😲9-0!😲 #10 Every Premier League Manager Reacts! (Southampton vs Leicester)

Every Premier League Manager Reacts Matchday 10! 9-0. I can apologise to the fans. I swear we will improve next week! Next week? You’re playing Man City! Yes, and when it gets to 4-0 down I’ve told the lads to ALL get sent off so the match is abandoned and it goes down as a 3-0 That’s six fewer goals than this week An improvement 9-0! What a team! We’re going to win the league! Steven Gerrard can’t stop me this time! Yes, Fernandinho got sent off for two yellow cards but it wasn’t his fault He’s ill The doctor has just discovered he’s got a serious bout of Philfodenitis 28 wins to go! We may have lost, but what a day Pep Guardiola has just signed me on an emergency loan to play centre back next week Manuel, Robert Snodgrass was man of the match today …so why did you sub him off? Because I found out who he is going dressed as to the team Halloween party Who? Me?! I’m thrilled to take a point from the Tevez-Mascherano-Relegation derby That’s a great win The togetherness of this team is incredible In fact the lads work so well together …they even wash each other’s bits in the showers With their tongues What a team Marco, do you think you’ll be sacked? The disrespect! No, I don’t! Do I think someone will have slashed your tires by the time you get back to your car? Yes! Yes, I do! Two 0-0s in a row. This is why we’ll be bringing in new players in January The question is, which bang average fringe player at Liverpool will be available? The table doesn’t lie We’re a bad side We’d even struggle in the MLS Fair play, Pulisic played well But I’ll be speaking to the Premier League about this The fact Lampard played his reserves today is unacceptable That was a great hat-trick by Christian His work rate was immense too That’s why he’ll be on the bench again next week He needs a rest I was worried that playing with a sober goalkeeper may actually help Spurs win this game But thankfully it seems they played with a drunk right-back Boom! I’m very disappointed Not just with the result… …but with the performance We were far too good today I’m trying to get sacked here for crying out loud! Good ebening I’m thrilled to see Granit Xhaka getting some abuse from the Arsenal fans As long as they are focused on how terrible he is at his job… …they won’t notice how terrible I am at mine Roy, did Zaha go down too easily for the penalty? How dare you! My Willy never goes down easily! In fact, I’m immensely proud that my 5 foot 10 inch Willy manages to stay up at all some weekends! Let me be absolutely clear! My Willy certainly never goes down easily… …especially if there’s contact down below …from another man Tim Krul was outstanding today! It’s just a pity the rest of the team were… …how do you say it? “BEEP-poor” That was a great win We are starting to prove that we are a real top four team But Ole, you’re 7th Not for long! Then the only thing I’ll be 7th in… …is the list of Man Utd penalty takers Playing European football has taken a serious toll on the team This game proves that I mean a draw against Newcastle? A ten-man Newcastle? It’s honestly shameful That was ever a red card for me, that Since when are you allowed to try and break your opponent’s leg? That cost us the game That and the fact we have less-up top than a woman who’s had a double mastectomy

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  1. Do you even know who sean longstaff is why didn't his name get mentioned as the red card instead of since when arnt you allowed to break people legs

  2. Hasenhutti I’m sorry for you with that 0-9 result, the biggest defeat in the PL since Manchester United v Ipswich in 1994/1995

  3. Bertrand: Gets red card

    Southampton defense: alright ima head out handle it on your own Gunn

    Gunn:concedes 9

    Southampton defense: it’s only 9-0

  4. That’s fucked up how pelegrini is depicted, since when did he turn into a zombie. And Unai is a vampire lol. I love this channel

  5. Why aren't you posting so much like u did before 2 or 3 years? Everyone who agrees give a like so 442oons will see this

    BOU 2-4 MUN (Rashford double, King, Martial, H. Wilson, Fred)
    ARL 3-1 WOL (Traoré, Chambers, Aubameyang brace)
    AVL 1-3 LIV (Mané double, Salah, El Ghazi)
    BHA 4-1 NOR (Maupay, Dunk, Godfrey, Connolly, Trossard)
    MCI 5-1 SOU (Sterling hatrick, Ings, B Silva, Mendy)
    SHU 2-0 BUR (Lundstram, Egan)
    WHU 2-1 NEW (Haller, Fernández, Rice)
    WAT 3-3 CHE (Dawson, Tomori, Mount, Abraham, Doucouré, Pereyra)
    CRY 1-3 LEI (Vardy brace, Townsend, H. Barnes)
    EVE 3-4 TOT (Son double, Gomes brace, Sigurdsson, Alderweireld, Sánchez)

  7. Southampton vs Leicester City : O-9

    442oons :

    I'm going to troll them 😜😜😜😜😜

  8. The joke about the Brighton players "licking each other's bits" was so unfunny you can do much better then that forced shit

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