10 Funny BADMINTON Commentary from Steen Pedersen

What a rally ….!!! Hehe… it was a little bit funny looking at .. Anders Rasmussen… when he finally got up from the floor he looked like he needed a GPS to figure out where he was. Isn’t that terrific? What a reaction! from Chen Qingchen. Are they related – Chen Qingchen and Joachim Fischer? Its a bit of the same…err… ..expression and exuberance. It could be quite a tough task to win the Japanese National championships because you are playing Japanese players all the time. Here you have some easy rounds in the beginning of the tournament against Carolina Marin or Sindhu or Tai Tzu Ying or some of those other players Its not gonna happen in the National Championships Oh… this shouldn’t be allowed. You shouldn’t be allowed to oh… I was gonna say completely restringing his racket retaping his handle there but no… not quite – He used to play with these short grips. – Yeah thats right Never really did understand it to be honest -Apparently terribly expensive in China Grip!! hahaha Colourful outfit there by the Chinese pair They will be safe in traffic here in Jakarta But at the start of the week you certainly wouldn’t have put your money on Vittinghus in the semi final. -Vittinghus wouldn’t have put the money on Vittinghus He had a plane ticket back home yesterday. So he had to change everything -oh… I am sure he doesn’t mind and normally when you see that you are facing Lee Chong Wei in the 2nd round of the tournament you dont consider much about who you are gonna face in the 3rd round But he didnt even have to play LCW in the 2nd round because LCW lost in the 1st round Markis Kido and Hendra Setiawan shortly after the Olympic Win And also Sony (Dwi) Kuncoro Coached by his wife Thats a tough coach Ahahaha . (laughs) So you wouldn’t like to be coached by your wife then? I think I have second thoughts about it. I mean What’s the cut…What’s the cut of the prize money? In my opinion it would be great to have finals on Saturdays for the first one (tournament) Player have a … one more day of travelling. and i know from here Fuzhou down to Hong Kong there aren’t that many direct flights today We will do the decent thing and give up our seats. How about that Steen? Yeah…yeah for a reasonable price of course. She is absolutely static. Look at her. I mean if she was a car, she would have got a parking ticket! Yeah, she is not making any moves whatsover We can actually see.. where there is a dark area on the court which is where the perspiration is still lingering. But we shouldn’t have the mopper on three times – We need a curling team ! Four people in, and then mop !

61 thoughts on “10 Funny BADMINTON Commentary from Steen Pedersen

  1. i absolutely don t like the woman commentator. She s so boring and use allways the same phrases like "hoooooo i dont believe it!"

  2. I love this guy Steen. He make it more interesting, not just witty but gives wonderful insight of the game.

  3. @Shuttle Flash – you should take a look at one of Steen's commentary when he tease Gill Clark after she comments about Pan Li (china's WD coach). I forgot the tournament but I think it is one of women's doubles match in China Open 2016 or SF in Malaysia Open 2017. Please take a look because I believe it was very funny.

  4. Steen, one of the best commentators that gives good insights and tactical strategies suggestions always.

    I learned so much just from his insights for the game. Absolutely my favorite commentary.

    😱 I didn't know Steen look like that.

  5. LD says he just don't want other players to get his racket by mistake – apparently according to him it happens a lot

  6. my favorite commentator, always give great insight of the game and hearing his analysis of the game always interesting….and he can be funny too like this sometimes haha.

  7. that will be safe in the traffic. For a good price. she will get a parking ticket. that need a curling team. hahahaha. The man Steen is very funny!! I love his humor….

  8. Sorry but I really don't like the woman commentator. It seems like she has nothing new to say, just "what a rally", "unbelievable", "my Goness". Too boring from me.
    And the commentator is best for me is the man who commented in Asia Championship 2017, he makes the match much more interesting.

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