans hear cowboys and they dont like them, other than that it's not a big rivalry where people talk shit or go crazy like in england. There's loyalty but at the same time teams move all the time especially in the nfl. That's what I love about soccer, I like the intense rivalry and the shit talking( of course as long as no one is getting beaten up or killed) when fans come together it's great but an intense rivalry is amazing. Anyway they should start a texans fan base over there.
    And of course great video!

  16. Great video as usual. Keep up the good work.
    I just want to continue the conversation by sharing some thoughts.

    1.- I think that London is getting a NFL team soon. Maybe in 5 years or so. For what I know (and been told by germans), AF (American Football) is popular in Germany, even the NFL Europe had 5 german teams at some point. In other european countries AF is gaining terrain too. So I think that a full european division is very posible, but I don't think that it's going to happend any time soon.

    2.- Mexico already has 2 "professional" leagues, the LFA (Liga de Futbol Anericano) with 9 teams and the FAM (Futbol Americano de México) with 7 (disputed) teams.
    I put professional on quotes because they are quite new, and as in any new league, the main focus is on surviving and that is why salaries are not very high, most players need to have offseason jobs. They are more like semi-professional leagues at this point.
    The LFA looks like a very solid project and has been groing in popularity very fast. The FAM is not a solid project and it looks like it may break soon. Only time will tell. Me and most of the fans just want a unification of the leagues.

    3.- I don't think that Mexico is getting a team any time soon. AF is very popular here, and it keeps getting more popular every year. But I see several problems.
    First: There's a big difference in how americans and mexicans (latinoamericans in general) do things.
    Second: Mexico is huge, about the same size as western europe and southwestern europe combined. So one team for the whole country is impossible.
    Third: Depending on the source, Mexico is anything from the 11th to 14th world economy, but the average mexican is not rich, not even middle class by american standars. Any team located in Mexico would need a lot of fans to make up for the lack of a wealthy fan-base.
    Fourth: The war on drugs and the general violence across several parts of Mexico. Yes it's bad, like +30k casualties a year bad. The problem it's not equaly distributed, some places are really safe and others are complete mayhem.

  17. This is one of the things I do love about American football. I'm an Eagles fan, and some of my best friends are Cowboys fans. We watch games together and crack jokes at each other, and love doing so. Our teams are big rivals, but we have no personal animosity.

  18. I think if the NFL makes a permanent jump across the pond, it would be to put 4 teams in England: 2 in London (Tottenham and one other), Manchester, and Birmingham.

    The English division would have six weeks per year when they have competing 10:00 AM (New York time) games. Fox and CBS then bump the early game to 1:20, the late game to 4:40, and NBC gets Sunday Night Football at its normal time.

    Even when an English team plays on the West Coast of the US, it should still put the game around 8:00 PM local time in England.

    Playoffs may get tricky if there are West Coast and English teams playing each other, but it's nothing that can't be overcome with proper planning. This might also be where having a US home base (like Jacksonville or Saint Louis) come in handy.

  19. I wouldn't be surprised that even if a full team doesn't move to London, that the NFL increases the number of games played there to allow more fans to get to see the teams they support.

  20. Dose the popularity of Rugby make it easier for American football in the UK vs other places in Europe?
    Larger question, is soccer in a bubble that will lead to other sports displacing it’s market share?

  21. 7:10 — That reminds me: Fuck you, Dave Roberts! Thanks to you beating your own team again (the Los Angeles Dodgers), I now have to lament the fact that my Mariners are going to be the only team in MLB never to make the World Series as of yet!

  22. As a proud American and sports freak, I have to say this video had me tearing up seeing them embracing our game. Before watching this I had reservations about a London franchise. Now you have my full support!

  23. NHL should be making some efforts to promote itself in UK. It might also help improve the UK national team since more people would start playing the sport.

  24. Regular season games outside of USA is dumb takes away home games from the teams homebase and the travel for the teams is ridiculous. It's too far away to be competitively fair for any team.

  25. maybe the London Black Knights and/or the London? Manchester? English Bulldogs? in the future. Mexico has one, I think. expo game a year and the Texas teams are popular there: the Cowboys and Texans. Canadians watch Canadian Football outside in their mild summers and they watch NFL inside during the winter. Many Buffalo Bills fans drive from Toronto. The NFL once supported the CFL realizing the symbiotic relationship. The CFL had a few expansion teams in US but Baltimore and Memphis went bankrupt and the CFL in Texas all "died of heat stroke" playing with padding on in the hot Texas summer heat.

  26. Hand egg jokes I been hearing from those people are simply idiots plus I wouldn't be laughing if you see someone wearing his football gear and ready to tackle someone, also unlike rugby ball the American Football have tips both sides if you know what I mean and it does have the lace making it for us to throw the ball one handed.

  27. all my friends are in london and they say it is gay and nobody watches it. most spectators are from usa and other european nations mostly american expats

  28. The All Blacks regularly sell out games at Soldier Field in Chicago, that doesn't make rugby a popular sport or commercially viable in the country. Its a fad, with small pockets of dedicated fans, thats just a fact. Traditional British sports like Football, Rugby and Cricket will always dominate the market. There is a reason there is no permanent team, sure, time zones are an issue but the other issue is maintaining interest in a team and event as MORE than just a sport people are curious once a year but are passionate about to watch regularly. That just doesn't exist among the general British public. You don't learn AF in school, you don't grow up with it, you don't watch games here in the UK, until that starts happening, it will never expand beyond a fad.

  29. Europe should get league a team for each major European city. Have you ever seen the European basketball league it's intense.

  30. American football is more accessable now so it has more appeal in the UK. I think there are too many logistical issues preventing a full-time NFL team in London. Maybe have another crack at WLAF/NFL Europe? Go Monarchs!!

  31. I watch almost every sport other than Association Football, which is the absolute dominant sport in my country.

    Why? Because Soccer turned into a sell-out, governed by literal mobsters, a laughable clown show with absolute insufferable divas as poster boys.

  32. I think the reason people think the brits hate the NFL is due to:
    1. We get shit on by them for our choices of sports(NASCAR) and how we do in their sports(Soccer/Football)
    2. Most people think that everyone hates America, based on France's opinion. Then again, the French hate everyone and everyone hates the French.

  33. Standing for your national anthem?! How could you in this progressive era? You must be a bigot, racist, scum hooorrribllle person.

  34. I saw the 1985 bears in the wembly bowl pre season game. I also supported the Birmingham Bulls durin the 80`s and early 90`s .I also went to all the London Monachs games as one of the players played for them nicknamed the Ghost.Regards John

  35. A regional sport with a stolen name-football? The only guy who kicks the ball is the team joke!!! Do realize we got rugby!!!!

  36. Why hasn't the success in London translate into success for the BAFA National Leagues, most of the teams still have a tight budget and a capacity of less than 2000, what could be done to grow it?

  37. The best way for the NFL to restart NEL Europa they could just have the championship team NFL Europa play against the Superbowl winners that would drive or even just have the NFL Europa teams play against the US teams and have a shot at going to the Superbowl

  38. Cricket and soccer in the US making it big is step one. NFL and MLB into the UK can come after… I much prefer MLB to NFL. Just saying.

  39. Rugby fans aren’t really hooligans and have a very chilled fan base. Messed with a Scotland fan the other day and no hard feelings.

  40. Actually football has always been popular in Mexico. It's like the only other country in the world where college football is a thing.

  41. What if you guys had a full division in England instead of all of Europe, London x2, Manchester, and Newcastle? I think it could work, London sure got room for 2 teams, them Northern boys up in Newcastle love a good ground and pound style of play in football, why not AF, and Manchester is big enough for a team too, could be interesting to see City and United supporters at each others throats on a Saturday derby day then next day be in the Etihad for an NFL game all happy with each other. Your Thoughts?

  42. Huh, almost forgot about those Toronto games, so I decided to take another look into how it ended. Not seeing much on the financial side (there's a few spots that suggest it was profitable, but that could've been marketing speak), just backlash from fans in Buffalo right up until the ownership change and subsequent cancellation. Not that it would've worked out without a bigger stadium than the SkyDome…

  43. I do not have problem with US sports on a whole, but their unwillingness to understand anything that is not American was always irritating to me. I know I am generalizing but I always had that feeling: being here I realize I was mostly right, they generally do not know a lot about the world outside the US. Things are changing a bit though based on what I am seeing here now.

  44. As an American it’s great to see the sport is rising in popularity over in England, wonder if there is a big Lions fan club there since I’m a Lions fan

  45. I think its too late for a london team. Fans become loyal. Look at LA. The rams and chargers have to play away games at home

  46. 5:42 i'm actually surprised to see brazilian serie a on that list 😅

    anyway, excellent video, Ninh! this is actually more clarifying than all the ESPN Brasil articles about it. and in fact, everytime i watch the london game i see full stands, so i think how in the world that can possibly be "failure"…

  47. The biggest problem with a lack of support for london is that I would still be a Colts fan. I would follow a London team but they wouldn't be my team

  48. Oh you really think NFL ain't gonna get violent in England!?

    Let the game gain some momentum in England and Europe then see what happens

  49. They need to play a game in Melbourne, Australia. Even if it's just a preseason game. There's a huge market for the sport and plenty of fans who want to watch some live in-person NFL.

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