how to do it in 1 hour can strong forehand and backhand it’s easy and we will discuss backhand first how to hold it if you hold this pan to cook the noodles or anything how to hold the pot like this, naturally it doesn’t need to be made how to hold it as naturally as you can as you hold the pan how to hold it, we will apply it to hold the racket (backhand) when backhand now how to hit it like what if you hit here to here then don’t be too wide like this so if there is a distance from here to here, just take half of it from here jerk like this so this vibrates like this in here also holding it do not stiff but rilex like holding the pan you can train like this remember not to be far like this but enough half very easy, now we discuss forehand forehand I will take the key is the index finger so if you hitting backhand the thumb as a backrest if the body then the backrest is behind here where the backrest functions so as not to fall and to strengthen the push then for the backhand where the backrest is the thumb but if this forehand index finger holds it all you have to remember is where this backrest must be right behind it so when we make a forehand, the backrest position must be right the backrest should fit right or not like this or tilt like this if later kok will meet with racket strings then the index finger must be right behind it not tilted like this or tilted like this, then later you will be able to pronate like this remember the index finger is the backrest how to put it is your index finger in the wide corner of the racket you put it here when the strings meet kok, the index finger should be right you do like this then you can hitting forehand easily if you want to raise your forehand level then you can use your left hand and your hip and You pull like this there is a fraction of a second during the hip turn and when you hitting the kok You can train it like this, and you will feel your shoulders pulling forward when this shoulder advances forward your rackets hitting pull this after the forward shoulder just hitting for example if people are walking we push it will be faster but if we push people in immovable conditions then it will be like this different from people walking you push then the results are stronger just as we do a forehand when the hip rotates and we also make a hitting it will be stronger like this … it will be stronger it will be stronger 1 hour you can

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