10 Ugly Bad Baseball Cards That Are Awful, Hideous, Terrible & Just Plain Wrong

hey guys I’m Chris Sloan I’m Cameron Sloan
and this is bad baseball and today we’re gonna be looking at bad baseball cards
let’s check it out I mean who hasn’t right if you go back and look at the
ones I got as a kid they were pretty bad you know the ones where you get the the
green screen and you’re at the stadium yeah I think I’ve had some where they
took them and we were at like a cow pasture in the background or something
it’s like what why would you choose that background like why would you choose that background some cattle moving in the background
with you I promise you that’s I’ve either been in one or seen them do them
as a baseball person where it was like the worst setup for baseball photos at a
cornfield Field of Dreams back there man if they’re bad they’re bad well anyway
we’re not talking about little kid photos we’re talking about professional
MLB players and some of some of the well I would say some of the worst a few
really really bad ones and more that are just humorous comical and like what were
they thinking kind of thing so you know we we look through these camps off to
you I saw few we kind of put them together so some of them will be new to
us some of them we’ve seen but we’ll definitely go through these with you
guys and hopefully you enjoyed looking at these bad baseball cards as much as
we did so let’s check out the first one man you don’t have to worry about a
getting rained on or or spilling your beers on you or I mean I mean I guess
it’s what it’s for it’s budweis there I mean it had this had to this has got to
be like a promotional giveaway like you know they give you a baseball hat or
like a 20 she wants our show yeah like you know bud why but funny is like it
doesn’t say the team name it just says Budweiser so maybe he got
free from drinking a lot of Bud in the ballpark I don’t know I mean the photo
looks like someone was just like hey Johnson
and like he just like the wrong time had the rod photo taken yeah he’s he’s does
look caught off-guard yeah wearing this ridiculous umbrella hat hey if you know
where we can get one of those if they’re still available leave us a comment let
us know what I’d love to catch me a Budweiser umbrella hat you’re wearing
that in public I I can’t go with you sunny day we’re Rangers game right there
I’m gonna wear it shade man that’s shade keeping the Sun off my dog yeah I’m
there on these nights I know all right I was starting to burn today I had to move
into the shade it’s your game today oh man if that’s not an outfield glove I
don’t know what is like it’s literally his whole upper body man like the the
size of the gloves it starts at his waist and goes just to
it’s like the entire size of his upper like your sister could fit in there like
she could sleep in that like it would be like a cozy little it curls made to
catch a person yeah that is not for its really good well the beach ball gets
kicked out of the stands he’s got like the Bryce Harper that was yeah Bryce had
to go take it in this guy he’s his keys he’s got it no sweat man that’s forget
you guys smaller as a fast glove please come on now I mean this this guy’s
running him down he’s snagging him over the fence I mean
just think of the possibilities you know the only problem is is like searching
for that bug would be a nightmare get your glove down really I don’t have to
bend over I could just drop my hand and it’s already there mmm that’s this this
can’t be legit though right I mean like it looks like it reminds me of those
when you know when you go fishing or somebody goes hunting and they put the
the gun and the animal of the fish and they’re all like out in front so it
makes them look like six times bigger right it’s like John Kelly favored
optical illusion like yeah I feel like that’s what it is
but I don’t think it is now that’s right next to him and he’s not holding it out
I mean yeah that’s I mean he looks ready to like he’s ready like he’s on the
field ready yeah they play I will give it that like it does look game ready I
mean I don’t know it’s pretty funny all right let’s see what we got next Oh
red sky at night kids Timmy what happened here oh this one
it’s Emma does hey the Giants have that orange in their logo you know they I
mean yeah it’s like the sky’s on fire kind of really you know it doesn’t
really feel baseball blue sky kind of you know like it’s definitely more like
the hair and everything adds up to a gothic yeah yeah he should have had the
if he’d have had the black jurors Giants Jersey on in this photo it would have
felt really goth right like Tim’s hair you know one of the guys it’s so long
you know and he always had it so shaggy and then you add this just orange and
yellow this oh it was this maybe this is a minor leak or you know like because
this is an old guard I don’t know I mean but this is like this is legit it’s not
he’s caught off guard or anything he’s like this is my baseball card photo
right yeah no I’m like he’s standing there maybe that’s a green screen you
know it’s not a cow pasture I mean it’s a big step up from that I guess guy all
right you count is a step up is that a step up I feel like it’s a step down it
was somebody wanted to get real artistic is what I photographers like this is
gonna make a great photo – yeah it’s a sunset but it’s next man Wow I don’t I don’t even know where
to start with this one like Star Wars right he was ready to go fight up some
droids right like he’s he’s holding that delayed lightsaber like a madman Darth
Maul they got it going on like I don’t even know like it you know between that
and the mustache that’s you know it’s bigger than his hands I don’t know which
which is worse like like that’s how that’s how your sister would hold the
bat when she was like four man t-ball yeah yeah you know it’s like hey just
grab it anywhere it’s what looks good to me
and back to the dual wielding thing I mean look at that thing like there’s no
starter into it I mean yeah you really it’s really kind of hard to tell whether
he’s even got the bat turned the right way I think that one’s so far my this
one’s like I think because it’s supposed to be like actual baseball is what makes
me so uncomfortable yeah like I can deal with some random like other stuff but
like that’s like baseball 101 how you hold a bat like it’s like like I’m
trying to think what’s the first thing you learned with the baseball like is it
because he’s probably had to hold the bat yeah I mean that’s you learn that
before the ball cuz everybody like I did right I’ve seen tea boys who know how to
hold the bed this is yeah this is Oh to count and you just got to put it in play
that’s oh seven count maybe I have not got on bay here in the dugout in the
last six game so whatever it’s gonna take to get me on base today please yeah
that’s okay oh man man you’re like I feel like we should go mow the grass are
we sure that I mean California has some matters that’s regular grass man yeah
it’s regular grass what but with police what that’s a pirate that’s a pirate guy
in the bag WA and hold on forget about the wait a second yes that is a why are
they in uniform like are they like is it field day but why would you be in
uniform on field day I don’t think I understand this one like yeah I’m gonna
go work in the field I’m gonna wear something that I don’t care if it gets
messed up not my game Jersey he’s putting sod into a shopping cart this is
what they do pregame this is before then you know this is in his contract I think
I think he was actually you know starting pitcher and field maintenance
ground crew you know I mean that’s that was part of his stick I guess I mean but
still why is why do we have the Pirates guide the background oh no that’s going
I don’t know why the Pirates players back there yeah I’m not sure it’s
probably not in his contract maybe this is an all-star all-star field day I’ll
start playing man I don’t know but that’s the dumbest card so far
yeah the fact that it’s a card to I mean like we got field why is field they are
card show a card like car joisting like looking at the camera yeah oh dude gun
show Canseco I mean you got I bet he has all
his digits to he didn’t cut his finger off you know this is back when he played
with the Rangers man in the 90s I think man gotta get the rest of the pregame
reps I mean it’s another one of those like not baseball I mean I guess it is
baby he’s got the field in the background he’s got that going for you
know but you know do I is there couldn’t even show him hitting a homer or sliding
into begin oh he was a 40 40 guys sliding into base or something but no no
no we got it we got a show off the you gotta show up a spaniel in the show man
that’s I don’t know one more gift from me my man I’m talking about now that’s a
baseball card a tamer dude that is a gopher King that right
that’s a big snake man like every time why would you even
bring that to the park I think if you got you get the mask on the background
so they’re halfway you know there’s several mascots I see the green yeah
there’s like three so so maybe this was some sort of circus act or I mean what
it’s it’s a baseball card with a snake in it like I mean he’s posing the snake
you know I don’t shout out to corby there but I don’t know the Cobra
hey there is something I’ve noticed though throughout all these cards FLIR
has the worst choice of baseball card I think going to make a name for
themselves in fact if you notice they’re all pretty similar in the year that they
were done so it was just that particular photographer I guess but still like he
takes the shot cool it goes to some Department who picks it and then a
manager has to approve it and I think at some point he has to approve it I would
OPC I mean yeah it’s his card and he’s like maybe he doesn’t get to see it I
don’t know I’m looking at it just going up no man maybe it’s kind of cool I
might do that I mean I would try to help the snake and they try to picture I mean
I would do as a picture for me but I don’t want I don’t want my card going
like I’d rather have me hidden a home where it’s a mortal asset at this point
though you all right I mean we are not talking about anything sooner or later
so you know good call maybe maybe maybe you know what you’re winning still okay
it’s bathroom the fact that it’s baseball related
though that it’s like this is on the field you know Camille I will give it
that like it but the fact could we not can we actually get him like actually
ready to feel the ball like it looks like he’s stretching just to do
something at some point yeah that one just hurts me alright
let’s see we got oh that’s some waves baby ride the waves I like that one man
oh wow those Padres though they that see again this is this was brought to the
field this is a prop that he’s like uh Danny over feeling you’re gonna have it
right next sees gonna be great don’t worry about a surfboard it’s gonna look
good in the photos go no maybe you should have been riding it that would
have been yeah I’m here right got the grades get agree with me bad maybe he
could ride the surfboard and swing a bad at the same time like there you go yeah
that’s creativity yeah right now he’s just to come in there like it’s wasting
space you know he could have a person next to him yeah why not have your
sister or your girlfriend in the photo body it’s the same side yeah I mean
right I mean you know whatever made this one I can’t even clear again good job
guys you guys are on your game there I gotta come you did it you did it you
made another bad card alright let’s see oh that’s a good that’s a good swing
it’s got a nice swing yeah yeah just struck out no can we not like just
know squee like just you know take me to man I feel like Photoshop was around
again like I you know I have photoshop skills I went to college I use Photoshop
in like that and I mean it’s dark behind it so you can just put a little bit of
black overboard yeah you could have done that anyway you know the boss not even
there just color it in like and then it didn’t I don’t even know where the ball
is you can be up here in front of it and well you know what I mean this for all
for what it’s worth I mean maybe this was his only at-bat in the MLB I mean
that sounded up just to see if if pakoda that was his only MLB abadan it was a
strike out but that would be really sad and you’re again immortalized with one
photo that means this car if that was this cards been around as a memory
saying you only had one chance and you only have one you only have one job card
editing guy blew it hey well that’s all the cards day we
found let me rephrase that that’s all the cards we thought about
presenting there’s definitely something right there was a lot more that we found
that we’re really like not bad cards but just we would start make some out of
people yeah that’s just a shil things your looks and things that maybe they
didn’t have the control over so we figured that we just lay off here way
off so but I mean show us your like favorite cards you know post them in the
comments and yeah we’d love to see them any of them that you guys thought were
funny or other bad baseball cards that are out there you know let us know and
share them with us and we’ll have a good laugh at them as well alright hey thanks
guys we’ll see you next week you

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  3. Felix Millan is "choking up".  That's how he always held the bat.  He was pretty good at, too.   Now, imagine if Millan kept his higher hand right where it is, and slid his lower hand down to about an inch from the knob.  That's how Ty Cobb held the bat!  Cobb was pretty good, too.  😉

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