📺Li-VAR-pool!📺 #13 Every Premier League Manager Reacts

Every Premier League Manager Reacts Matchday 13 Look, it isn’t all about me but after that win I’m officially the best Spurs manager in history. It’s an unfortunate loss, I really feel for Deulofeu. And what about the rest of the team? I still have no idea who the rest of the team are. To be honest, I’m not even sure some of them are professional footballers. What a win! I’m now officially the most successful red haired Brit since Ginger-Spice! Suck on that Ed Sheeran! Liverpool and VAR the greatest love story of all time. Greater than Pride and Prejudice Romeo and Juliet and that one with the glittery vampires and bestiality in it. Errm, Twilight? Yes that’s the one What an utter pile of **** that was… A lot of effort from lots of different people went into winning this game. So I would like to thank VAR for disallowing what was a perfectly fine Crystal Palace goal. Both goal posts for their part in the Mane goal and of course… Wilfried Zaha for his horrendous miss at the end. BOOM! hahaha Eddie, how do you… Eddie ‘how’, hahaha, that’s a good one. Well played, hahaha. As, I was saying, Eddie, how do you… Eddie ‘how’, hahaha, still works… Come on, Eddie, how do you… Eddie ‘how’, hahaha, gets me every time Fifth place you sons of *******!!! Who said European football was making life too difficult for us, eh! Errrr, you did… Oh yes Yes, I did I’m disappointed with another terrible loss. Sooner or later, somebody has to realise I’m a Liverpool fan, right? This win proves that we are truly a Premier League team! Either that or it proves Everton truly are a Championship team Either way, what a win! I just told the lads there is no shame in losing to the future champions Brendan Rodgers knows how to win games, okay Brendan Rodgers is a world class manager who’s made Leicester a world class team, okay. Brendan Rodgers should have got the Spurs job, not Jose, okay. Good ebening The whole team are very upset with the fans for booing them off Except Granit Xhaka who put a message in the group chat ‘Hahahahahahaha, now you know how it feels’ ‘You useless bunch of ****!’ ‘Ha ha’ ‘Lol’ Last week I said if I didn’t beat Arsenal I’d eat my own anus I’m a man of my word… At least we have Watford next If we don’t beat them… I’ll eat my own head Once again, VAR totally screwed us over! Sterling’s disallowed goal? No, James Tomkins disallowed goal against Li – VAR – pool! BULL****! 25 straight wins to go! We’ve got to look on the bright side. We’re still by far the best team in London and that’s even though half our players aren’t old enough to drink and have only just started getting grass on the pitch If you know what I mean. How did we let that 2-0 lead slip? Perhaps the lads thought the game was already won. To be fair, when I saw Jessie Lingard coming on I did too. Have I lost the dressing room? No Have I lost my job. Probably.

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  1. So is everybody going to ignore the fact that 442oons has changed the description of every video?😂😂😂😂🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷

  2. World Football⚽🥅 should use the true 'instant replay' like they do in the NFL 🏈🏟️. They have to put the play up on the Jumbo Tron that way the coaches and fans can't whine after the game.

  3. Everyone watching the Premier League:
    EYY,Sheffield United are so bad,that they will finish at the bottom of the league!

    Sheffield United be like:

  4. 2:00 Would you mind showing me your trophy cabinet? I need to compare the 9 league titles Everton have to the amount of titles you have (aka 0)

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  6. Brendan Rodgers always gets me 😂

    Nuno Espirito Santo was good too, Wolves starting to attack those European spots again! Would be nice for English football to have a team that appreciates the Europa League, an English Sevilla. Every second-to-top 4 team (Liverpool and ManCity being the true top 2 teams) considers it a loss because they want to play Champions League.

  7. I hope Southampton losses again just so I can see their manager eating his head but unfortunately I think that they will win this time

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