01 – I’m Just a Black Belt Stump Grinder

Running a tree company and providing tree removal and trimming quotations, it is not uncommon for people to think that I am a certified arborist. I am not. In fact, my background includes teaching piano to 70 students a week in Lloydminster followed by a career at the RCMP Forensic Laboratory. Yes, it’s a bit of an odd career path. It was during my years at the RCMP, about 15 years ago, that I started Got Stump. At that time, it was only a stump-grinding-only company. It was a side-business to make a bit of spending money. But my brother Barry was gracious enough to lend me a small stump grinder and an old Dodge Dakota to get things going. It was a tough road, but I loved it. Here’s where things become important in my story: in time I began to grind stumps for a number of tree removal companies in Edmonton. And this allowed me to see the underbelly of the industry. This afforded me to witness firsthand all the challenges customers faced in finding a good tree service company. It was then I decided to create my own tree service company. Got Stump became Got Stump Inc. and we expanded our services to include tree removal and tree trimming, to become a tree service beyond what property owners would expect. Looking back over those years, I think the biggest shocker I experienced was that a certified arborist isn’t what everyone believes it is. And THAT will take us to our next video… “A Certified Arborist Isn’t What You Think.”

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