15 Types of Football Players

*Dramatic Music* *Indistinct chatter* *More Dramatic music* All right boys. We’re going to show them, THAT WE’RE MEN! Now let’s move in one direction! Let’s go! AHHHHHH *Soccer fans screaming* YEAHHHH! *Cheering* YEAHHH! *Booing* Offside! Offside, offside! Offside! Where are you going? *Fans cheering* Pass! Pass! Pass! You haven’t passed yet! YEAH!! We, are the champions, my friend! And we, will keep on fighting, till the end! Dude. It’s just a pass… *Cheering* *Sweating heavily* AHH! TAKE IT

100 thoughts on “15 Types of Football Players

  1. what about "The one that just violently kicks the ball somewhere who breaks their foot bc they kick someones leg instead of the ball"

  2. I am the professional, the celebrator and sometimes the Torres. I also used to be the one – man – show. Nowadays I am becoming the 'Bend it like Beckham' as well.

  3. Looking forward to see the Suarez move… The Big DOG

  4. I'm the Professional , The Torres , The Celebrater and Sometimes If I would the Goalkeeper and I'm The Goalie!


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