💥Footballers Attempt Dybala’s Free-Kick💥

Footballers attempt Paolo Dybala’s sexy free-kick against Atleti! Dybala will cross it in!
He scores! Unbelievable jeff! Cristiano Ronaldo – NO GOAL!
– That was a practice! Trent Alexander-Arnold – NO GOAL!
– VAR checking goal VAR check complete. Goal! Cristiano Ronaldo – NO GOAL!
– That was also a practice! Raheem Sterling – GOAL!
– VAR checking goal VAR check complete. No goal! Cristiano Ronaldo Now for my actual attempt… Marcus Rashford NO GOAL! Robert Lewandowski – GOAL! GOAL! GOAL! And GOAL!
– All too easy Marcus Rashford NO GOAL! Gareth Bale GOAL! Marcus Rashford NO GOAL! Eden Hazard NO GOAL! And probably a red card. And probably some ankle ligament damage. Marcus Rashford NO GOAL! Kylian Mbappe – NO GOAL!
– See Real Madrid – he’s totally …! – GOAL!
– Buy me instead! Yeah please! Marcus Rashford Antoine Griezmann I don’t know how to score free-kicks. Come on Antoine, you can do it. First he says he doesn’t know how to dribble, or when to shoot, and now this… He officially contracted Coutinho-itis NO GOAL! Marcus Rashford Allelujah, praise the heavens! GOAL! – Bet you I can do it again…

100 thoughts on “💥Footballers Attempt Dybala’s Free-Kick💥

  1. This is why CR7 should stop wasting free kicks for juve, misses many easy free kick chances and Dybala scores this one to prove he is miles better… but we already know Dybala is better so why still let Ronaldo bang multiple freekicks into the wall?

  2. You should’ve done Sterling take it twice and then disallow it again and then Pep comes running on the pitch yelling “TWICE” lol

  3. In fairness, Messi did try it in the CL the next night and hit the crossbar. Should have had an attempt in the vid really

  4. We all truly know who would’ve made it and it’s Zlatan himself. Dybala was just another person who successfully made the attempt

  5. You know how it works.
    Pls like it!
    0. Bale🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿
    1. Ronaldo🇵🇹
    2. Neymar🇧🇷
    3. Messi🇦🇷
    4. Muller🇩🇪
    5. Lewandowski🇵🇱
    6. Kane🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
    7. Van dijk🇳🇱
    8. Suarez🇺🇾
    9. Griezmann 🇨🇵

  6. VAR doesn’t even like Liverpool Salah gets taken down in the box by koulibaly and firmino was apparently offside at Aston Villa it has made one good decision for us

  7. How are VAR helping Liverpool?
    They have made the wrong decision against Liverpool in the Super Cup final, against Manchester United, against Villa, they make a decision that goes our way because of a foul on Lovren and everybody's all over it.

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