­čĹë Las 3 EMPU├ĹADURAS B├üSICAS para agarrer el palo de hockey | B├ísicos del hockey hierba

Fieldhockey grips Hello friends of Hockey Ejercicios Today I’m going to talk about the different grips to use in bassic and advanced techniques. One of the main content to teach at the lowest level is how to grab the stick in its diferents ways. A pedagogical resource for the beginning of the teaching of the different types of grips: To first describe to the boys and girls the different parts of the stick. This is the flat part, the edge, and the curved part. I call it “the little mountain of the stick”, to make it easier for the players. A methodological resource that we can use once the players know about the different parts of the stick, is the “V” shape of the hand, which is the vertex between the index finger with the thumb. So, to teach the grip to the children, we will tell them that they have a “V” or “U” in the hand. So that vertex will be touching the differents parts of the stick, depending on the technique. This way it will be much easier to show the differents techniques to the players. The first handle we are going to use it the “clap grip”. In this handle, the “v” will fall on the edge of the stick. This handle will be used in techniques such as the slap or the hit. It’s easy to teach de players the “clap” comparison Once we grab the stick, both “V” will stand on the edge of the stick. As I said, this type of handle is used with slap passes or hits where both hands are touched and move together. Next grip is “the watch grip”. It’s a grip used in dribbling or even push while moving. This type of grip is called this way because it is taught with a watch on the left hand. So when you turn the hand, you don’t see the watch and when you go to the beggining, you see again the watch This is the typical grip for the dribbling. In this grip, the “V” of the left hand slightly faces the “little mountain” of the stick. This way, as I told before, if we had a watch, we could see it while
forehand driving but we coulnd’t see it on reverse. A way to teach this grip to begginers, for the players to learn how to take the stick, it’s with race’s games. At a sign of the coach, the player must take the stick with the left hand and later with the right hand. The stick will be on the floor, flat part facing down. The players run, the take the stick without moving the grip right hand, and then they do the dribbling The last grip is known as the “frying pan grip”. The “V” will be facing the flat part of the stick, we would be taking the stick as if it were a frying pan. In this handle, both “V” from left and right hands is on the flat part of the stick. This handle is used for 3D dribbling and also for reverse actions.

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