$1 Baseball vs $30 MLB Baseball vs Waterjet at 60,000 PSI

[Dan] what do you got? [Mitchell] An official MLB MLP MLB
[Dan] major league baseball is MLB [Mitchell] Do you say baseball ball or just baseball
[Dan] ball baseball, no this is a baseball [Dan] a baseball ball
[Mitchell] yeah a baseball
[Dan] a ball for baseball [Mitchell] a soft ball, and a thrift store baseball signed by some girl yeah Baby Ruth or something the Sultan of Swat the king of crash who the Colossus of clout — the Colossus of clout — BABE RUTH the great Bambino try to go easy on my
forging skills that was the second attempt the first one it was much worse
[Mitchell] equally bad Okay and with those we’ve also got a
metal bat so we’ll start with this one then we’ll cut through those three
baseballs those three baseball balls balls balls let’s look and see just what makes a
ballbuster bust balls the anticipation…. its gonna be sandy …yeah
this all sand? oh that’s some sort of a sponge okay
Yellow Sponge. Looks like through this hole they injected some foam they just
let it sink all the way down to the bottom and this is just some stuff that
got stuck in the handle maybe yeah we won’t pretend to know this is for so if
you know what’s this sponge stuff is for then say so. It’s for absorbing water
and washing dishes. Next up is baseballs This one is expanding pretty good.
Yeah, it wedged itself in there. Oh wow, this side didn’t expand at all. I think that side was slightly less than half yeah a rubber ball in the middle and
yarn yep… YARN and theres the shell… and a bird nest.. cool and I I don’t know how you fit all that in a little hole….
just going to push really hard …. yeah that’s close enough
okay what’s inside the baby ruth less exciting, solid cork, and then the softball is plastic yeah it’s like a hard plastic
hey and that’s what happens when you cut a baseball in half that’s been signed by
some girl you keep telling me that, who is she?

100 thoughts on “$1 Baseball vs $30 MLB Baseball vs Waterjet at 60,000 PSI

  1. That sponge in the bat is so the shock and vibration of the ball hitting it gets absorbed instead of the shock and vibration going all the way up the bat and up your arm and making a injury

  2. Please try cutting in half a fan. Probably a box fan.
    Or another idea, cut in half a camera while it is recording video. Use a cheap camera that you are fine with destroying. Just before you cut near the SD card, take the card out and there is a good chance you can recover the video inside. Or right when the camera dies take the card out.

  3. the foam is to absorb the shock after you hit aka the ring you feel in your hand and it's not fun to have it ring

  4. contact the Deloro Stellite Company, now part of the Kennametal group & ask for something made of Stellite(their trademarked name) and see if you can cut that.

  5. How to tell if your life is a lie:

    Finding out that a SOFTBALL is filled with PLASTIC. Meanwhile a baseball is filled with yarn.


  6. The foam stops the bat from ringing which will help the ball go farther that’s why there illegal to use in games

  7. The sponge is to keep the blunt force from being absorbed by your hands like when you hit a tree with a stick of wood it kills your hands

  8. Sponge is to act a a shock absorber so t doesn’t go right up the bat and into your arms and to stop it ringing

  9. Hit a real old tv (the fat kind that seamed bullet proof on the front) and it will vibrate the bat out of your hands painfully

  10. I'm pretty sure that bat is not legal and is used by coaches where they can swing lightly and still get a solid shot to their players during long practices. It's kind of like a corked bat, but I bet if you cut a legal bat it wouldn't look like that. That's why it's called a "ball buster" as well. Because it hits further than a legal bat.

  11. The foam is to absorb the impact. Without it, it like ricochets back and forth. It hurts your hands without it

  12. I'm sure its been answered already, but I'm pretty sure that sponge is in the bat to act as some sort of shock absorber.

  13. you know golf balls useto have rubber band wound on the inside similar to the baseball and if put one in a can with a little gas the outside would melt and the rubber band would unwind all at once

  14. I'm aghast at the prospect that a Major League baseball has a rubber center. I have never seen that before. Would you be kind enough to double-check that the MLB ball is a real MLB ball?

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