(1A) 2019 IGHSAU Iowa Farm Bureau Girls State Volleyball Championships

>>>Funding for the Iowa Girls Athletic Union Iowa Farm Bureau girls state volleyball championships is provided by –>>the path to greatness starts early. The Iowa Farm Bureau believes in youth. That’s why we’re proud to be the title sponsor. Each student’s effort is important, and when one rises, we alt rise to a better Iowa.>>>Fairway, along with Nabisco, Frito-Lay and Sara Lee is a proud sponsor of the Iowa girls sports championships. We congratulate all the schools and student athletes participating in this year’s girls high school state volleyball championships. Fairway, proud to care for the places we work and live. By Musco lighting, the sports lighting specialist. Providing lighting systems for you, your project, and your community. ♪♪>>>Welcome back to the U.S. Cellular Center in downtown Cedar Rapids where we are down to the final championship. They might be the smallest schools. They might be the smaller towns, but, boy, do they know how to play some volleyball, and it’s the same thing on the line — a championship trophy for these two schools. Welcome back inside the arena. Eric Brayly and barb Randall. It’s been a long day. It’s been a fun day. I know you’ve been more excited about this one than maybe some of the others we’ve seen.>>That’s exactly right. That’s exactly what I was going to say. It’s been a long day. We’ve been here for hours. I feel a little bit like a ragamuffin. However, this match I’m looking forward to. This might be the best match of the day, the matchup that we have is going to be awesome.>>Don’t go anywhere. Let’s set the stage. First Wapsie Valley as they come in here, and they’ve got some weapons, and both young and old. A good mix of freshmen and seniors. Sixth trip to state. They won titles back-to-back in 2006 and 2007. I talk about that blend of youth and experience, and keep an eye on the sophomore, Lydia Imbrogno. She leads the team in kills, averages nearly four per set. And the other senior, McKenna Miller, leading the team in digs. For Sidney, the number one team in the state five years in a row. They’ve been here, and they moved from 2A last year to 1A this year. Senior class were undefeated at home. 49-0 in conference play. And Kelsey Hobbie leads the 1A tournament in blocks. And Olivia Larsen leads the 1A field in assists. Let’s send it over to the public address announcer for a very special award.>>Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union’s golden plaque of distinction award is given annually to an Iowa coach who has demonstrated a successful career while making notable contributions towards school, community, and the coaching profession. Presenting this year’s golden plaque award is IGHSA executive director gene Berger and volleyball administrator Lisa brinkMeyer. The recipient of the 2019 golden plaque award is Alyssa. She has taken 18 teams to the state tournament. She’s won two state championships with four state runner-up finishes. She won her first crown in 1996 at west point Marquette high school and one the 2014 class 1A championship at holy trinity Catholic. Melissa has one over 900 matches in her career. She’s been named the Iowa girls coaches association’s coach of the year twice and the 2017 NHFS Iowa volleyball coach of the year. She has been named regional coach of the year 11 time and conference coach of the year 16 times. Melissa also serves as the girls golf coach at holy trinity Catholic and teaches physical education, outdoor education, and health. Melissa has three daughters, Jessica, Jenna, and Jordan, along with two grandchildren. Congratulations to the 2019 golden plaque of distinction award in volleyball, from holy trinity Catholic, Melissa FREESMEYER.>>They don’t hand those plaques out to just anybody. A great career, and what she has done not only in the sport of volleyball but talking about her other responsibilities with other sports and teaching. And it’s been fun to see as a lot of her former athletes are here and current team to make this moment even more special.>>Yeah. She’s done a great job at Holy Trinity. Her program, you know you’re going to be in for a battle anytime you come on the court against them.>>We’re ready for now the starting lineups. Back to public address announcer.>>Presented by Iowa Farm Bureau. Now, let’s meet our teams. Fans, please welcome to the floor the Wapsie Valley Warriors!>>They’ve won 12 out of their last 14 matches, and in those two losses against 1A competition, but they are playing their best volleyball this time of the year.>>And now, please welcome the Sidney Cowgirls!>>Last year in class 2A, this year class 1A. Undefeated this year versus 1A competition. They’re only overrule losses coming against state qualifying squads. They have experience with five returning starters.>>It’s now time to introduce the players and coaches in tonight’s championship matchup. First, the non-starters and assistant coaches for the Wapsie Valley Warriors. Number 1, Emma Jones. Number 3, Sydney Matthias. Number 5, Grace Imbrogno. Number 8, Brylee Bellis. Number 9, Paige Burgart. Number 10. Brooklyn Etringer. Number 17, Kaylee Heinze. The assistant coaches are Austin Shepherd and Brittany Lenth. Now, the starters for the Warriors. Number 6, Kalvyn Rosengarten. Number 7, Kaci Beesecker. Number 11, Hannah Knight. Number 12, Lydia Imbrogno. Number 14, Becca Platte. Number 16, Katie Sauerbrei. The libero is number 2, McKenna Miller. Head coach for the Warriors is Heather Robinson. Now let’s meet the non-starters and assistant coaches for the Sidney Cowgirls. Number 1, Makenna Laumann. Number 7, Emily Hutt. Number 15, Alyson Barker. Number 18, Kaden Payne. Number 23, Faith Brumbaugh. Number 27, Madison Kingery. The assistant coaches are Kent Larson and Megan Perkins. Now, the starters for the Cowgirls. Number 2, Olivia Larsen. Number 3, Maddy Duncan. Number 5, Harley Spurlock. Number 6, Kelsey Hobbie. Number 14, Presley Brumbaugh. Number 28, Paige Smith. The libero is number 12, Lily Johnson. Head coach for the Cowgirls is Amy McClintock. The officials for the match are first referee, Jennifer Lewis. Second referee, Jennifer Wick. The line judges are Joe Dee WALINGA. And Keith VANDERPFLUG. Let’s play championship volleyball!>>Let’s look at Barb’s keys to the march. First four, Wapsie Valley.>>They need to remain fearless. They have taken out four time champ Janesville, and holy trinity. They haven’t backed down an inch. Then they need to start quickly. Come out strong and never let Sidney have any ideas about winning or comebacks. Jump out from early on and never let up.>>How about the keys for number one, Sidney, the Cowgirls?>>So Sidney needs to keep their laser-like focus. On Tuesday, it looked like Sidney was on a mission. They were focused and zeroed in on winning a championship. In the semis, they lost a little of that focus. You could see a little fracture. They lost that set. So they need to put the focus back where it needs to be and pull out the win. Then they also need to enjoy the match, which sounds like it’s different from being focused. But you can do both and both kind of play into each other.>>Here’s how these teams got here from Cedar Rapids. This is the fifth and final championship. We’ve been on the air since 10:00 a.m. as Iowa Public Television can’t say enough about the amazing work that their crew has done here bringing you the sights, the sounds, the emotion from the 2019 Iowa high school volleyball championships. There’s the serve, and this one’s officially under way. Cowgirls on the left of your screen of Sidney. Wapsie Valley Warriors on the right side, wearing the light tops. Patient. Good defense. And then an attack there sails out of bounds, and the first points go to Wapsie Valley. I tell you what, if every point is going to be that long and that hard fought, we might be here till midnight. Wow. 1-0 Warriors. And a chance to serve. Beesecker. Flying in, tapped into the back row. And a lift call. I didn’t see if it was a lift or in the net. Regardless, it’s 2-0. A loud and rowdy student section for both schools. And in the net, first service error and the first points for Sidney.>>2-1. Wapsie Valley leads as Brumbaugh goes back to serve.>>Serving behind the line is Presley Brumbaugh, will play volleyball at southeast community college in Nebraska next year. Hit off the hands and down for the point. The kill to Imbrogno.>>I think sandy Stewart, who was doing the morning ACHs, that’s her hometown.>>Say it one more time.>>Beatrice.>>I could be wrong about that. That’s what I always thought she called it.>>Regardless, they’re getting a good player out of number 14, Presley Brumbaugh. 4-1, and the Warriors jumping out to that early start, trying to get that separation here.>>It’s important to get that separation, but then what’s even more important is to keep that separation throughout the set.>>Good set military. Kelsey Hobbie has over 1,200 career kills, and it’s now 4-2. The Warriors of Wapsie Valley with the lead over Sidney. Sidney serving. Nice serve. Fighting to return it. Can’t do it on that one. Service ace. That makes it 4-3.>>That was great hustle by Wapsie Valley setter Beesecker. Just couldn’t get enough to it to keep it on the court.>>Paige Smith. Wapsie returns it. Joust at the net. Backwards hit. Are you kidding me? A no-look, behind-the-back tap over the net for the point to tie this up at four.>>And you’ll see her get all kinds of kills. She does — she does everything, and she swings from the back row, and she hits down balls. I mean she’s all over the place.>>I knew she had good vision, but not in the back of her head.>>Well, they always say that parents have that. Maybe she’s got it early.>>Oh, that one just sails deep, but they’re going to say –>>I thought it was a touch.>>A touch call. So the Cowgirls now move ahead 5-4. Sidney with the lead. And here’s Paige Smith. Nice pass. The set, a good swing. And look at that effort. No quit in Sidney. About as scrappy a team as you’ll find. And we play on. Off the hands for the point. The hustle paid off.>>The hustle paid off. The defense is awesome. They’re running all over the court and it makes Wapsie Valley wonder what’s coming at us.>>Great look at the replay there. So many times these teams that get to the state championship match have just rolled over competition during the regular season. And a lot of times their swings usually go down for a point. They don’t expect them to be returned like they are here tonight.>>That’s right. A look at Hobbie there making sure that she’s got every angle blocked off and getting the block.>>Well, the Warriors of Wapsie Valley jumped out to the early lead. But a run being put together here by Sidney. And shutting the door on that run is another kill for Katie Sauerbrei. Sauerbrei now with one kill. It’s now 7-5. As you look at the sideline, as Heather Robinson, 11 years coaching, third year at Wapsie Valley. Athletic director Marty McCown. His son Brooks McCown played at UNI and has been the head coach at upper Iowa university for a long time. His daughter was a standout player at Wapsie Valley when they last won the state championship. Another point, and it’s now 7-6. Sidney with the lead. Wapsie Valley with the run.>>Well, good job by Wapsie Valley to make sure that they stayed with the play, and they were paying attention to the setter being the front row.>>Deep serve. Wisely letting that sail long. Another service error makes it 8-6, and now to the rotation. It will be Kelsey Hobbie to serve. All-tournament team at last year’s tournament. But remember Sidney was 2A this year.>>I would be shocked if she wasn’t this year.>>And a service ace to go along with all of her kills and blocks. 9-6.>>She’s also had quite a few aces this tournament. She is at four before this match started.>>Able to find that far sideline. Let’s look at the replay here.>>Well, Larsen is 5’5″ going up against 6’3″ Rosengarten. She says, no problem. Your hands may be way up there, but I’ll just go right under your hand, past your wrist.>>The timing just a little bit off. Trying to hang in the air and make contact was Rosengarten, and now the largest lead of this first set. The Cowgirls lead by five. Let’s see what they’re talking about.>>You’re on this side over, okay? Hey, keep working on defense. Keep talking. Stay positive.>>Well, Sidney wearing the yellow shoelaces. I was talking with one of their coaches. They said they had a — someone who graduated from their school last year, a gentleman whose recently been diagnosed with cancer, and they thought, hey, in tribute, in honor of him and the battle that he’s facing, they’re going to do a sign and bright yellow shoelaces.>>Well, and they each also have a yellow ribbon on the bow in their hair. So that probably is for the same reason. Good luck to him in his battle.>>Absolutely. Here’s the run by Sidney. Wapsie Valley just wants a sideout. Tip. Ball popped up. Need to hit it over on this contact. Some confusion, and the communication just off a little bit.>>Well, and it looks like that’s atypical of Wapsie Valley. They’re not used to be down by six points, and so you kind of get a little confused. You kind of get a little unsure, and they just kind of need to calm down and play their game.>>Hobbie serves it into the net. That’s atypical as well. She had 52 aces in the regular season. Not many service errors. Very aggressive behind the line. Wapsie Valley, back row attack. Off the block. That will drop. Wapsie Valley was going to get hands on it, but able to get it through for the point.>>And Duncan does a nice job of not only using the block but making sure it stays in. So either way she’s going to get the point.>>13-7. Sidney with the lead. Nice-looking play there. Setting Kalvyn Rosengarten. She’s a 6’3″ freshman. 223 kills, second best on the team, averaging 2.19 kills per set, trailing only her teammate, Lydia Imbrogno. 13-8, Wapsie Valley jumped out to the early lead. Sidney made a run. And now Wapsie Valley needs to put some points together to get back into this here. Halfway through this first set. Play to 25. Win by two. Off the hands.>>So Brumbaugh has had that same shot twice, and one of the reasons that she’s hitting it so far out of bounds is her body is too open, I’m going to say. But it’s open to the far side of the court. She needs to kind of face more towards middle back to keep within the range of the court, so to speak.>>Naddy Duncan found a seam there, and now a chance to serve. Duncan at 5’5″, senior outside hitter. You know, 5’5″, she’s still able to get her kills, isn’t she?>>She is. Nice swing there by Rosengarten. She’s up early. She’s way over the block, and she’s able to pick wherever she wants to go. She actually went through the hole in the block on that one, and able to kind of just pick and choose her spots.>>It will be fun to fast-forward a couple of years and see what these freshmen will look like after three, four more years of experience under their belt.>>And strength and just confidence. Confidence is a huge piece of it, and I think that because of all the club experience, these young players have way more confidence than like when I was in high school, a freshman. Never would have had this kind of confidence.>>More reps, as you see another kill from the middle.>>Well, but she was in the net. So it was a pretty kill, but you’ll watch here when she finishes her follow-through, she’s in the net. She’s just hoping they don’t call it.>>Snapped that wrist and on the follow-through, like Barbara Randall mentioned, that’s time it’s blocked, out of bounds. No. It grabbed the sideline.>>She held her hands up. The power of it ricocheted back immediately. Let’s see if it grabs line. That’s an in. Well, a three-point difference between Sidney and Wapsie Valley in the class 1A championship match. Off the hands. Kept alive, and that’s that real tough territory where it’s so close to the net. You’re trying to get an attack on it, but you can’t get into the net.>>In the midst of all that, you’re turning around. So you turn around to watch your teammate dig it. Then you have to turn back around and try and find it, and it’s over your shoulder and where’s the net. It’s a difficult play.>>An unfortunate service error by Wapsie Valley, and now the Cowgirls here in a good spot, leading by three, and a chance for Brumbaugh to serve. Attack. That one might drop. No, they kept it alive. Over on three. In system. Another long rally between Sidney and Wapsie Valley here, looking for a hard-earned point. And they’re tripping all over each other, and four contacts the call. If you’re new to volleyball, you can only hit it three times before you’ve got to send it over the other side of the net.>>It was tough to tell if the Wapsie Valley –>>16-14. We play to 25. You got to win by two. That one’s in again. Back to a three-point lead. Now, Sidney built that three-point lead and really has not been giving it up, trying to race to that finish line and jump out to a 1-0 lead in the series. The team that wins three sets wins the match, and they are your class 1A championship. An attack error.>>We talked a little bit earlier in a different match about the trajectory you want to use as a hitter. That’s a good trajectory. She needs to bring it down a little to keep it in the court. But you don’t have to put every ball down at the 10 foot or the 12 foot line. Usually when you do that, you’re hitting right into the blocker’s hands. So if you use a little bit less of a trajectory — I think it would be less — but the slope goes deeper in the court, then you have better success hitting around and over the block.>>Well, I don’t care what trajectory you use on that, there’s no hitting it around that block.>>No. That was a good block.>>Here’s the replay. You come up and you see two sets of hands and a brick wall in front of you. Let’s listen to Wapsie Valley as they trail by five.>>When you are against number 6, she runs at three. She loves that three. Our right side blocker, you need to cheat in on that. You see 6, you cheat in, okay? It’s an easy hop step to that outside to block. Everyone else, passers, let’s keep our arms out. We’re getting really tight to our body. Spacing, all right? We’re sinking in and it’s looking better. We just have to clean up our passing and we’re back in this. Handlers, you got to swing big. Let’s go!>>We got to believe right now.>>Straight off the scouting report 6 likes to hit that three. The right side blocker needs to take a step in so she lines up right on that three-spot. Then if she set it outside, it’s still easy for the right side blocker to get outside and block her.>>You got to believe. Even though you’re down five, you got to believe you can still win it. Sidney with the serve and the lead. Miscommunication again. And it’s now 20-14 in favor of the number one Sidney Cowgirls. Paige Smith, when she’s back there serving, that’s when they make their hay. Setter dump, Sidney was there to cover it up defensively. Blocked back. A defensive play that gets points. Let’s go to our net cam to watch this one.>>And you can see when she tries to hit straight down like that, it goes right into those blockers’ hands. If she were hitting that — you know, she’s the one who hit the trajectory earlier and it went out about six feet. She knows to go somewhere in between those two, and she’ll have good success.>>Nice placement there on the swing by Katie Sauerbrei. Her second kill. Good balance from both these teams and spreading around the offense. Briley Bellis to serve. A freshman DS, has played in 73 sets, has 18 aces on the season. Blocked. Trying the other sideline. That one gets through. Off the hands of Lily Johnson — excuse me — of Imbrogno. And, BARBARA, this is a big lead for Sidney just needing three points.>>Big lead. Not insurmountable for Wapsie Valley, but a comfortable lead for Sidney as long as they keep doing what they’ve been doing.>>Off the tip. Wapsie Valley on the right of your screen sends it over. Sidney, back row attack again. Both teams so good with that back-row defense. Blocked and some front-row defense.>>Well, and that’s a really tough ball to play because the blocker doesn’t know if she should turn and play it or if someone’s behind her. It’s very difficult, so she’s not really sure. If she would have let it go, Larsen probably would have had it, but it’s a really tough ball.>>Off the hands. That one will go down for another point. 23-16, Sidney so close to closing out this first set.>>Well, Spurlock did a really nice job of going high off the hands and still having the ball land in the middle of the court where everybody’s confused. Nobody oh sure who’s going to go for the ball in the middle of the court.>>Into the net, and that brings up set point. Sidney 24, Wapsie Valley 16. Just because you win the first one doesn’t mean you get crowned the champion. You got to win three. Wapsie Valley gets the kill.>>Again, when Rosengarten goes up, she’s up early, does a nice job hitting those golden corners and getting points for her team.>>Rosengarten now with three kills. Hannah Knight behind the service line facing set point for Sidney. That one down, and the first set goes to the Sidney Cowgirls. Kind of a sluggish start, but they put a nice run together midway through as they get a big victory, 25-17. Back with more from Cedar Rapids. You are tuned into Iowa high schoolgirls volleyball championship here on Iowa Public Television. .>>>A convincing win. 25-17 by Sidney over Wapsie Valley. What do we make from that opening set victory?>>Well, it’s a one-set lead for Sidney, but I don’t think you can make too much from it yet. You know, at times I think that the coaches for Wapsie Valley, coach Robinson thought maybe she was herding cats, trying to get people talking to each other and playing defense around each other. But towards the end of the set, they kind of picked things up and got back towards their game a little bit. Look for more of that to happen in the second set.>>Let’s take a look at some of those highlights just moments ago from that opening set. early lead, but Sidney dug deep and put a nice run together, winning 25-17. 12 kills for Sidney. Just 7 for Wapsie Valley. 4 kills for Duncan. 4 kills for Hobbie. 2 kills for Imbrogno. And Sauerbrei has 2 kills as well. Individual stats look like that. Here’s what the team statistics look like. More kills, a couple more aces. And just making the most of their opportunities. Good balance offensively and defensively for Sidney. But we have seen Wapsie Valley play. We know that wasn’t their best stuff here in this championship match.>>Well, and they were not fearless that set. So look for them to maybe come out a little bit less nervous and just put the pedal to the metal like they have every other match this week.>>Wapsie Valley came in the number six seed. They beat number three seed and four-time defending champion Janesville in the quarterfinals. They beat Holy Trinity Catholic in the semifinals to get here.>>The matchups are the same. The coaches like what they’re seeing apparently, so they go with the same lineups, same rotation.>>Switch sides so Wapsie Valley will be on the left of your screen and Sidney on the right. Sidney was class 2A last year, drops down to class 1A this year. And they have just made a home here in Cedar Rapids. Fifth consecutive trip to state.>>Well, and the cool thing about it is that it has all been under coach Amy McClintock.>>Yep.>>She has built the program there at Sidney. The first class that came to state, I don’t know if you remember this, five years ago when they were juniors, the big story was when they had been in eighth grade, they didn’t win a match.>>Not a single one all year long.>>So it was really neat to watch their progression from eighth graders to making it to state when they were in high school. So that’s all under coach McClintock.>>McClintock has been coaching six years. All of them at Sidney, and five of those six years she’s led her team to state, on the brink of a state title. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here.>>Right.>>You got to win three, and Wapsie Valley is not rolling over to hand anything to Sidney here. A lot of work needs to be done. There’s a look at the replay. Barb, that is the fifth kill that we’ve seen by Hobbie.>>Well, and if you give Hobbie no block up against you, she’s going to put the ball down.>>Looks like Hobbie gets it again. That time a double block was there.>>So all day we’ve talked about the hands and the arms for the blockers. You see the blockers. Their arms are going to go up straight over their head and then push forward. You can’t block like that. You have to push forward first and get your hands over the block to seal the net so the ball stays on the other side of the net.>>Paige Smith with the serve. Sidney, tip, over the block. Good discipline by Wapsie Valley to get under it. Roll shot. Back to Sidney. Blocked back. That was a quick ricochet back. Down for the point. Give credit to Kaylee Imbrogno for that.>>They have a nicely formed block. All four arms are up there forming a wall. You don’t see a lot of holes or space between it. Nice block.>>Katie Sauerbrei as well teams up for that. 3-2, Cowgirls on top, and a chance to serve for Wapsie Valley. Clips off the top of the net, is returned. Good hustle out of Wapsie Valley. No return on that. Good attack from the near sideline. Maddy Duncan. She’s a 5’5″ outside hitter, a senior who had 256 kills this season, and a 221 kill efficiency. I was talking with Wapsie Valley, one of their assistant coaches, Austin Shepherd before. I said, so what did you do yesterday, you know, besides winning the semifinal and getting here?>>He said, it was pretty late. We went back to the hotel. We ate some food, talked, relaxed.>>I said, what did you do today because you wake up in Cedar Rapids and you have until 7:00. I thought it was pretty creative what they did.>>Me too. It sounded fun to me. I wish we could have been a part of it.>>We’ll tell you about it after a time-out. The Cowgirls are on a run, a 6-2 lead. And let’s hear what Sidney has to say with Amy McClintock.>>Make sure that when you have that — when she’s in that front row, you got to bring that block to the left a little bit, okay, and you got to go away from her. If you have to tip, you got to go this way or to the middle because the line is not open. Hey, let’s go. Focus.>>I’m not sure which player they’re talking about, about bringing the block in. I would guess maybe Imbrogno, but we’ll see. It could also be Rosengarten. Just talking a little bit about placement of the block, and then I liked it when she said the tip isn’t open right behind the block, you have to go somewhere else with it if you’re in trouble.>>Good to know that information before the set’s coming your way and you’re hanging up there trying to decide what to do. I’ve got a variety of options. Tip isn’t one. Okay.>>Maybe I should decide before I land.>>A tough serve right out of the time-out. Quickly returned. And Wapsie Valley gets the point. Lydia Imbrogno leading the team in kills, averaging 3.5 per set.>>And so Imbrogno has been hot all week. She’s been the majority — gotten the majority of the sets, and she’s really done an amazing job. She’s only a sophomore, and it’s pretty impressive.>>A nice job in the back row there to keep this ball off the court. Here she is again. Quick set middle, back row, and Sidney gets it blocked. Timed the jump perfect.>>And that’s a great point that you make. When the hitter is hitting from the back row, the block’s timing is different. They have to wait a little bit longer before they go up to block the wall.>>A lift, so that’s a service ace. After that time-out was called, it’s been all Wapsie Valley. Early stages here, but this looks like a more confident Wapsie Valley team. They cleaned up some things after that lopsided 25-17 loss in the opening set.>>So they called a lift on that. A lot of times when the ball kind of rolls down your body or the net in front of your body, when you try and get under it fast enough, you end up lifting the ball.>>Wow. She didn’t come with power. Instead went with placement.>>Well, and it was a little bit of a different spot because there was a back row player there, but she placed it perfectly so that it was just out of reach of the diving defensive player.>>7-6. Again, the momentum has shifted for Wapsie Valley during the last five minutes or so. Back set swing off the hands. And that’s good contact there. A hitting error into the net makes it 8-6, sideout. And Sidney, again, if you want to see a gritty, scrappy team, that’s just what they hang their hat on the last five years.>>Well, and you can tell it from the rallies that we’ve seen here. They get touches on almost every ball defensively. And that’s exactly what scrappy defense is. It may not always be a perfect up. It may not always be scoring points. But they’re always getting a hand on it so someone else can come along and get a second contact.>>Attack error sails deep and out of bounds. 9-6, Cowgirls with the lead. There you see the Sidney student section and the focus from student athlete to head coach. Tip. Sidney swings and gets it through the block. Again, the block was there, just not executed as strongly as it needed to be.>>Correct. The feet are there, but the arms aren’t doing what the arms should be doing.>>They were there, though, right?>>They’re there, but they’re going straight up and leaving a gap between the arms and the net. You have to go push over like the slope of the roof of a house, push over the net so that it seals off the net and there’s no room for the ball to go between your arms and the net.>>You’re hearing coaching and analysis from the great barb Willis Randall. She’s a member of the hall of fame, played on the U.S. national team, played internationally, was an assistant coach at Purdue and at the university of northern Iowa for a long time. That’s her credentials. I’m Eric Brayly, her friend and colleague. And, barb, we had a chance to see the 5A, 3A, and now 1A. Maybe just describe to our viewers how special the talent is here in the state of Iowa because not only all the options with junior college, division 2, division 3, division 1, but there’s a lot of coaches that come here and recruit the state of Iowa. The Iowa girl for volleyball to come out of state and play.>>Iowa has great volleyball throughout all the ages. It’s because we have a great work ethic. The kids in the state work hard. There isn’t a match when we aren’t saying there isn’t anybody on this team going to play in college. They’re all — they’ve all got teams that are going to play somewhere. Like you said, at any level, it could be division 3. It could be division 2. Maddy cubic, who we talked about because her sister played on the 5A west Des Moines valley team. She’s a freshman at Nebraska, one of the top collegiate division 1 teams in the nation. So coaches like to come to Iowa to get great players. Sydney Peterson, she’s out of Newhartford. She’s playing at the university of Texas.>>True freshman.>>They’re in the top five in the nation. So we’ve got a lot of kids who go and do great things in the sport.>>13-8. That’s why we love bringing you all this coverage here, so you can get a chance to see not only the kids that are going to go on and play at the next college level, but also just the hardworking dedication that all these student athletes bring, and it’s pretty special to get this far. There’s only eight teams that are playing here on championship Friday, and only four of them become champions. Well, Sidney is starting to pull away a little bit, and a time-out on the court. Let’s see what Wapsie Valley is talking about inside their huddle.>>I know she’s running your tail off. You’re going to have to try to do your best. Otherwise when you’re blocking alone, you’ve got to take that strong angle away. Ladies, come on. Here we go. Serve/receive, we’re cleaning it up. Hitters, you have to stay high. You have to swing hard. All right. Right now we’re not taking smart shots at all. All right. You got to stay smart. You got to stay competitive. Let’s go. Let’s get after it. You girls can do this. Come on! You got to believe.>>Warriors on three. One, two, three.>>Warriors!>>Right now they’re showing a little bit of fear by tipping all the time and Sidney is picking up those balls. So swing high, swing hard. Be aggressive, go out battling.>>It is a battle. They don’t just hand out those championship trophies. You got to work hard. You got to earn it. Wapsie Valley has had a special year. Again, they’ve won 12 out of their last 14 matches, and their only two losses against 1A competition against Janesville and NorteMA. That ball was touched before it went out of bounds is the call. The Cowgirls get the point. They won the first set 25-14, and they have a seven-point lead right now. There’s the head coach looking on, Amy McClintock. Good pass. Pops it up. Blocked. The timing has been perfect for Sidney.>>Well, and a really nice block because that was hit by Becca Platte, who’s a lefty. So you have to set your block up just a little bit different when you’re blocking a lefty because the ball’s hit from a different place. So the outside hitter needs to set the block, and the middle needs to get over to her, and they did it perfectly.>>But a service error makes it 16-9. Again, looking to get a championship trophy, either Sidney or Wapsie Valley. If you’re just joining us, cedar falls one the 5A match. In class 3 A, it was Mt. Vernon over Kemper Catholic 3-0. And the 2A match was a good one. Western Christian 3-1 over diersville Beckman. In that, Kimmy ver BEEK, won a 12th title and closing in on that 12th state championship.>>Aside from those 12 championships, they’ve been here a record — I think it’s 37 years. She’s brought a lot of teams to cedar — well, to whatever the state tournament’s being held.>>On the slide, Wapsie Valley on the left of your screen in the light tops. Sidney on the right. Great hustle. Love the effort. Getting down and dirty as we work for every point. Boy, does that pay off! Dust yourself off and get ready to do it again now.>>Well, and it just shows how strong defensively both of these teams are. Both in the backcourt, and then they’re getting a lot of touches on the blocks as well.>>To serve, it’s Emma Jones. Lets it fly. The setter sent it over herself. Wapsie was prepared for it. Overpass. Back set into a block. Here’s Wapsie Valley, roll shot. Tipped. Some options here. Good swing. Another long rally. You don’t have to hit it three times. You can send it over on one or two. That’s what we’re seeing in this great rally.>>Who’s going to take a big swing?>>And it finally drops! Kaley Imbrogno. I should have started the stop watch. Now the gap is close to just four — make it three. Little timing issue, trying to go to Paige Smith on the outside. Sails outside the antenna, and it’s now a three-point ball game here in the second.>>That is a tough serve. It’s barely skimming the net.>>And the momentum has officially shifted over to the Wapsie Valley Warriors side of the net, and the student section’s getting louder and louder with each and every point.>>Well, and that’s their sixth straight point.>>Trying to make it seven. Another good serve. Out of bounds.>>Emma Jones, the server, is a freshman. Time-out by Sidney.>>Not playing like a freshman.>>No, she isn’t.>>Let’s listen inside the Sidney huddle with coach Amy McClintock.>>Set goes down the left. Hey, we’re starting to relax a little bit too much, okay? You got to keep working. Every point’s important, okay? Let’s go.>>Interesting point. She said we’re starting to relax too much. There’s a fine line. You want to be relaxed, but you don’t want to be too relaxed.>>Yep.>>If you’re too tight, then you got problems. If you’re too relaxed, you have different problems. So there’s a fine line there, and sometimes you got to screw around with it a little bit to figure out where that line is.>>And some players play a little more tightly wound.>>Yep.>>You have your high-energy spark players. You have your laid back players. It takes a whole team to win a championship. And right now — boy, they needed that point.>>That was the play drawn up by the coach. She said put Kelsey out on the outside, and she went out there and just hammered it past the block down the line.>>Seventh kill for number 6, Kelsey Hobbie. All-tournament team last year, averaging 3.8 kills per set this season. Sidney takes a good swing at it! It’s denied. They started celebrating, and I guess they’re going to say it did hit.>>They called a lift. So I think they got it up, but they called a lift.>>So the point does stay with Wapsie Valley.>>But, yeah, that just proves you got to play until the whistle.>>So many times this year these teams have just been superior compared to their competition, where you just get a good swing, and it always goes down. Well, not necessarily here at Cedar Rapids at the state championship. Perfect placement on that far sideline.>>There’s Hobbie hitting from the right. We’ve seen her hit mostly to the middle. They’ll set her in the back row, and she’ll get kills from the back row as well. She does it all.>>She’s serving right now. Quick set middle. Perfect.>>Rosengarten taking that cutback shot back across her body so that she can hit that deep corner back in zone one.>>Rosengarten now with eight kills to lead Wapsie Valley.>>A little bit of miscommunication over on Sidney, but they still don’t let the ball drop.>>Down the line but out of bounds.>>Nice job by Lydia Imbrogno. Imbrogno that time got her foot to the sideline, so she knew if it’s too my right, it’s out. And that’s a great way to play defense.>>Here’s Lydia. Quick set. Tip. What a swing! And the Warriors are playing like Warriors. Down but they rallied back to take the 19-18 lead.>>That time Spurlock’s arms were straight up instead of pushed over.>>Sidney over the block, and in the net called against Sidney. Play to 25, win by two. And a time-out on the court. Sidney leads the series 1-0. Let’s listen to the Wapsie huddle and head coach Heather Robinson.>>Girls, we’re supposed to be covering that. Block takes angle. You’ve got to sit in on that and stay deep so you can play it if they’re going to roll shot it over our block. All right? Come on, girls. You’re doing great. Keep going. Believe. Good choices. Come on.>>Positioning is always a good thing to talk about because like we’ve talked about, defensive players in the back row tend to kind of scoot in. So reminding them to stay deep and stay home is always a nice thing to help your players remember.>>We’ve had some outstanding coaches here on this championship Friday from Cedar Rapids. We had a couple of younger coaches who have had a lot of success but have bright futures as well as long as they stay in the coaching ranks. A little confusion. Bodies kind of flying everywhere on Wapsie Valley’s side.>>And a double contact is called for that one. Kind of gets Sidney out of the pickle.>>Olivia Larsen serving for Sidney. Near service ace. They can’t return it. And, boy, this one’s going to go right down to the wire, isn’t it, Barbie?>>Well, I think that we kind of all — all the coaches who have been around this week have thought this one has potential to go five.>>Didn’t look like it in the first set, cruising to a 25-17 victory was Sidney. And early on in the second, Sidney was up. Wapsie Valley hung and fought, and now they lead 21-20.>>Well, Presley Brumbaugh thought that that ball hit the blocker’s hands and went out of bounds, so she was confused when they gave the ball to Wapsie Valley.>>Hannah Knight serving. Good placement to the back row.>>So we need to talk about that a little bit because Wapsie Valley is the first team we’ve seen today that plays a rotation defense, which puts people back in those golden corners. So that opens up the middle back of the court.>>21-21 here in the second set. And going to Kalvyn Rosengarten. She is just a freshman and on the season, 223 kills. Second best on the team. She does a great job blocking as well. Miller serving. Free ball over the net. Did it get in?>>It is.>>Oh, my, grabbed the far sideline. Right in front of Sidney’s bench. Third kill of Sauerbrei.>>A little bit of mistiming on the jump caused a funny trajectory that made everybody think it was going out of bounds, and it landed just on that sideline.>>Sidney makes it 23-22. Third kill by Presley Brumbaugh. Lily Johnson serving. Not the best pass. Needs to send it to the back row. Wapsie Valley, back row. The Warriors have battled to take a 23-22 lead. Very patient with it. Sidney, and that’s too hard. Deep and out of bounds, and it’s set point as Wapsie Valley is trying to tie this series up as we go to the third set. What did the coach say time and time again? Heather Robinson. You got to believe. Kept alive. In system. To the outside. Off the hands.>>Double contact. It’s going to be called on that set. Point to Sidney.>>That’s a touchy call. What are they looking at right there?>>Well, basically your hands to have to touch the ball at the same time. If they don’t, then it can be called a double contact.>>Still set point, though. If Wapsie Valley gets this point, it’s tied 1-1. Sidney with the ball. Another good swing. Kept alive. Free ball over the net. Another great rally. Popped up, and there’s no return on that one. Cue the celebration for Wapsie Valley. That was hard fought, and we’re going at least four here in the class 1A championship match.>>We wouldn’t expect anything else, would we?>>25-23 Wapsie Valley defeats Sidney. We’re tied at one apiece. We’ll be back with the third set right after this from Cedar Rapids. You have been tuned in to Iowa high school volleyball championship here on Iowa Public Television.>>>As expected, we head to the third set, and we’re tied. Sidney wins the first. Wapsie Valley wins the second. Everyone’s watching this statewide here on Iowa Public Television championship match. We’ve handed out four championship trophies. One more to go. I even got a text from the American idol winner. She said, my whole family is watching. It’s great TV.>>This next set should be really fun. So let’s sit back, enjoy it, and we’ll tell you all about it.>>So let’s take a look at some of those highlights from that second set. I thought Sidney might kind of run away with this here, but you never doubt a Wapsie Valley team apparently.>>Well, you never doubt a Wapsie Valley team, and their blocking has gotten hot. We call blocking kind of a feast or famine skill. And Wapsie Valley has eight blocks, which I think –>>They’re feasting on it.>>I think eight blocks is the most we’ve seen all day out of any of the classes. Those matches are complete. We’re only in set number three here.>>Some great highlights as we get set here. Overall, 17 kills for Wapsie Valley. 24 for Sidney. The attack percentages are about equal. And the leaders, it’s Rosengarten with six kills. Five for Imbrogno. Three for Sauerbrei. And four Sidney. Eight kills for Hobbie. Seven kills for Duncan. A really nice match, Maddy Duncan. And three kills for Smith, and Brumbaugh with four kills as well. First point goes to Wapsie Valley. Set to the outside. And Wapsie Valley, ball hung on the net, unable to pop over. And Sidney with the point. Well, and if you’re keeping track at home, the matchups have remained the same. So coaches either like where their players are starting, or they like the matchups they have. Again, I’m more of a little bit –>>You mix it up a bit.>>Yeah. I want to try and get a better matchup every single time.>>Another point for Sidney and the Cowgirls on a 2-0 run.>>Nice job by Paige Smith being up there and guarding against the ball coming over to the Cowgirls’ side.>>A great job by our production team here on Iowa Public Television, running cameras, directing, producing, instant replay, audio, graphics. I could go on. There’s like 100 people here, I swear. And they have been here yesterday. I think the call time was 6:30 a.m. today. And little tiny breaks in between some of the matches to go to the bathroom, get a water, eat a granola bar.>>We’ve been lucky because we had other people doing our job in the other matches but they have no break.>>3-2. Cowgirls leading the Warriors as Sidney — there they are inside the control room. I love it. If I knew there was a camera in there we could put up at any time, I would have gone to that multiple times throughout today.>>I thought I saw some candy in there earlier, so I think they get the luck of having snacks.>>Have to sustain a long, long day. Hey, I never finished my story, did I?>>No.>>That was like 20 minutes ago. An attack error ties this up at 3-3. So I was talking to Wapsie Valley. I said what do you do if the match isn’t until 7:00? We, we eat breakfast and check out of the hotel. I said, then what do you do? They said, they go to a farm and fleet store and they do a scavenger hunt. Everyone has $20, and you have 30 minutes to find like a white elephant gift and other things. So just, you know, getting them — having fun, maybe not thinking about the match, how big of a day it is, walking around. And then they came here and then watched the 3A, 2A championships.>>When I coached at UNI, that was kind of one of the things we would do before. We didn’t want the players to be sedden tarry all day, but we also didn’t want them to be tired for the match. So we would do what we call — net violation there.>>The net’s shaking.>>We would do what we would call active rest, where we’d go to a mall and they’d have to walk around a certain amount of time. Then they could study or whatever, but we’d make sure they weren’t just sedden Terry the whole time.>>It was about 8:00 last night before Sidney and Wapsie Valley were able to leave as their semifinals were wrapping up.>>So that ball was called out, but it was also called there was a touch on the block, or maybe in the back row. I’m not sure where the touch was called, but four people could have.>>Sidney with the serve and the one-point lead.>>So you say you’re getting texts from Maddie Poppepy. I got a text from someone who’s saying he’s actually an official. And he said that he and his wife do a shot every time we say trajectory. So should we help them out a little bit and say it a little bit more?>>It’s a big part of the game of volleyball.>>That’s right. The trajectory is a big part of the game of volleyball.>>That ball I thought was real close to being in. Real good communication by Sidney, saying let’s let that one go.>>Lay off that one. That’s right. That trajectory is too long.>>And I tell you what. The coaches were right there. It was right in front of the Sidney bench. They’re helping communicate that as well.>>You have to. A player on the team has to help any way they can. So if you’re sitting on the bench and you don’t ever get into the game, you can really make a big difference by telling the players on the court, hey, this shot’s open, or the tip’s open here, or when you do this, they do this, so pay attention to that.>>Brumbaugh with the play offensively for Sidney. A three-point lead. And Wapsie Valley gets the sideout. Their sixth trip to state, second in the last three years. They won the title in 2006 and in 2007. And this Wapsie Valley team, good blend of youth and experience. Four seniors, five freshmen. Serving it is Hannah Knight, one of those freshmen. Too deep and out of bounds, and the Cowgirls now lead by three here in the third.>>But you know what we say about a three-point lead? It’s kind of like not having a lead.>>Especially this early on.>>That’s right.>>Now, if it builds to six or seven, that might have a bigger impact.>>You still can’t get too comfortable.>>Yeah. Building to four here.>>Time-out by Wapsie Valley.>>And I think Wapsie Valley doesn’t want it to build to six or seven. A run being put together by Sidney, and here is Amy McClintock, their head coach.>>A lot of energy. Keep it going, okay? You guys are doing great. Just keep working hard. Let’s go. Play together.>>I agree. There’s not a lot that they need to change right now. They are up by four in the third set. Keep doing what you’re doing. Keep pulling away. I might have added, work hard to make sure you get this point. But, yeah.>>Each assistant coach has a role on this team as well. And at this stage, I mean you’ve been playing together since August. You’re hearing Christmas music on the radio. This is the last day of high school volleyball in the state of Iowa in 2019. It’s been a long season. Everybody knows their role, what they need to do to help the team succeed.>>Nice angle. Nice idea. She saw the two blockers up straight ahead of her, so she tried to cut it back around that block, and it just went a little bit wide. Right idea.>>Cowgirls first to double digits, and they’re doubling up the Warriors 10-5. Tip. Sidney so good, so sound defensively, and frustrated is Kelsey Hobbie. She’s love to have that one back.>>She would. She just got behind the ball. So even when you’re hitting from the back row, you still need to stay on top of the ball so you can make sure the trajectory goes down and stays in the court.>>Back set. Wapsie Valley. They won the second set 25-23. But it’s been all Sidney since then, winning 25-17 in the first and now racing out to an 11-5 lead. It’s been a mixture of Sidney doing some things really good and some miscues on Wapsie Valley’s side of the net.>>Well, and that’s really what it’s been for Wapsie Valley. This set has been a few little issues. They’re still fighting hard. They’re still playing great defense. They have some great rallies. Then one little mistake will catch them.>>You know, something that I find interesting is that Wapsie Valley really has been battle tested. They play in the extremely challenge NIC east. They finished seventh in their conference.>>Wow.>>But they’re playing schools 2A, 3A in their conference.>>Well, the worst part about that is your head because you start kind of losing a little confidence.>>There’s no way we’re going to win the title if we can’t –>>Right.>>Well, right now Sidney is humming right along, hitting on all cylinders. Let’s see what Wapsie Valley can do to figure out how to get the momentum on their side.>>Get the ball in Kaci’s hands so we can swing. She’s all over the place, all right? We can do this. We are a better team than this. Do we believe in it?>>Yes!>>All right. Take a deep breath. Ready? You ready to go now? All right. Let’s go!>>That’s what we talk about being too tight. So she had everybody take a breath to relax them a little bit. Get your platforms out so that the ball is not just bouncing off and over the net. Help the setter out.>>She’s working hard.>>She’s working hard. She’s going to be just exhausted after this match. Help her out. Let her run the offense. They can come back just like they did in the second set.>>In the second set, it was very similar to what we’re seeing here in the third set. Wapsie Valley put the run together to claim that victory. That one goes through the block. Presley Brumbaugh again going to play volleyball at southeast community college in Nebraska. And the chance for the libero to add more points here for Sidney. Lily Johnson. 13-6. Sidney has been the better of the two teams here in the last seven or eight minutes. That’s the swing they want. Good job defensively in that front row by Wapsie Valley. That block was there, but it hit off the hands and took a straight drop down to that pink court.>>On a play like that, when a player tries to slide their hand under the ball, it’s called a pancake. And if the ball hits the hand and none of the floor, it’s legal. All four officials get to make the call. If they see the ball hit the floor, they get to help with that call.>>And on some courts, you might not be able to tell as well, but on a hot pink surface, it’s easier to see was there a hand under it or not? We saw the down official with her pink whistle. All part of the branding of the Iowa high school athletic association. Their director for the last several years, Jean Berger, really trying to take it up a couple of notches. Longtime division 1 administrator at drake university. There she is. I’m just talking about her, and immediately they got her on camera. At UNI, at drake, and saying, hey, we need to make this an even bigger deal, these championships for the Iowa girl.>>Because of that, they get pink T-shirts when they win a state championship. They have pink balloons fall from the ceiling. The court is pink. It didn’t always used to be pink. You know –>>Pink brick road.>>They run in on a pink brick road. All the union employees are wearing pink in some way, shape, or form, as are we.>>I had to go buy a pink tie. I didn’t have to. I just didn’t have a pink tie in my wardrobe. Good excuse to buy a pink tie. Well, the Cowgirls now a double-digit lead, and they just are playing really fundamentally strong as we see the fourth kill for Wapsie Valley’s Sauerbrei. And just continuing to believe is what Wapsie Valley needs to do their side of the net. But Sidney is making it hard.>>Well, and there’s a net violation called on Wapsie Valley for that one. But the ball also went down.>>The regional tournament, Sidney defeated Bedford Lenox and east mills. And Wapsie Valley took care of starmont, west central.>>If you’re not familiar with where Sidney is, we weren’t either five years ago when they first came here. But they are in about as far southwest in Iowa as you can get. They are way down there, and they also are famous for a rodeo.>>And I’m assuming that’s why the school’s mascot is the Cowgirls.>>I would assume the same thing.>>Barb, I’d like to go to that rodeo with you sometime. Throw that on my bucket list.>>I almost went two years ago.>>19-7. Sidney on top. They’re in the driver’s seat and in control here in this third set, trying to break the tie. What perfect placement to that corner.>>And Kelsey Hobbie took kind of a breath of relief after that one because I think she thought it was going out, and then it landed right on the line with that great trajectory of hers.>>A 13-point lead, the largest of the entire match. Wapsie Valley gets the point, and they just need to get some momentum. We know this is going at least four. But Wapsie Valley just — I mean if they could get to 15 points, even if you lose it –>>Yes.>>Something positive.>>Right, right. Well, and coach Robinson has been helping with that, you know, in the second set. She talked to them about what they needed to do. They need to believe. They still believe. It’s just you got to kind of one point at a time. How do you eat an elephant?>>One bite at a time.>>That’s right. So that’s how you come back from a large deficit.>>Emma Jones serving. Jones a freshman.>>And we might have another person going to the rodeo with us. I just got a text from a college teammate of mine who said, I’ll go to the rodeo with you.>>Why wouldn’t you?>>Right.>>Many amazing things going on across this great state of Iowa. I’ve lived here my whole life.>>You don’t know about most of them, yeah.>>Joust at the net, and it’s going to be Sidney winning that battle.>>One of the things, Olivia Larsen is maybe the unsung hero of the Sidney team.>>I could see that, yeah.>>She’s the setter, and she just does an amazing job. She gets to every ball and she battles at the net. She knows when to send it over. She knows, when she has to send it over, how to make sure it stays on the other side. She’s just tremendous.>>Olivia Larsen wearing the number 2 for Sidney. Leads 1A in assists at nine per set. A four-year starter and over 3,300 assists in her career.>>And her demeanor is perfect for a setter. She keeps everybody calm, even keeled. If there’s a problem, she helps resolve it. They had a little problem yesterday, she helped resolve it.>>Another point, and the Cowgirls up double digits, needing just three more points to win this third set. 12 kills now for Kelsey Hobbie. 22-11. Good pass. Here’s the back set. The block, sends it back to Wapsie Valley. Off the hands.>>Nice up.>>Love the effort. The Warriors get the point. Well, I think we need to mention the fact of that Janesville had been here the last four years. They’ve won the last four state championships here in class 1A. Great tradition from Janesville. So when Wapsie Valley got that win, that had to be a huge boost for their confidence.>>Absolutely. And that was the first round here. And so then that gave Wapsie Valley the confidence to come in and beat Holy Trinity, who has been awesome, I mean, ever since I can remembered.>>And you’ve been around a long time.>>That’s not very nice.>>It’s true, though. There’s just some schools that have that tradition. You look, it’s like, oh, they’ve been to state 20 times, 30 times.>>Yep. And by putting the name of their school on their Jersey, they might score a point or two for having that name on their Jersey.>>It starts with the young girls at a young age, working hard, looking up and saying, hey, when I’m at that position, I want to go to state. I want to win a championship.>>That was a great rally. What was called was a center line violation. The body part can be on the line, but it cannot be completely over the line. Once it quits touching the line, it’s a violation.>>Great serve. Almost a serve ace. It’s set point, and there it is. 25-12 is your final score here in the third set. Sidney, the number one ranked team who has not lost to anyone in class 1A this year is one set away from claiming the state title. We’ll see if Wapsie Valley can force a fifth set on Iowa public televisio .>>>They showed up about 6:30 a.m. That’s inside the truck. They’re working hard whether they’re in the truck, out of the truck, running camera. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Iowa Public Television crew for putting in a hard day. There’s the general manager and camera operators. We get the easy job. We just sit here and talk.>>And they feed us, and then we get a break, and so we really have the best job here.>>Every corner of the state all around, you have enjoyed the sights and sounds from downtown Cedar Rapids, a great host for the Iowa high school volleyball championships. Thank you so much to our great crew. Let’s play some more volleyball here. It’s a must-win scenario for Wapsie Valley. And Sidney, hey, they’re looking for their first ever state championship in the sport of volleyball. That would be big for that community. Barb Randall, Eric Brayly with the call here. Again, we’re the ones with the easy job and the fun job. We’ve been doing this about 15 years, and it’s a very special weekend on our calendars as well. Wapsie Valley, they have Warriors in their name. They were down in the second set, battled back to win. They trail 2-1. The team that wins three sets wins the match and the championship trophy. First point goes to the Sidney Cowgirls.>>Well, and both teams have the same matchup.>>Here is a look at updated statistics. As a team, Wapsie Valley, 25 kills, 20 errors, 131 attempts, hitting 0.038. And for Sidney, 39 kills, 25 attack errors on 138 attacks. Hitting 1.01. 34 assists for Larsen. 22 for Beesecker. And 17 digs for her as well. Miller has 20 digs and Paige Smith with 18. Maddy Duncan, 14 digs. 13 for Lily Johnson and 11 for Olivia Larsen. Cowgirls with another point. For Sidney, Hobbie has led them with a dozen kills, hitting 111. 9 kills for Maddy Duncan. Five kills for Paige Smith. Four kills for Harley Spurlock. Two kills for Olivia Larsen. 2-2 here in the fourth. An individual kill statistics for Wapsie Valley, both Kalvyn Rosengarten and Lydia Imbrogno have eight kills. Five kills for Sauerbrei. Two kills for Heinze. It’s a must-win situation for Wapsie Valley, trying to force that fifth set. And Sidney would love to close it out here and win their first ever state title in volleyball. So many of these student athletes that we have shown you on Iowa Public Television this year, multi-sport athletes. I know a number of them are playing girls basketball. You know when their season starts?>>It was last week, right?>>So I’m assuming Monday?>>Yeah.>>Trade in volleyball knee pads and tennis shoes for your basketball shoes.>>Do they still wear high tops or is that an olden thing?>>I think so.>>So there’s that three-play we’ve seen all day off and on. It’s a quicker set about 10 feet away from the setter. It’s lined up to be in between the two blockers on the other side of the net. But that time Wapsie Valley didn’t have any blockers against them, so it was a wide open shot.>>Tying this thing up at four apiece, and that is the 11th kill for Maddy Duncan. When you work your middles like that, you got a lot of options. And Rosengarten.>>I, for one, am never going to tell someone to set away from the middle. I like it when they set the middles. I’m maybe a tad biased on that, though.>>So you played the position very well in high school and college. You coached the position. When you were recruiting, what do you look for in a good middle. Someone who has size obviously helps.>>Well, and even more important than size would be the height they get above the net.>>So adding that vertical leap.>>Yep. And as well as that, they need to move laterally really well because a middle blocker needs to block every single time the other team attacks. Then they have to be able to get off the net and approach and make themselves available to the setter as an offensive weapon.>>Blocked but out of bounds. Hitting off the block and getting the kill. Maddy Duncan another chance to serve. Duncan on the season, the 5’5″ hitter, 2.56 kills per set. 18 aces as well. Into the net. And I have a feeling this fourth set will be very similar to what we’ve seen here at the end as what we’re seeing in the beginning. One point here, one point there, one point here, one point there. It’s the team that puts a sustained run together, and then it goes to the one point here, one point there. That’s why you can’t give a cushion to anybody.>>That’s exactly right. You need to make sure that as soon as the other team takes the ball away from you, you get it right back.>>On the slide, getting the kill. Rosengarten again. Folks, she is just a freshman.>>My guess is that coach Robinson said, hey, don’t forget when we pass better, we can use our middle. So when we pass well, let’s try and get our middles more involved. And they’ve been able to do that so far in this third set — or fourth set.>>Presley Brumbaugh with the kill. Brumbaugh on the season, the senior, 174 kills, a 1.79 kills per set average. Setters dump. Sidney was expecting it. Would you, great decision. Didn’t go with power. Did a little roll shot over the block and down for the back row kill.>>Well, and she was able to hit that spot because she knows they’re playing the rotation defense. So they have coverage in the corners and the open spot is the middle back.>>9-7. An early time-out. Let’s go inside the Wapsie Valley huddle.>>Find your shoulder. Find the ball. Go take it out of her hands. That’s what I need you to do. Everyone, you see the ball, you glow. Don’t look at each other. Just go. Somebody go high, somebody go low, and get after it, okay? You girls, you’re in this. You’ve got to find it and believe it, all right? Keep swinging. Keep being aggressive.>>Anticipate it.>>Absolutely.>>All right. Are we good?>>Yes.>>Every point hard.>>Ready?>>Hey, guys, believe in ourselves. We got to go right now. We’re in it.>>Let’s go.>>Coach Robinson has seen some hesitancy from her players. That’s what she means by just go. Don’t expect someone else to get it. Don’t think someone else is going to cover it. Go. Somebody go low. Somebody go high. Go. And once you go, someone else will go because effort is contagious.>>And put the ball on the head of your setter as well.>>Yeah, that’s been a theme throughout every time-out that we’ve listened in to hers.>>You want to make her job as easy as possible so she has those options. So Lily Johnson serving. It’s a 10-7 lead for Sidney. 10-8 now. Nice attack and down for the point.>>And Imbrogno does a nice job from the back row. That’s the first time I think we’ve seen her swing from the back row. But throughout this tournament, she’s been doing a great job from the back row. One other thing I would say is when they set her on the outside, she needs to just keep swinging line because there’s the potential of running into Hobbie if she goes crosscourt, but she’s got a short block her line every single time.>>Back to a one-point ball game and double-digit kills now for Lydia Imbrogno, the team leader in kills on the regular season.>>As a sophomore.>>As a sophomore, yeah. I think Wapsie Valley might be back here again. The two leading players are freshman and sophomore. Split the block, and in the net called against Wapsie Valley. 11-9.>>That time Hobbie took the ball and cut it back across her body to that right back corner. Seeing that the block was set up towards her other side.>>Hit to the back row. Good patience, and it’s over on three. Wapsie Valley all the way to the outside, and that’s not returned. Another kill for Lydia Imbrogno. And checking in to serve will be Emma Jones. A look at Heather Robinson, leave years coaching, third year at Wapsie Valley. Been to the state tournament twice. Down from sideline to sideline. A kill for the Cowgirls. Here’s a look at that replay. Just bumping it over and getting right on that line. Well, Barb, I want to make sure I get your thoughts for all the people listening here.>>Uh-oh.>>As someone who’s had success in multiple sports as a high school athlete, as someone who had success in the division 1 volleyball level and at the international level, why are you a proponent of not just specializing in folks saying 365 days in the sport of volleyball?>>It’s interesting because every year as each year goes by, my thoughts on that change a little bit.>>Okay. Where are we in 2019?>>But not differently. Just the reasons continue to mount for me. I think that multi-sport athletes are — you learn things from other sports that you wouldn’t learn just playing one sport all the time.>>Teamwork, competition, what?>>More like skills.>>Okay.>>I felt like my peripheral vision was better in volleyball because of playing basketball and having to look down the court and where my teammates were. Things like that that people who just play one sport won’t ever find out. I think that if the sport gets too cookie cutter when everybody plays the same sport all year-round. We’ve talked about it a couple times that it’s three contacts, three contacts, three contacts. You’re losing some of the craftiness, some of the send it over unexpectedly and break up the rhythm, that kind of thing. But I also — and this might be the most important reason is I think when you play one sport every day all year round, that you tend to have overuse issues and injuries, and that can really come out later in life.>>Again, she’s Barb Randall, all-American at Iowa. She’s in the Iowa high schoolgirls athletic association hall of fame, and an outstanding division 1 volleyball coach as well. Joining us on our broadcast here. That ball just grabbed the line. It’s in for a 14-13 Cowgirl lead, and that’s 14 kills for number three, Maddy Duncan. Relive the excitement, share the moments with your family, friends, and neighbors, visit IPTV.org for archive games. If you want to go back to four years ago, you can watch the archived broadcast. This has proven to be a great broadcast and championship here as we are down to the 1A championship match. Let’s listen inside Sidney’s huddle now.>>Your right side be on the line. Everybody else go cross, but be ready for a short roll, okay? You got this. One pass at a time. Focus mentally, okay? Focus. Let’s go.>>She knows that Wapsie Valley’s tendencies are to tip and use shots when they’re in trouble, so she is warning them. Be ready for a tip or a shot. Then she’s also reminding them, hey, it’s all about passing. It all breaks down to passing. Keep passing well. You’ll be fine.>>15-13, just past the halfway point of this fourth set. It’s a must-win situation for Wapsie Valley because if Sidney wins this set, they win their first ever state volleyball championship title. Some confusion on Sidney’s side of the net. Again, Sidney defeated springville in the quarterfinals on Wednesday. Now taking on Wapsie Valley, who they defeated, four-time defending champion Janesville in the quarterfinals on Wednesday, and Holy Trinity Catholic in the semifinals yesterday to get here. Split right between two Wapsie Valley players in the back row, and the Cowgirls jump out to a two-point lead. That is now 15 kills for Maddy Duncan. Sidney sends it over from the setter. A whistle, and Sidney’s going to be charged.>>With a net violation.>>Got a body part in the net. You can’t do that. There’s not a ton of rules in volleyball, but that’s an important one, right?>>Yes, it is.>>I just don’t know how you throw the emergency brake on and stop your momentum when you’re just flying in.>>It’s all about technique. That’s why we go through technique for your approach and technique for your blocking and different techniques because doing it certain ways will be more advantageous than others.>>The line was open. Good vision. 17-15, Sidney with the lead. Spurlock with her fifth kill. Good things have happened when Lily Johnson is serving for Sidney. Oh, nice job. She can get kills wherever she’s at on the court, can’t she?>>She really can. They probably should start using her even a little bit more.>>13 kills for number 12, Lydia Imbrogno. Well, two keys you had for Sidney, keep laser-like focus and enjoy the match. How would you say they’re grading out on those?>>Well, I would say their focus has been okay. It hasn’t been perfect, but it’s been okay. They’re losing a little bit of focus right now. It looks to me, as I look at some of the players after a play. But for the most part, I’d say, yes, they’ve been pretty focused. I think for the most part, they’re enjoying what they’re doing. But they aren’t demonstrative like some of the other teams are. So it’s harder to see that part of it.>>Ball grabs in. That’s a quick hit and play, and Sidney now leads 18-17. 14 kills now for Hobbie as you see the replay. No hesitation. Drills that one down to the court. Play to 25, win by two. Sidney won the first set 25-17. Wapsie Valley won the second set 25-23. Sidney won the third in dominant fashion, 25-12. This one has been as tight as it is right now, one or two points separating these two schools.>>That’s why Wapsie Valley wants to make sure it doesn’t get any further away from it than what it is right now.>>Oh, it just barely sails out of bounds.>>I thought there could have been a touch on that. But we are completely across the gym.>>Yeah, our vantage point.>>We don’t have a good vantage point for it.>>Checking in with Wapsie Valley’s keys, you said remain fearless and start quickly.>>Yeah. I would say that the fearlessness is not what we’ve seen in other matches this week. Starting quickly, they started quickly. I mean they were up 4-1 in the first set. But then they went on a — Sidney went on a seven-point run, so not really quite the jump that I would have liked if I were their coach.>>Here’s Emma Jones for Wapsie Valley. Jones, a freshman. And they’re having a tough time returning it. Finally they do. Wapsie Valley to the outside. Here’s Sidney. Rolled it down the front of the net. Great up there by Imbrogno. We play on. Tip, return! Quick block! And the ball just won’t drop to the court on either side of the net. Great rally. Good up in the back row by the libero. Down the line. Oh, they sent it out of bounds.>>That’s the right idea. She was up against a single blocker. That single blocker came from the middle, so that leaves some line open. It just was out of bounds. Close.>>21-18, leading by three and needing just four more points is Sidney. Wapsie Valley, back row attack, and it’s just mis-hit into the net. And now the Cowgirls can sense it. Getting closer. They want to join cedar falls, the 5A champion, Sergeant Bluff-Luton, Mt. Vernon, and western Christian. Sidney has never been a state champion in volleyball. And now, Barb, they’re so close.>>They’re so close, but that doesn’t mean that they can let up.>>Absolutely.>>They need to keep going until the number hits 25.>>Duncan with 16 kills. Head coach Amy McClintock is this program. Sidney, slide, down the line. It’s good. And Sidney has match point here in the fourth set. 15 kills for Kelsey Hobbie. Fifth consecutive trip to state. Undefeated versus 1A competition this year. The number one ranked team in class 1A trying to battle off the Warriors of Wapsie Valley. One more point. They have options. Another great rally. There it is! Oh, it just sails out of bounds, and the door of opportunity remains open for Wapsie Valley. Here’s the replay. And it sails out. 24-19.>>Well, that’s why we say you got to hit six inches inside the line, right, so that it’s not exactly on the line and somebody has to make the call.>>Match point for Sidney. And Wapsie Valley, they believe. Their coach, Heather Robinson, has said time and time again, you got to believe. They got a mountain to climb if they want to force the fifth set. Back against the wall right now, facing match point. Briley Bellis, another freshman for Wapsie Valley. There’s five freshmen and four seniors on Wapsie Valley’s roster. Sidney attacks. Blocked. Point, guess who? Wapsie Valley on a run. But they built that cushion, Sidney has, to get this lead. Time-out on the court. Here’s the last play again. The Warriors playing some inspired volleyball. Down but certainly not out.>>Pull it in a little bit. Protect the middle of the court, okay? All right. Come on, girls, you got this.>>Here we go.>>She knows that Sidney likes to put the ball in the middle of the court, so she wants to make sure her team is prepared for that shot.>>It’s been a fun-filled day of high school volleyball action. It’s the final day, and we’re in the final minutes and moments of the 2019 Iowa high school volleyball season. Sidney one point away. Wapsie Valley serving, on a run. Good pass. Back set. Swing, blocked, point Warriors!>>Talk about grit, right? We like watching players with grit. We like watching teams with grit. Wapsie Valley is showing they’ve got grit.>>And mind you, Briley Bellis is a freshman back there, serving tough. Match point Sidney. Trying to stop this Wapsie Valley run and win a state title. And Wapsie Valley does it again. Are you not entertained? None of today’s championships have gone five. Fighting off match point after match point after match point. Trying to tie this thing up. Match point again for Sidney. Big swing, tip. Back row attack. Blocked. Tap back over. Great hustle. The pass is there. The swing, and there it is! Final score, Sidney 25, Wapsie Valley 23. And for the first time ever, Sidney is a state champion in Iowa high school volleyball. Quite an ending, an exclamation point to our full day of broadcasts. Been on the air since 10:00 a.m., and the Warriors were Warriors down the home stretch in that fourth set, leading the way, 15 kills for Lydia Imbrogno. 12 for Kalvyn Rosengarten. Here’s that champion point again. Maddy Duncan with 17 kills. Kelsey Hobbie with 15. Sidney didn’t know if this would ever come, and then it did. And cue the celebration.>>Presenting awards to the 2019 class 1A all-tournament team is the regional manager for Iowa Farm Bureau. Ladies and gentlemen, your 2019 class 1A all-tournament team. From Sidney, Maddy Duncan. From Holy Trinity Catholic, Claire POLKATAKAS. From north TAMA. Katie CAPRIVA. From Wapsie Valley, Kalvyn Rosengarten. From Sidney, Olivia Larsen. From Wapsie Valley, Lydia Imbrogno. And your class 1A all-tournament team captain, from Sidney, Kelsey Hobbie.>>Kelsey Hobbie, a senior, going out as the captain of the state tournament team. Well deserved honor against senior, senior class unbeaten at home this year. 37-0. Throughout their career and throughout conference 49-0, undefeated this year in 1A competition. Fifth consecutive trip to state, and they finally win that state championship.>>Awesome. They did a great job. They had a great week. It’s been so fun to watch them the last five years.>>And Wapsie Valley beat the four-time defending champion Janesville. They blended that youth of five freshmen and four seniors for the state runner-up honor.>>From Wapsie Valley, the Warriors and head coach Heather Robinson. And now, your 2019 class 1A champions, coach Amy McClintock and the Cowgirls from Sidney!>>Final thoughts on this match and the overall day that we just experienced here.>>Well, I think it put the perfect cap on a wonderful day. What a great match. Wapsie Valley had a great week also. They were really fun to watch. It’s always fun when a team pushes pedal to the metal, beats the number one team, the team that’s been reigning champ for four years. Great job by both teams.>>For years, Iowa Public Television has showcased and inspired the Iowa girl, bringing unparalleled, professional coverage of girls state championships to homes across Iowa and the nation. This year IPTV is celebrating 50 years of being Iowa’s only statewide network. Can’t wait to share the next 50 with you. We thank our great crew for putting in a long day. It has been quite a treat. We hope you enjoyed it. For Barb Randall, my good friend, I’m Eric Brayly saying so long. We’ll see you all next year. Thanks for watching.>>>Funding for the Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union, Iowa Farm Bureau girls state volleyball championships is provided by –>>the path to greatness starts early. The Iowa Farm Bureau believes in Iowa’s youth and their pursuit of greatness. That’s why we’re proud to be the title sponsor of the Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union. Each student’s effort is important, and when one rises, we all rise to a better Iowa.>>>Fairway, along with Nabisco, Frito-Lay, and Sara Lee is a proud sponsor of the Iowa girls sports championships. We congratulate all the schools and student athletes participating in this year’s girls high school state volleyball championships. Fairway, proud to care for the places we work and live. By Musco lighting, the sports lighting specialists. Providing lighting systems for you, your project, and your

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