11 Baseball Catching Drills

So the first three plates the balls are gonna
be low and they are gonna be a strike so you’re gonna stand in the middle plate
catch a strike it’s gonna be low so you got a frame it a little bit then
you’re gonna move to the side it’s gonna be low again the pitch is gonna be
telling the middle but you got to bring it back to the play on the side to make
the the ball look strike same thing the other side when we go to the place on
the front the balls are going to come faster it’s going to be higher so we’re gonna
work in the high pitch same thing in the middle beat the ball to the spot make it
for a strike the one on the side same thing try to bring it to the plate that
you are in to make a first strike so it’s going to be low this speech is
gonna be low in the middle there we go try to walk in that it’s going to move
to the side there we go beat the bow to a spot and bring it to that play that
you are in they’re all strikes there we go if you take qrow uni there we go let
this one’s gonna be high there we go beat the ball to a spot same thing in
the other one there we go there we go they wonder like that everybody likes I
said will the bird hand with the border and we’re gonna kind of throw quick
quick to the to the catcher and be soft I think everybody knows how I know this
real butter it looked simple but it works one drill I like to do with the with the
younger kids and even big kids I’d like to put this bull football on the end of
the hand two fingers to catch the pocket on the pocket of the glove and I like to
take the heavy ball and catch it with all three fingers finally that I’d like to do is with the
web glove two fingers it helps a lot to catch the ball on the right spot and
it’s going to help you too it’s kind of like an eye coordinator to with the wet
glove and then we’re gonna we go short distance and then we try to go back make
it tougher like we were saying trying to game like drove one more so you can
catch it I know I do that we like to do too is with the Machine if you have a
machine I mean if you have a machine good I mean racking fire with a small
glove and that’s gonna help a lot because it’s kind of like we were
talking about great game speed and game like I mean practice with the machine
that I mean you can get a lot of done with the machine on framing I wanted to
do that we like to do to work on the pitch down on the bottom we wrote the
ball like this see that movement just trying to make that movement the
whole arm not not doing like this brought the ball and then catch it and
flip it that’s something I’m trying to work on
that thing on the game we used to like we were saying try it saturate so he
can’t the game comes and went try to do the same movement so and you got to
throw that ball a little bit firm in the grumble I like to do on our drill bounce
it and throw the catcher you want to be soft you don’t want a hyper extend your
elbow working too far through the ball because then you’re not gonna have any
flexibility to catch and you want to be silent in in your body also are they
elect aha I mean do an ordeal work on the bottom
of the zone we heavy ball trying to throw you know
kinda in the flyboard loop it and then catch it our on the bottle and so on and
pull them off for strike just a sad way stuff so now we’re gonna talk about six
different drills that you can do to work on the increase your pop time actually
the first drill is four and one so you got to do all these drills together so
basically three drills that you can work on to improve your pop time going down
the second base so this is the four in one this is to make your transfer and
walk into traffic quicker he’s gonna demonstrate what we’re gonna do is we’re
gonna have a ball thrown to us and what we want to do is when we catch the ball
here we want to get into our hand as quick as possible so right here as you
turn you want to get in this position you don’t want to be high and throw you
want to be relaxed into this position to throw oh yeah the second one is remember
for and one the sake only gotta be on your side facing the pitcher and the
boys gonna come from the from the front same thing working to Trumper get the
ball quick you want to be in the same motion you don’t want to be sitting you
wanna be up in a ready position there we go so the terroir you’re gonna be standing
up working on me getting that knee over a little bit when the boys coming and
turning and triumph at the bow and your right foot gotta be around here that’s
what you’re gonna move your right foot and use a PVC pipe for just our guidance
here so that we’re not kicking out this way when we step forward always that
short and in front here when we do this drill we tend to exaggerate on this side
we don’t do it too much in the game but we exaggerate so we could teach our mind
and our hips to turn in to get our momentum throwing the two frisbees now the four one you’re gonna do a full
movement remember we don’t have the PVC pipe just to have a guiding but I
remember we always work at saturating stuff
and on the game you can move that right leg a little bit more there we go so on
the next one I’m gonna be pulling from the back but you don’t want to do this
too much it’s gonna help you get stronger
why is gonna do it’s gonna do the movement back and forward so this our
next one is gonna be always speed like we were talking about and it’s gonna
teach your brain always to move quicker I mean it’s being a story that if you
work over speed you get your quicker remember in this bill I’m gonna be
pushing but you might be getting a lot of ground so we gotta teach our brain to
be short I mean it’s going to happen you’re gonna be getting a lot of ground
but just teach yourself to be short there we go those were some awesome
drills that the heavy ball low in the zone I’ve never seen that one before
that one’s awesome I like that a lot really works on you know helping you
because if you get a pitch a really fast pitch at that look and bottom of the
zone it feels heavy so that’s kind of making you work on things like that
that’s great and also the one I never saw was the rolling one down at the
bottom of the zone two really great drills I’ve never seen before so thank
you for teaching me that I’m gonna be stealing those drills for you guys but
also those are great because catchers who can get the low pitch are the in my
opinion the best catchers yes that’s the hardest one to work on as a catcher or
get cold in my opinion speaking as a pitcher who knows nothing about such it
also these smaller gloves you use the valley catcher’s glove and the mini web
glove you know training small is a great way to really work on that hand-eye
coordination and just get better if you can do it with a small glove
you’re gonna be the fury is you should be able to do it better with the bigger
glove right yes that’s great thank you so much guys I was a great video great
tips and we’ll see you guys in the next video don’t forget to check out the
links down below omere Santos baseball camps calm as well as Triple Crown
Sports Academy if you guys are in the Central Florida area they have travel
teams 8 to 17 years old come by training the facility coach Andrew does some
lessons here and if you have any questions drop them down below and we
will talk more there hey guys I want to ask for your help with something
Triple Crown sports Academy Romeo Santos his wife coach Andrew a few other
organizations they got together and they were collecting some used baseball
equipment and recently they took all that equipment down to the Dominican
Republic and handed it out to players who really needed it he was telling me
there was over 200 kids there some of those guys were down there fielding with
bare hands fielding balls using broken bats and
equipment so it was really a great experience for them to go down there and
just see the benefit that these kids got from getting some of this equipment and
he said it was a real positive experience and they plan to do it again
and that’s where I’m reaching out to you for is to see if you guys have any used
baseball equipment now I’m gonna be going through my house in my garage and
seeing some of the stuff that I got I know I’ve got a bunch there and I want
to bring that as well and if you guys are interested in helping with their
cause their initiative and you have some old stuff laying around I’m gonna leave
a little oh you could ship your stuff right to that address I’ll make sure the
right people get it these guys are planning to go back to the Dominican
Republic Columbia possibly some places here in the United States you know
they’re playing just because of the success of it the first time is to keep
doing this and you know omere is one of the most generous people that I’ve come
across in the game of baseball and just in life in general and I just think it’s
a really great thing that he’s doing and I want to support it and you know having
this community you guys here on YouTube one of the reach out and see if anyone
would like to do that as well so thank you always for the support here on
YouTube with me and if you do have some equipment we would be very grateful and
thankful to you as you sent it in thank you so much guys I’ll talk to you soon

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  2. Met you in Mesa at the USSSA tryouts. Thank you for taking the time to do that. I asked my son what he thought of the experience and he said “Coach was really nice!”

  3. Coach can you make a video on the mechanics of your leg kick when you hit? I do something similar to you but I feel like I’m pulling off the ball and not staying closed when i take and even swing at pitches. My front seems to be too open in my launch position. Do you have any suggestions? Im in a bad slump 😅

  4. Hey coach, do you guys still do the all American usssa thing, I’m trying to do it in 2019 but I don’t know where and what to do.

  5. Hey john, I’m a submarine pitcher in high school. Right now I’m working a sinker and change up but really want to get a slider, I just can’t feel the spin from my arm slot, any advice on how to increase the effectiveness and depth of a slider because right now it’s more like a flat cutter for me. The two pitches im rocking right now have been doing the job but going forward that breaking ball could probably be helpful and I’m just not getting the hang of it. I know as a former submariner you might have a little insight on this and it’s really hard to find some good advice on YouTube or from my pitching coach.

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