This shitty cartoon is not ‘made for kids’. Higuain is free! Oh dear… Ronaldo must score! Oh dear, oh dear… Surely this time! Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear… Ronaldo is getting subbed-off again! WHAT?! Bullshit! Seeing red! Bloody nose! FUMING! That’s two games in a row! I’m gone before the whistle blows… Subbed off?! It’s criminal! Ronny – I’d like to speak with you… WHAT?! People say you left early… TRUE! I’ll do what I want! So there! Siii! Then we… will sell you! WHAT?!
So you’re a tough guy?! You’re “don’t score enough guy”! I am Mr. Buff guy! Okay! That’s enough guys! No! He’s a shit striker! You’re a shit manager! You’re worse than Dybala! Well, you are cancer! What?! Metaphorically! Let’s face it… You’re a bad 9! Okay, it’s time for some team-building! Let’s go! Go on… He subbed me off twice! Even though…
I’m the loved guy! Won all kinds of stuff guy” I’m, Billy GOAT Gruff guy!
Look good in the buff guy! He’s just a bald guy! He’s “won sweet F.A-guy”!
Making me his fall-guy! And, put simply, that is why, come January,
I’m a Bayern guy”! Der Klassiker here I come! Yes! You idiot! We’ve just lost 462m Euros in shirt sales!

100 thoughts on “😡RONALDO is LIVID with SARRI!😡

  1. After B for Bayern and before D for devastating… There's a C for Cristiano ….I supported you during your greatest phase I'll support you during this phase…. Viva la Ronaldo

  2. "this shitty cartoon is NOT made for kids"

    That one kid: I'm gonna do what's called an epic gamer moment.
    Proceeds to watch the video WITHOUT headphones

  3. Hello 442oons i like your videos and i wanted to ask you if you could make a football flashback of the final of the 2006 world cup betwen France and Italy

  4. For all those that think Sarri did it because he was playing bad it’s not true it’s because he had a knee injury and he was pissed off about it
    And he also asked him self to get taken off

  5. Dean Can you please do another I’m a footballer get me out of here I really liked it and now you’ve got better at animating
    So if you did another I would be so happy

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