10 Pickleball Words That Will Stump 95% of the Most Avid Players!

Hey guys, how many of you are pickleball players and think you know your stuff? Well, we’re about to find out, cuz today we’re gonna share 10 pickleball terms that probably 95% of you have never even heard of. Or at least not all of them. Think you can get them all right? Well, then stick around for this bonus session (crack) of Manly Moments. Well, last year we had an episode of Manly Moments where my good friend and pickleball expert Zack Grubbs shared some amazing pickleball tips with us. And guess what? He’s back again. Hey Robbie! What’s up, Zack? Great. Thanks for having me here again. No problem. Well, last year you shared some tips with us, but today you’ve got something different in mind. Yes, I do. Do tell. Well, I’ve been playing pickleball for a number of years now. And I recently stumbled across a list of pickleball
terms, that, honestly, I had never heard of. And so today I’m gonna share with you my 10 favorites
to see how many you can get right. Oh, well that’s not really fair, I mean I’m usually pretty good when it comes to quizzes like this. I don’t want to embarrass anybody. Well. . . how long have you been playing pickleball? How long have you been playing pickleball? Um, yeah, this will be my 2nd time today. Well, I’m pretty worried. I have heard an awful lot of people mentioning “the kitchen,” which is kind of baffling, because I hate to cook. Yeah, I think you’re gonna learn some
things today. And for you “experts” at home, keep track
and we’re gonna see how many you get right. Are you ready? Bring it on! Okay, the first word: Dillball. Dillball? Yeah, any guesses? Well, it’s pretty obvious. I’m think you’re referring to happens
when a ball in play happens to land on the exact spot of court where you accidentally
dripped some of your dilly bar. Am I right? Not exactly. Here’s a couple options. Is it: A. an inbounds shot that’s bounced
once, and is a live ball? or B. a hit ball that travels outside the net pole. Hmm. Both sound a little strange, but I’m going with B. Nice try, but wrong. It’s A – an inbounds shot that bounces once,
and is a live ball. Well, that doesn’t make any sense. About as much sense as eating a dillybar in
the middle of a pickleball game. Hmm. Let me see that list here. I don’t play very well on an empty stomach, by the way. Uh-huh. #2 – Drink shot? That’s easy. It’s when you score an ace while holding
a drink in your hand. Right? Uh, Robbie, that’s dink shot and . . . Dink shot? Yeah . . . It’s a dink. You left out the R. Sounds like you’ve been drinking? No, it’s dink shot. Now you tell me. Is it: A. a missed shot that dinks off the
end of your racquet? or B. a soft shot that arcs over the net and falls into the opponents kitchen? Okay, well, I think most pickleball players
should get this one right. It’s gotta be B. Right? You’re right. It’s a soft shot that arcs over the net
and lands into the opponent’s kitchen. Here we are back in the kitchen again. Speaking of which . . . #3 – what’s another
term for the kitchen? Is it: A. the NVZ or non-volley zone? or B.
the pickle box? That’s gotta be A – the non-volley zone. How did you know that? Everyone knows pickles are sold in jars, not boxes. Oh brother. So yeah, it’s the non volley zone. Is that anything like a no-fly zone? No. The non volley zone is the 7 foot section of the court on either side of the net where pickleball players are not allowed to volley the ball. It includes all lines surrounding the zone. And it’s also known as “The Kitchen.” So if you can’t stand the heat . . . Exactly. This next one’s tricky. #4 What’s another term for a dead paddle
or short shot due to hitting the pickleball with little to no power behind it? Is it: A. a falafel or B. a fizzbuckler? It’s gotta be B. Fizzbuckler. Wrong. It’s A – falafel. Falafel? I thought a falafel was a Middle Eastern fritter made with chick peas. It is, but in pickleball it’s also either a “dead paddle” or a ball that has little to no power behind it. That’s ridiculous. They don’t even sell falafel at the concession stand! Yeah, that’d go over real well. Hm. Well, what’s next? #5 – Split Stance. Oh, that’s easy. A split stance has gotta be the best way to stand so you’re able to keep a volley going while eating a banana split. Yeah, right after you get done eating your dillybar. Exactly. Sorry, you’re wrong. Here are your options. Is it: A. a stance position with feet separate
and parallel in the “ready position” to return the ball? or B. when opponents position
themselves directly on the kitchen line waiting for someone to break the rhythm? What about the the banana split? There is no banana split. Well that’s no fun. You’re making this harder than it has to be. The answer is A. A? Huh. That’s what I was going to guess, I mean say. Sure it was. A split stance is when you separate your feet
and they are parallel and ready to return the ball. Alright. So what’s next? #6 – What is the warning that is sometimes
shouted out by the server to alert all players on the court that he is about to serve? I’m guessing it’s not “fore!” Well, that would be golf. Is it: A. Simply “Pickles!” or
B. Cukes! Cukes? Yeah, like short for cucumbers. Oh brother. I’ve never heard that before. That’s so ridiculous, it’s probably right. I’m gonna go with B – Cukes. Wrong. It’s A – Pickles! PIckles? I’ve never heard anybody yell “pickles” at a pickleball game unless they were trying to get the attention of the pickle vendor. I’ve never seen a pickle vendor at a pickleball tournament. That how rare it is. What about this other exclamation on your list? OPRA? I didn’t know she played pickleball. Well, she doesn’t. It’s . . . . . . I know she likes to eat . . . No, no, no, it’s pronounced OPA, not Oprah. Now you tell me, is it: A. something that’s
sometimes shouted after the 3rd shot has been hit and open volleying has begun? or B. an
abbreviation for Official Pickleball Association? No, I’m sitcking with Oprah on this one. That’s not even an option. The answer is A -something that’s sometimes
shouted after the 3rd shot has been hit and open volleying has begun. That’s the last time I watch her show. It’s not even on anymore. So you watch it, too? Arg. #8 – What do you call a midair pickleball
shot that must bounce once before it can be hit during one of the first two shots of any point? Is it: A. a flabjack? or B. a bunnyball? If it’s gotta bounce, it must be the bunny ball. Sorry. It’s A – a flabjack. Flabjack? That sounds like something you’d call somebody who just won a tournament who’s out of shape. “That guys’ such a flabjack.” Let’s be nice now. #9 – What is the term that refers to keeping
the hitting surface of the paddle parallel to the net? Is it: A. stone wall? or B. flat face? Stone wall or Flatface? What are these, Avenger characters? I think I’m still sticking with Oprah. Oh brother. It’s B – flat face. That sounds like what somebody does after they win a tournament – They go out and gets flat-faced. Is that right? You’re not doing so well. I think you’re making these things up. I’m not. Hmm. Well, let me take a look at this last one myself. I’m gonna ask you the question. What is a punch shot? Is it: A. a shot you take while drinking a
glass of punch? or B. when your partner messes up and you punch him in the face? (smack) It’s neither. It’s a short volley shot with little
back swing and there’s very little follow through. I think the punch would be more effective. In fact, I’m feeling a little punchy from missing all these questions anyhow. Well maybe we can fix that? Really? What you got in mind? Well, what if we did a little giveaway? Oh, I like that. For everybody who comments on this video-leave a comment that says, “Yeah, I just got 4 right” or whatever you got right, Everybody who does that, we’ll put your name in a hat, and then in 2 weeks we’ll do a drawing and pick 1 lucky winner who will take home the prize. What do you got for us, Zack? Well, how about we give away this new PIckleball Rocks paddle? Oh, I like that. That is one nice paddle. So you gotta make sure you comment. In fact, if you want a bonus entry, go ahead and share this video with a friend. You’ll get 2 entries. And then stay tuned to future episodes, of Manly Moments, where you might be a winner! Come on, let’s go. So, you wanna play? No, I’m starving. Let’s go eat. Come on. Oh.

29 thoughts on “10 Pickleball Words That Will Stump 95% of the Most Avid Players!

  1. I got 6 right – I had not heard of some and guessed right on a few. Fun video! I'm sharing it, too for a bonus entry! Would LOVE to have a paddle 🙂

  2. wow, only got 4 right…but did google pickleball terminology and found this: https://www.pickleballportal.com/guides/pickleball-terminology/

  3. I think I have been called Dil ball and flabjack several times. Keep having fun and teaching us how to get to the next level!

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