– Good morning clan. Welcome to Monday,
President’s Day here in the U.S. Day three of Sierra’s
volleyball tournament. The final day. Single elimination. They win their
first game they move on. They lose, we go home. – So they play, ref, play but if
they lose their first game then it’s play, ref,
then they go home. – [Clintus] Pretty
much what I just said. Pretty much. We’re here at the
Salvation Army Kroc Center which I’m pretty sure
Sierra doubts me but I’m pretty sure
this is the location of her very first
tournament last year. I mean I remember it vividly, I think it’s the
first tournament. She’s like, “Nah, I
think it’s our second.” We’ll see.
We’ll find the videos. Good morning, Bryce.
– Morning. – [Clintus] How you feelin’?
– Good. – [Clintus] Good?
– Yeah. – [Clintus] Ready to
seize the day. Mhmmm.
– I don’t know what that means. (Clintus laughs) (bass notes) (crowd cheering) – [Clintus] Yes,
thank you. Alright. Nice. Nice. Alright, here we go. Good job, Sierra. Nice, Sierra, nice, Sierra. Good job! Good call on that. There it is.
– [Tiffany] Nice! – [Clintus] Perfect, perfect. – [Woman] Come on,
Sierra. Do it again. – [Clintus] Perfect.
– [Tiffany] Nice. – [Clintus] Perfect. Yes, yes, yes! Get down,
get down, get down, yes! (crowd cheering) Get over, get over, nice serve! It’s over, it’s over. Get over. There you go, there you go. (crowd cheering) – [Woman] Good job, Melissa!
– [Clintus] Nice Chloe! Nice. Nice! Nice, Sierra! Yeah!
(crowd cheering) Nice serve. Nice.
(crowd cheering) – [Woman] Come on
Abby, you got it. Good serve, there
we go. There we go. Good serve, good serve.
(crowd cheering) Nice, nice! (crowd cheering) It’s you Sierra. There
you go, there you go, Abby. There you go, Abby. Nice! (crowd cheering)
Good job! Nice. Nice.
(crowd cheers) Nice! Oh! She took it, she took it. Nice Sierra! Oh! Really? That looked like a line. – [Woman] Nice.
– [Clintus] Great serve. Great serve.
(crowd cheering) Good hustle, Sierra. – [Tiffany] Nice. (crowd cheering) – [Clintus] Get over. Nice. Nice, Chloe. Nice, Abby! Nice!
(crowd cheers) Nice! Good try, Abby.
Good try. That’s you, Melissa. (groans) Nice, nice. Get it, Sierra!
Nice save, nice save. Over! – [Tiffany] Go Abby, go Abby!
– [Clintus] Nice! Thank you. Alright! Nice, nice! Oh!
(crowd cheering) Nice! Nice!
(crowd cheering) Good job! Over, over, over. Ah, so close.
Good try, good try. Woo, good eye, good eye! Nice, nice! Oh!
(crowd cheering) That’s game. Well the girls lost their
first match in two games. That last one
was nail biter, man. Right to the end 20,
I think they lost 25 to 21 or 25 to 22. Like it was close. Just unfortunately
too many mistakes made. Inconsistency.
That’s a team sport though. All the girls got
to be working together. Got to be firing
on all cylinders. Got to be on point. Same thing with
Bryce’s basketball team. I say the same
thing all the time. It’s like one kid
could do everything right but if the other
four are making mistakes, the team loses. It’s a team loss or a team win. And so of course,
Sierra was upset. You know, she’s bummed out. She didn’t want to
go home after one but it is what it is and we’ll have
another volleyball tournament sooner than later. For now, the girls
are reffing the next game and once they’re done with that, we’ll pack up and
head off for lunch. Lunch time?
– Mhmmm. – [Clintus] What’d you get? – California burger
and I added bacon on it. – [Clintus] Yeah, buddy. – [Bryce] I had pepper
jack cheese and avocado and I just added bacon to that.
– [Clintus] Perfect. Perfect. Sierra got a
cheeseburger as well. – [Tiffany] Rocking to
an old song. – Yeah, this is like
’99, 2000, Limp Bizkit, baby. Senior year of high school. – [Tiffany] Yeah, as soon as it
came on I looked at you and was like oh, this song! – I actually went to the
midnight release at Zia Records and picked this album up, a CD. Back when we buy CDs.
Midnight release. Now you do it with
video games and movies. But CDs were
coming out at midnight. We’d go wait
outside Zia Records, they’d let us in,
they’d lock the doors. And then we all get our CDs. – [Tiffany] We’re
stuck with this kid again. No, I’m just kidding. (laughs) Hi Mason.
– Hello. – [Tiffany] Hello.
– Hello. – So we’re heading to
Meemaw and Papa’s house for a little bit. Hang
out for a couple of hours. Finally have some sun today. Probably hang out on the patio. Play some volleyball
with Sierra ’cause of course, she wants
to play more volleyball. – 99.
– [Tiffany] 99? – I had that moment
of like wait a minute, this was before.
– [Tiffany] But you graduated. – Yeah, yeah, yeah. I was thinking this
was sophomore year, maybe. I was like no, I did. I bought
CDs when I had my truck with a CD player so I’m right. – [Tiffany] Your
old truck. (laughs) – We made our way over
to Meemaw and Papa’s house. We’re gonna
chill for a few hours. The Bevos have a
baseball scrimmage tonight and I have a podcast
I’m gonna be on as a guest. So we’re hanging out here for a
couple of hours, just chillin’. – Camera. Meemaw has
Valentine’s gifts for us. – [Clintus] Oh Meemaw
has Valentine’s gifts for us. Alright. – [Meemaw] How’d you guess? – ‘Cause there’s
two brown and one red. – [Clintus] Ooh. Chocolate bears.
– [Sierra] Going places. – [Clintus] Oh, that’s cute. Bryce got a shirt. Ooh, run the game. Run the game. – [Sierra] I smelt it.
With the shower gel. And the lotion.
– [Clintus] Nice. – [Sierra] And a hand sanitizer. – [Clintus] Perfect. – [Sierra] And it’s
the going places bag. – [Clintus] Love it, love it. – [Bryce] And that’s it. – [Sierra] Thank you Meemaw.
– [Clintus] Thank you Meemaw. – [Bryce] Thank you Meemaw. – [Sierra] Oh no! – [Clintus] You guys
playing Monkey in the Middle? – No, playing volleyball. – [Jack] (laughs) Glad
you missed that one. – [Clintus] I don’t
think I got that. – You probably could’ve fit a
piece of paper under my hops there it was so good. Maybe. Oh snap. (distant chatter and music) – [Meemaw] Sierra,
is there a smaller ball? – Home now. Bryce is playing
Roblox on the computer. And Tiffany and Sierra
are of course out back playing volleyball yet again. Can’t get enough of it. I’m telling you. (volleyball thudding) Now I know some of you, some of you, get
bored with the vlogs because we don’t do
a whole lot of anything outside of sports
but at this point in time sports is what
these kids’ lives are. Bryce is all about basketball, Sierra is all about volleyball and so that’s
what they want to do with a lot of their free time. Plus, it takes up a
lot of their free time. Two practices a week usually a
tournament in the weekends. And so, that doesn’t leave a lot
of time for other things. The other
activities they like to do, play video games and
watch YouTube videos. That’s really
what it comes down to. Well guys, I just
wrapped up an awesome podcast with my friend Lono and couple of other
streamers and YouTubers. It’s called the
Rageless Roundtable. I will have it linked
down in the description below. I don’t think it comes
out ’til like Wednesday. So it might not be down in the
description right away but if you do search in
iTunes or on YouTube for the Rageless Roundtable
you will find it and my episode should be coming up either tomorrow or Wednesday,
I’m not sure exactly when but anyways it was a good time. We talked about
Twitch streaming, we talked about YouTube, we talked about Destiny. All my favorite things so it was
a good time for sure. That’s gonna be
it for today’s vlog. Thank you so much for watching. If you liked it thumbs up. Subscribe if
you haven’t already. “i” in the sky for more videos, links down in the
description below for the last four year’s vlogs and
I will see you guys tomorrow as we kick off another week here on Clintus.TV. Vlog on. – Hey guys, I’m Cameron Jason
from Pennsylvania, vlog on! (upbeat music)

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