😲6-0! SARRI SACKED?!😲 (Man City vs Chelsea Parody Goals Highlights)

Goal! Goal! Goal! Goal! Goal! Goal! Is it too soon now sack Sarri? Coz he’s – even worse than Jose and Conte BOOOOOOOOOO! You’ve lost the plot… He even picked Barkley… I got an assist If Sarri was horse, they’d put him down Is it too soon to sack this clown? No! Do not sack Sarri! What? Why? Please wait… Until we’ve thrashed you again at Wembley! In the Carabao! And please make that Sarri picks Barkley I’ll get an assist! And here is another 3 bags! Wow! For saving us from the Italian Diao! They can’t be motivated… Oh come on, it is so easy! Watch this… WIN THE CARABAO CUP OR I’LL LOAN YOU TO SALISBURY! See? We didn’t score even one time… And we paid-off the referee… Please! I’d like one more shot… At forgiveness They can be arranged… Is it too soon now to sack Sarri? Coz his
Sarri-ball’s Sarri-bollocks, quite clearly… True! He’s lost the plot! What’s he doing with Kante? He’s got 4 assists Quiet! If Sarri was horse, they’d put him down Decision made… One sacked clown! What! Nooooooooo! Don’t sack Sarri? What?! Why?! ‘coz we’re… broke after sacking Jose and Conte! WHA-A-A-A-AAAAT?! I brought you here to get kid of the body… NOOOOOO! You said: If he was horse, they’d put him down! A figure of speech! Time to leave town! And Sarri said he wanted “one shoot” for forgiveness… He said he one shot at forgiveness! And he didn’t mean a gun! It was a figure of speech! Oh… This is why I don’t do interviews… Is it too soon now to sack Sarri? Click “i” to vote now. I think it’s too soon.

100 thoughts on “😲6-0! SARRI SACKED?!😲 (Man City vs Chelsea Parody Goals Highlights)

  1. Meanwhile Sarri has reached the final of the league cup, is third in the league and is in the semifinals (almost final) of Europa League. I think there is little to criticize since it's his first year

  2. is it just me or at 1:58 the chelsea chairman sound a lot like the voice 442oons gives to christian pulisic

  3. I'm an arsenal fan and we beat chelsea 2-0 last game!
    Me: noooooooooooooooooooo! Don't sack Sarri!
    Roman: What? Why?
    Me: please wait! until we've thrashed you again at Baku in the europa league! and please make sure that Sarri picks Barkley!

  4. Manger win the carbon cub it's all over arsenal lost to Chelsea 4-1 Manger told ya it's so easy

  5. Oye si en escudo del barça pones a vidal ya que ney se fue y suarez messi y vidal son los mejores amigos la msv

  6. Però a voi tifosi del Chelsea vi ha fatto vincere la coppa UEFA( but your english Del Chelsea winner Europa league )

  7. Can you do a part 2 of this now that Sarri has gone to Juventus

    Is it too late now to sack sarri?
    Coz Chelsea are, missing more than just trophies (And Eden Hazard)
    Is it too late now to sack Sarri?
    Coz we know thats he's gone to juve now
    I wonder how long he'll stay at juve now

  8. At the end of the season,Sarri left,Lol And the next boss will leave at the end of that season.the Chelsea way,lol

  9. I remember watching this 8 months ago and this gave me a worse feeling than when my brother bought himself a man united season ticket

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