we’re gonna cut all the power to the
house thus leaving a completely dark you know what’s going on everyone its
Papa Jake and we are back with a brand new video and today guys we are doing
another epic nerf challenge video filming a video because it’s a nerf
hide-and-go-seek challenge but today’s video is a little bit different because
we are gonna be doing $1 vs. $10,000 how is this $1 first $10,000 I see you put a
purple line on the carpet I don’t really get it and this is an extremely
important line no one can cross the line except for me the way I’ve divided it is
we have $1 nerf weapons and $10,000 nerf weapons and gear aka this cheating side
this side is comprised of all of our best nerf weapons as well as gadgets
that will allow you to cheat in nerf hide and seek while on this line we’ve
got the classic nerf guns now we want to find out if you use motion detectors
heat vision cameras binoculars sound amplifiers the best nerf weapons money
can buy will you win a nerf hide-and-go-seek challenge check I don’t
think you need any of that stuff to win all you really need is this thing and
your eyes and your ears what if my ears are bionic amplified – ow that hurts my
ears don’t yell win them but I got this on amplified by the power of technology
so your ears are only regular human ears but I am part robot with this stuff I
can track you down from miles away and find you through my telescope remote
controllable drone flyable via a VR headset to search out and destroy you
what do you got feet what a feet do nothing I’m gonna start off with our $1
selection where Jake is gonna take the cheater side I mean I wouldn’t really
call them cheating I called him tactically enhancing my game I do want
to remind you guys that at the end of every video we give a shout out to one
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shot so for the first round you’re gonna take the cheater side we know that but
Jake what are the ground rules in this game alright well guys the rules are
simple if you’ve never played nerf hide-and-seek before we have the battle
field where you are able to hide anywhere you want now one person will be
the hider and the other person will be the seeker the objective of the game is
for the seeker to hit the hider with a Nerf dart now there is a catch though if
the hider sees the seeker first he can shoot at the seeker thus winning the
round now the other part of this is although this is the $10,000 side I can
only pick one item at a time I mean I can’t go in there all guns blazing with
like five different night-vision goggles on and a UAV drone that would just be
wait to see Jake I’m done I’m ready to play I’m good to go I’m gonna be the
hider first that Logan I am going to give you 30 seconds to pick your weapon
and head downstairs Jake’s upstairs right now and he has no
idea what he’s in for I got a sniper and a short-range pistol
we’re gonna head down to a secret spot he’ll never find us
let’s go could hide up here but I feel like it’s
two of so Logan’s gone downstairs and has started hiding which means it’s my
turn to start picking out my items now I’m gonna be going from the $10,000
slash cheating section let’s call a tactical enhancement section I think for
the first round we go with the first person via our drone I can fly this down
using this VR headset and use it in first person to find out where Logan is
exactly and then I think I’m gonna go down with the sniper and take him out
now he might be able to hear the drone but my hope is that he’ll be more
distracted with the drone than me and then I’ll come in right after and take
this round for a win all right guys I’m gonna use this elevator as a sniper
tower okay guys so we’re in position I can hear Jake upstairs he’s getting
ready with his thermal camera I don’t know whatever he’s gonna use to cheat
but I’m gonna be all set up here with my sniper in position ready for him to
attack if he comes around this side I’ll just take out the pistol guys check this
out I didn’t even know this but I can use the camera to see where he is if we
just look through this hole we’ll see him come downstairs
I guess we got our fpv drone set up as you guys can see I’ve got a first-person
view which you guys are gonna be watching now I’m gonna drive it down
there and hopefully we’ll be able to find Logan we are now officially in draw
mode let’s see if we can find Logan okay all right godly we can smoke em all right we are
in business time to combine Logan doesn’t look like he’s in the upper part
of the box but it’s definitely not in that box port so I don’t see any signs
of Jake but I definitely hear it room back here as far as I can tell let’s
take a look right here where are you oh I got a visual on the over do we have
visual I repeat we have visual okay we have lost the drone that’s okay
we know we’re looking this and that was our time to attack might be compromised ready or not here I come I know where
you are all of you take positions
okay all right looks like Logan has changed positions we can to readjust
fire the sniper oh no snipers jab guys the sniper might have been a bad
decision it is not working well looks like Logan with the first round even
though I used the cheating device it seems like Logan using the $1 approach
was the official winner but stairs and recess so Logan to the last round using
his $1 nerf weapons but that’s mainly because my awesome sniper jammed
I still use the drone to find him I think I would have won that round had
this thing not jammed up on me but because it’s now my turn to go hide I’ve
got a really cool idea see what I think I’m gonna do guys is I’m gonna use this
ghillie suit to get extremely camouflage downstairs and then I’m going to use a
tactical scope which has a 12 time magnification so I’ll be able to see
Logan from like a mile away I could literally see outside if Logan was over
there in the woods I’d be able to see him I’m fully gilead up I chose a
smaller sniper this time because I didn’t want to give away my position and
this is what I’m gonna attach the magnifier to so you guys will be able to
see exactly what I’m seeing now all I need to do is go downstairs and set up
my position my guys have set up here so he’s gonna walk down the stairs probably
go check out that area first I might move this door over once
I suppose I’m a musician I’m ready to go what’s gonna we provoke pretty much
gonna have one shot at this so I cannot miss my shot so Jake’s already hit it
but I got a say in the last round when Jake was using a drone it completely
gave away his position and I think it allowed me to get the upper hand so I
actually think did using spy gadgets and cheating actually slows him down and
gives us the upper hand just using a simple nerf blaster and being
lightweight is the key in their finding go see see my face over there see all
the way over there you can see if he goes inside one of these box forts I
guess so Logan’s been taking forever so I can’t use the time to set up even more
of a sniper’s nest I did a little bit work on my sniper blaster here so you
guys can see that it is completely covered in the ghillie gear I also
turned off all the lights in the room and I found this big box of ammo if we
do get into a battle and it’s my first shot I’ve got ammunition right here and
I have just a little sniper window out here to take down load all right guys
let’s go take Jake out Oh Jake where are you oh no what I
actually didn’t even use my scope my scope room I didn’t even think to look
there I was like oh he has to be somewhere here looks like that’s a round
win for the cheaters slash tactical advantages so Logan it’s 1:1 which means
you’re on defense and I’m on offense he took the last round but again we are on
the non-cheating side where non cheaters definitely gonna take Jake out right now
we are all tied up but I am definitely going to win this round I can guarantee
it all right guys where are we gonna hide we’re gonna hide up here and we could
shoot him rate when he comes down the stairs okay guys so Logan’s gone
downstairs to hide and as you know it is currently tied up 1:1 which means this
is an extremely crucial round that we need to win using our $10,000 asses now
I’ve got a pretty good idea on how I’m gonna win this round I haven’t used it
yet but I’m gonna be using the thermal camera this bad boy lets me see heat
signatures from far away which means because Logan is a human being and not a
robot he gives off a heat signature which will be able to detect and know
exactly where he is before he even knows we’re downstairs
now I’m gonna pair this with the fastest firing nerf gun ever created I mean this
just look at that thing that that’s a fast nerf gut so I think we got this
round in the bag there’s no way he’s dodging this especially once we find out
where he has things look at this so if I put my hand on the wall here as you guys
can see it will leave a heat signature so if I move my hand you can actually
see where I was how cool is that so we can even use that if you see like a
trail of Logan moving downstairs I also have a second idea that I’m going to cut
the power therefore making it even harder for Logan to see and since this
doesn’t require light I’ll be able to see him when he can’t see me again ready
or not here I come first things first guys and we’re gonna
cut all the power to the house thus leaving it completely dark power on the
GoPro right now you probably can’t see but if you were on the heat vision you
can definitely see and I’m ash it’s a juice efficient that’s how crazy this
thing is I actually can’t see it all guys this completely pitch black I’m
literally using the heat vision to find my way back to the door hello again you
probably wonder why I got dark dude I saw like the littlest heat thing
move around in the box from up on the stairs then I’m like okay he’s gotta be
in there and then when I came around the corner I was like yep that’s Logan’s
feet yeah dude I can see right now completely I don’t even hope the GoPro
could see very well dude that is so cool yeah I saw you all the way back from the
stairs it was like the tiniest little thing and I just came around here guys I
wish you could have seen this guy I know if you saw it on the GoPro but this
thing was so fast Logan no chance to dodge any of that okay guys so I’m
currently up number one I gotta get set up because it’s my turn
to hide and this time I’m going for something a little bit different I’m
gonna be using one of the cheating weapons the Gatling gun this thing can
shoot just as fast as this but it’s got a massive clip and I’m also going to set
up in the juggernaut outfit that way if Logan hits me with the Nerf darts that’s
a rule I just made up but if Logan hits me in the juggernaut helmet or the
juggernaut padding here that doesn’t count as a hit thus I’m still in the
game all right guys we lost the last one but this is the final round so we have
to win this I don’t know what Jake is stolen from the cheaters pile but we’re
gonna have to go in with both of these blasters we also need to defense the position if
we get blocked in I don’t want them to be able to get to us I think I’ve got an idea down here I set up a pretty sweet
position got this here fire up through here I’ve also got a mini peephole that
we can fire through so I think we wait for him to look around for us for Vic’s
there’s no way he’s gonna look here and then once he’s in a position where he
can take them out we jump out and shoot later all right guys we got one rapid fire and
one long-distance mega Oh Jake I can hear you what you got there you go I probably should’ve stopped firing and
then I didn’t really think that my pissed only have one bullet in it I
don’t even know where it went again guys I think being lightweight and having the
ability to run around whoa whoa that is not how you want you won because my
phone made noise yeah you would have never guessed that was in there until
you heard my phone baby so we’ll keep texting me well I guess that means I win
quit no Logan in fact that means it’s a tie which
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next time for another awesome video


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