Hello everyone and welcome. At 18 years old, the
PSG world champion and striker shines with both talent and personality. But do you really know the incipient star of the blues? Today we are interested in 10 things you did not know about Mbappe. But first of all, here’s
the daily question: Which bib number is currently wearing Kylian Mbappe? Is it Option A, number 11, Option B, number 7 or Option C, number 10? If you have the right answer, write it now in the comments. He comes from a family of sportsmen. This cannot be cooked up.
If Kylian Mbappe, born in Bondy (Seine-Saint-Denis)
in 1998, made his debut at francilien
football club from 2010 to 2013, the family circle is not unconnected. Wilfried Mbappe, the father of Cameroonian origin, is educator at the club bondynois. Fayza, the mother of Algerian origin, is a former high level handball player. And the frosting on the cake, his adopted brother
Jirès Kembo Ekoko, footballer UAE passed
through Rennes, he also made his debut
at AS Bondy. Today, the whole family is
handling the career of Kylian, the little genius. The sport side for his dad, marketing for his mom, the board part for his “stepbrother” and his uncle. He is a fan of Real Madrid. When he was a boy, Kylian Mbappe has posters of Cristiano Ronaldo all over his room and he likes Real Madrid. For his tenth anniversary, the budding footballer receives as a gift a toy model of the Santiago-Bernabeu stadium. Where the club plays from the Spanish capital. He then answers his parents, with the stolidity by which we know him today: “Soon, I’ll be the one who will take you there to visit it.” Dream comes true! A few
months later, he was invited by the Madrid leaders who
wanted to enlist the prodigy, Mbappe and his family travel
through the facilities of the Real. Caen said “No” to him. While at Clairefontaine,
Kylian will be obliged to show great strength of character for, over the months, the agreement concluded in the summer of 2011 with the Stade Malherbe de Caen becomes more and more wobbly. The Norman club is in great difficulty and its budget has become downward. ”At the end of his first year in INF. any document has been signed yet. We wanted to do things well, but it went on and the situation finally got complicated because our club drop to league 2 at the end of the season
of 2011-2012, recounts Laurent Glaize
(recruitment manager of Caen) with a smattering bitterness. We still kept talking with the family but, after a while, the leaders of Caen
asked me to drop out. The president of that time, Jean-François Fortin, always shielded his employees. He had the option to cough up 60,000 euros a year for a 13-year-old player or
keep one or two employees. The account was made quickly, although his arrival would have been a big ticket for the club. So they asked me
to notify the family and, during the season
of 2012-2013, I told the decision over
the phone to them. At the other end of the line, Fayza, the mother of Kylian replied, “And what are you doing now?” I told all the other clubs
that we signed with you! I admit that was the most difficult moment of my career… saying no to Kylian Mbappe “! » He was at bay . Kylian Mbappe is one of the most « bankable» players on the planet football,
everyone aware of that. But he is also exceptional. The neo-Parisian is not under contract with any agent, while others, including the very influential Portuguese Jorge Mendes [Agent Cristiano Ronaldo] has offered several times his services. His only advisors are his parents: his father Wilfried (of Cameroonian origin), who has played at AS Bondy, and his mother Fayza (of Algerian origin), a former handball player (Division 1). And the Mbappe family, which has a reputation for being very connected and united, only managed the collaboration of a Parisian solicitor’s office (Verheyden & Cognard) specialized in sports contracts. He’s premature. On December 2, 2015,
at just 16 years old, he started in League
1 against Caen. The phenomenon then becomes the youngest player of AS Monaco to make
his debut in the elite, unthroning Thierry Henry
and his 17 years. But he also becomes the youngest Monegasque to score his first goal in L1, on February 20, 2016, erasing again a record held by the former Gunner. On March 5, 2017, he became even the
youngest footballer to score 10 goals in League
1 for 30 years. The most striking statistic yet., Kylian Mbappe is, since February 1st, the top scorer of the five
major European leagues, in all competitions, in front of a certain and not least – Lionel Messi. He is very generous
with his training club. Some players cut the bridges with their training club they no longer pass out crumbs of glory to the young ones who substitute them. Not in Kylian Mbappe’s case, who had even tackled the Hexagonal (which is the winning trophy of the L1) in Bondy to present it at the club. There, many young players wear Mbappe flocked Monaco jerseys, often
offered by the player and distributed by the leaders to the most deserving. “We also made a canteen almost free, all this through Kylian, ” Mbappe’s father was entrusted THE TEAM in January. He was almost fired
from several schools. His fifth-grade French teacher admits that at the end of this school year, Mbappe’s teachers are exhausted, they do not know what
to do with the kid. He is then in a private
Catholic school in Bondy, with a follow-up sheet hour by hour on which it will be noted whether he held well in class. Sometimes, “he just
had eight words for eight hours of classes,” says the teacher. Touched by the boy Mbappe, his character, his kindness, it is the only thing that will prevent him being from college. Considered himself talented, Mbappe becomes bored in class, Finds the time too long and just wants to go out to play football at recess. He eventually finish
his schooling in 2016 with a Baccalaureate STMG (Science and Technology
Management and demarche). He had his baccalaureate to remedial classes. But, let’s talk about this bacc. We must admit that, Kylian Mbappe almost
lost this important stage of his life. In parallel with his
outbreak in the world of professional soccer on the Rock, the young prodigy kept
his studies in the branch of Management and demarche of Science and Technology (STMG). He shows up for the exam in 2016 but takes his busy year on the pitch and preparation of the Euro U19, European Championship, but he failed it directly for 19 miserable points. A small obstacle stuck
without blinking in September in the oral. And Mbappe can focus 100% on soccer. He collects unflattering nicknames With his 1, 78 meters and his 73 kilos, Mbappe does not (still) impress physically like a Ronaldo and his 1,000 abs per day or The middle golden eagle of Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Which has valued him unflattering nicknames: For example, he was
nicknamed “Mbebe” at INF Clairefontaine, just to emphasize his youthful side. Arrived in Monaco, the young guy who cut corners to get to the pro group at 17, won the nickname “Razmoket”, a cartoon…since 1990s, before Mbappe’s birth. Mbappe was also given
the nickname “The Frog” on social networks. His celebration is borrowed
to his brother. In a world of football
highly publicized and social networks’ thumb, difficult to stand out. Some opt for shock sentences (Zlatan coucou), others for fulsome haircuts (Pooh cuckoo) and finally some rely on the celebrations of their goals. The most common Frenchman of the exercise is certainly Antoine Griezmann who has long paid tribute to Drake’s Hotline Bling before celebrating his
goals with a dance from the Fortnight video game. But at this little game, Kylian Mbappe is also getting noticed. When he kicks the ball
to the back of the net, the PSG player got used to exile near the corner stake and stick into the grass like a statue, outstretched legs, arms folded arms folded and hands on the pectorals. A celebration he imitated
to his brother. “It’s not me who found
it, it’s my little brother, it’s a fraternal room
at the PlayStation,” he told The Team recently. He could run the 100m in 10 ’50. I’m confident you remember that. France-Argentina, Eighth-finals of the World Cup 2018. We play the 12th minute when Kylian Mbappe takes possession of the ball 30 meters from the goals of the Blue ones and back the ground at full speed before being
a mowed down at the last moment on
the Argentine surface. A rush of 70 meters that went around the world and during which the striker of the French team was flashed at 37km / h! 37 KM HEUUURE! A top speed that easily places him among the fastest football
players in action. Some people are even delighted by comparing him to Usain Bolt with great
photomontages. If the fastest man of history has a little edge on Mbappe (he was timed at 45 km / h in his world record of 100m in 2009), the comparison is not so stupid… The money is not his engine… but forks over his happiness. His lawyer Delphine Verheyden confirms, Mbappe is not obsessed with money. His parents have always
put play time ahead of negotiations with the various clubs. This does not prevent them from giving their conditions. Sure of his talent, they can ask for large sums of money for their son. According to The Team, he is still 14 years old when he signs his candidate contract with AS Monaco, he receives a signing bonus of over 400,000 euros. In 2016, when he signed his first professional contract (3 years), he would have received, according to the team, a premium of 3 million euros. With a salary of 85,000 euros gross per month the first year, then 100,000 for the second and 120,000 for the third ones. Not bad at the age of 16, right? Since then, the star of French football evolves at PSG, one of the best clubs
in France, but Europe. And his new income is
now particularly high: the young man gets paid 17.5 million euros per year. For comparison, Benjamin Pavard (22) just reaches him a little more than one million euros a year. Like Ronaldinho, he got squeezed out
of the firstly team. When Ronaldinho played in PSG (2001-2003), his coach Luis Fernandez
did not hesitate to put him on standby, tired of his additional soccer players. And it does not matter that in the field the player is the best. When he got to Monaco in 2014, Mbappe suffered the wrath
of Coach under 17-year-old, Bruno Irles who gets no doubts about his ability but he thinks that it is necessary to know how to tell him
things that are wrong. Unreceptive, Kylian is sent to a reserve team (Honor Division level). The tension moves the player up, the club and the family. And it is Mbappe who’s gonna win. For, at the end of the season, Bruno Irles is sent to
a subsidiary club, Arles-Avignon and we
never hear from him again… It was 10 facts you did not know about Mbappe. Which of these facts
surprised you the most? Tell us in the comments. But Mbappe is currently number 10, I hope many of you come up with it.

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