🤔Ole – Sacked in the Morning?🤔 (Newcastle 1-0 Man Utd)

Sacked In The Morning! You Useless Ba****! You’re Getting Sacked In The Morning! He’s Even Worse Than Us! What? Sacked In The Morning! He’s Worse Than Giggs! What? Sacked In The Morning! Give Him A New Deal! What!?! I’m Going To Give Him A N… Oh, sorry are we not doing the second verse tonight. No! We Won’t Be Doing Anything For You. But Can At Least Do The Sax Solo? If You Were Ed Woodward Would You Sack Ole Or Would Would Would Would Would Would You Give Him A New Contract Click I To Vote Now!! Thanks For Watching!! Subtitles by the Amara.org community

100 thoughts on “🤔Ole – Sacked in the Morning?🤔 (Newcastle 1-0 Man Utd)

  1. Sacking Ole isn't going to solve anything. The problems at United are deeper than the manager or players. They gave Mourinho a 5 year contract, but refused to give him £50m for Maguire. The following season they sack him, paying him £25m in severance and went on to sign Maguire anyway, for £80m. After a net spend of nearly £400m and attaining the highest wage bill in the league, they are left with Martial & Rashford as their main strikers. United are in this mess because of poor directive decisions from the board and Woodward. If anything needs to change at United, it's them.

  2. i dont think he wii get the sacked…he just need money to buy new players…then he will take it from there. and build the team…

  3. Leave him there he's losing I'm happy hope utd fans haven't fully gone tru there cold turkey losing business , I feel their pain hahaha😭

  4. It doesn't always have to be good from the start. Sometimes if you let something grow it becomes great. E.g. Adi Hütter had a really bad start at Frankfurt but they gave him time and he reached the EL Semi-finals and qualified for EL again (nobody thought Frankfurt could do it). In his first 5 games Klopp lost 2, played 0:0 vs Arsenal and only collected narrow wins against bottom teams. Liverpool was in 10th place. In his first season he actually finished two places lower (8th) than his predecessor (6th). But he had time and grew something amazing. Ole needs time, but if it doesn't improve he will be sacked.

  5. Fire Solskjaer He Deverse it because he suck as a Manchester United Coach I'm speaking American Accent English and Huge Fans because is silent, helpless and useless goalkeeper need to benched is De Gea for his stupid mistakes or sell him out of the team replaces with Sergio Romero let him play.

  6. Bruh. IT aint Even Ole. ITS the players… in training they are playing around and kidding….. and There has been alot of injuries…. and man u would not play well with others manager

  7. Sack ole and get giggs as our manager.

    If Giggs becomes our manager sir Alex Ferguson will come back to united as assistant! 🥳

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