100 thoughts on “13-year-old umpire describes brawl between parents at youth baseball game

  1. You can't take the "Trailer Park" outta the trash. It's a damn shame these Heathens actually procreated.

  2. Josh, you are amazing and what a wonderful Mom and Dad you have to instill such amazing character in you. Kudos to your family. !!!!

  3. Most of the time parents are just stupid. They’re over protective and overly critical about everyone except them. Just driving my little niece to school and back is hilariously ridiculous. I think that once you have a child your IQ drops.

  4. You people have it wrong: The umpire isn’t mature for a teen. It’s just that the adults are more stupid than actual children.

  5. There was a news report today that he was treated to a day with some MLB umpires here in CO. Good on them. What happened in this video is not particularly rare in sports across the board. I have been a multi sport official for 23 years. Parents are HORRIBLE! There are always arguments and yelling between fans and verbal abuse towards officials. It is ridiculous that parents cannot behave and act like adults. The father in this video was correct. None of those kids are going to the MLB next year. Statistically speaking, none of those kids will EVER play MLB or even minor league ball. It is statistically against them. Parents need to learn to calm the hell down, cheer for their kids, and teach good ethics and behavior instead of the crap they display now.

  6. First problem is a 13 year old umpire.Im sure he is a good kid but a 13 years old has no business umpiring he is still a kid himself

  7. Yep, another reason that I chose not to have kids. I refuse to bring my child into a world where these kind of people exist.

  8. maybe when this country actually starts PUNISHING people for wrong doing instead of turning a blind eye, as they ALWAYS DO in the end, things might…. might change. Every adult in this video who threw a punch should be charged with Assult for openers.

  9. This kid wise beyond his years. I hope the authorities give these parents the max judgement allowed by law. They deserve it.

  10. International attention. Goes to show what a shit hole county the US is. No one got shot, is the amazing thing.

  11. So when MLB players brawl it out, what example does that set? Funny how the news cast doesn’t even point that out! Just sayin

  12. As a youth baseball coach, I totally understand why we have some many issues getting volunteers to coach as well as kids to umpire. This is absolutely sickening. Parents trying to live vicariously through their children. I’m also willing to bet 100% of these parents weren’t even athletes as themselves.


  14. Unfortunately, the kids will end up like the parents because they live in that environment daily.

  15. Josh you’re the man! Your parents should be and I’m sure they are proud. My son wanted to ump and I said hell no ! People are psycho, baseball Moms tend to be the worst! So hell no! I even toyed with idea of umping for high school, travel etc… nope can’t do it. Too many times people wanted to wait for the ump in the parking lot lol. I used to love baseball at that level helping the kids…. assholes ruined that

  16. Adults at little league games are nasty. This reminds me of when I umpired peewee tournament. I was 11 at the time. It's a bad idea to ask kids to ump a little league game because adults can't handle it. It wasn't the coaches who were being rude af. It in all honesty was mainly middle aged and elderly WOMEN! I remember there were 2 women specifically and if I had to guess I'd say one was in her 50s and the other 70s and they didn't like the out/safe call I made at 1st base and they were cussing and yelling… At an 11 year old…

  17. Reporter talks about how people won't leave the 13 yo alone. Coming to his house calling etc. As they interview him. I sure they were one of those people

  18. Rather than cancel the rest of the season for the two teams… Let the boys play their games, just ban all parents from being there.

    The boys shouldn't pay the price for their parents immaturity.

  19. What an awesome kid! I’ve coached and refereed my daughters soccer teams and never had a problem with the kids but some of the adults are the worst.

  20. Parents wonder why there is a shortage of quality coaches and umpires. Newsflash…it's because they do shit like this at a youth baseball game!

  21. This newscaster is a complete moron. " I guess they should keep playing but just not let anyone go to the game." So the millions of parents that watch their kids play correctly should be punished because a few idiots cant control themselves you dope? This mentality is pervasive in our society.

  22. Everyone involved in that brawl should have a restraining order against them to not be able to attend any more games.

  23. Those dad's or mom's bf are throwing terrible hands very sad to see" men" fighting like vaginas and not men..

  24. Why was a 13 year old umpiring a game with adults present?? Any adult would quickly challenge his authority!!! The adults were a disgrace !!!

  25. An umpire is a KING. There is NO democracy. His decisions are FINAL. Whether you agree or NOT!!!! And the KING can BAN ANYONE, fan, player, coach…ANYONE!!!

  26. I could say a lot more, but just realized how much that world has changed the last 30 years…these people have no impulse control…they are

  27. I'm Puerto Rican, and same almost happen here in Los Angeles California, people who came from 3rd world countries, central America and surround, pretending rule the games like they know about the sport!! My son was hitting Well and fielding Great and the 3rd world country fellas hating on my Son, thanks God I didn't have to put out my….!! thanks God!!

  28. Go Raiders! Typical over zealous parents who live vicariously off their kids' games and whose poor behaviour probably carries over to seeing other sporting events in person.


  30. Kids, this is why we tell you to stay in school to educate yourself. This angry stray dog behavior was all these animals knew as you can see.

  31. I’ve been umpiring HS baseball for 10 years and patents are chasing away good umpires who don’t need to hear the nasty comments that parents use regularly!! The worst part is when the parents glom on with the team as the players jockey around in the dugout! The parents laugh or re-comment and reacting on what the PLAYERS are talking about amongst themselves!! The parents want SOO BADD to live vicariously through there kid!! It’s a sad joke listening to that!! It’s pathetic!! They should shut the fuk up and just WATCH and ENJOY the game and leave the players coaches and umpires to run the game NOT the selfish thoughtless jerk off parents!! Got news for ya—-your kid ain’t in the big leagues!! It’s baseball NOT FOOTBALL!

  32. More the half those kids playing will never play baseball farther then little league. And the parents think they will the next golden glove.. parents living their childhood threw their kids

  33. It's a shame that overzealous parents and coaches have continually marred an experience for our children that should be nothing but a learning tool of effort, sportsmanship and being a vital part of a group that no matter what happens from start to finish, they have each other in the end. Humbly coming from a past coach, umpire and proud loving Father of my present young Man and his many Friends of teammates and players in the league's of past that are still in Our lives today.
    Everybody wins when you focus on building character and not the score…

  34. I see how some parents act at U14 YMCA Girls Volleyball , just completely insane and usually are parents who never excelled in sports or some who never even played. Stupid.

  35. They attacked the coach that was trying to protect the umpire from the intimidation of the opposing coach who was threatening the young 13 year old umpire. It was a very one sided attack not a brawl

  36. blonde chick did a flying punch like my army brother taught me ! You go girl she protecting that guy that got blind sided

  37. Well if the blues were making some bad calls then you gotta square that circle. Nobody wants to get jacked out of a win.

  38. Josh Cordova is one my friends we play baseball for the bear creek Aztecs he hit a homer the game we had yesterday props to him

  39. Ofcourse the unconscious bias reporter to the right had to put in the money word, as if this kid was doing it for the money. The kid and many other are volunteers. So entitled of him to bring that up.

  40. if  you  go    pro    one  day , don't  think no one  is  going to  test you  on the  field , .. You might be  out there  fight  one  day…

  41. It's really sad that a teenager is more mature than grown adults (although a good thing for him)! However, I'm surprised that minors would be allowed to officiate little league games, regardless of the age of the kids playing, for this very reason. (Heck, even an adult umpire would have little to no control over these kinds of situation!) I think this kid has a great future ahead of him as long as he remains humble, keeps a level head, and uses this experience as a reminder of what NOT to do.

  42. As for the ump, This kid sets a positive example of how to behave. As for the parents of the players, They shpuld put these kids up for adoption to parents that don't behave like they did.

  43. It's sad and quite frankly disgusting when people decide to ruin what should be fun for their kids. This makes me sick.

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