$10 Million for Glen Willow Stage 2

I’m here with the secretary of the Junior Rugby League for Mudgee, James is here and pretty excited – Behind us you can see the clubhouse has already started being built. Today I’ve presented Midwestern Regional Council with a check for $10 million to make Stage 2 of Glenn Willow a reality and from a Junior Rugby League perspective, James, good news? Yes, it’s huge news. I mean it certainly changes everything for us and it increases the size of fields we’re going to have, our opportunities for our children here in this region. It’s going to be huge in situations such as you know hosting semi-finals. We actually don’t have the capacity to hold that, we can only hold the grand final on the main field here. So to be able to have the two fields at the back here, we’ll be able to host semi-finals and then, you know, trial matches and all sorts of things that we’ve always missed out on to the bigger centres. Yeah, and I guess part of this is they’ll be twelve fields overall so if you have a large carnival you can use them. This is multi-purpose there’s rugby union rugby league, touch can use it – everyone can use it! When the schools get involved during the week as well they can obviously use all those tall fields as well as just from a junior league club perspective, but also the schools too can join. You know, at the end of the day it’s all about building the game and building sport in our community. Definitely. We’ve had the main stadium here now since 2012. It’s been a huge success. But this now brings it much more for a community asset as well. How important is that? Well, it certainly makes it more like a community which I think is pretty important because at the end of the day sport, that’s what sport’s about. It does bring the community together And having these fields, I mean obviously you’ve got this one and the Junior League fields and then the rugby union fields over here. It puts everything together and makes it a lot easier. Well fantastic to be here today. The Feds tipped in about $6.95 million for this ‘Part 2’. I’ve just presented $10 million Council today. Building is underway and in the next couple of years this will be transformed so well done! It’s very exciting. Thank you!

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