1st ODI – Australia vs New Zealand – Highlights – New Zealand Tour of Australia 2020

last right away are underway New Zealand
so that’s the positive start if leg buyers only not from the bet of Brendon
McCullum down the wicket through the covers four runs let’s Riga playing a guy that’s the reply that is
just awesome from Peter Ingram I gotta say it really was take got it right
bingum got it right he’s gonna lose their first McCallum goes over extra cover that’ll
be sex the first one of the innings right out of the middle of that net has
got up wrong and McCallum was on to it Oh cuz link so I that is beautiful that could go so the third man and into
the boundary before before the start of the innings and he said he’s looking
forward to the hard work out but he said the rats were a bit soft so that’s
perhaps way slightly down in pace still boiling 150 mind you but there’s a
beautiful shot by martin Guptill straight back down past short eight four
four so that then is continues next up the right beautiful ears wow they just
cannot quite get it right here Duke nana’s he’s trying to Bowl one side
of the lookit he’s trying to fall outside of stuff and succeeding but
McCollum is just turning him away short they might beat the fields Minh there
does that does a great effort and on the boundary goes down the ground
got two boys at that sweetly really sweetly / mid offs head that’s brilliant see it’s brilliant
that’s Brendon McCullum don’t try it at home folks
absolutely kids don’t try this one at home because you’ll be at the dentist
tomorrow morning and then that’s what happens in the end
that’s massive oh my god that’s the biggest that here in the new am ice then
by an oil lessons learned all around nice down the
ground should be out will be out yeah Smith he’s a brilliant fielder he didn’t
have to do much the gut tool just half had it really and paid the price
your numbers game so far he’s done much much better there behind point and you
get four for that so better finish to the over but Australia and fighting back
here just what happens when they look at Falls ran out yeah he’s working off he’s
furious again this time he’s more looking at Rennes and McCallum than
anyone else look at Tyson Smith frankly bangs down the ground for for
much-needed much-needed boundary for New Zealand beautiful shot from Franklin is
evenly turf on some momentum quickly don’t they yeah
well they do Mac you just lost James Franklin so Smith he’s picked up the
work yet he’s gonna go over midwicket didn’t need to find a partnership Hopkins is underway with a boundary
finds the gap as a full toss and he’s put it away first ball he’s six in over Callaway and that is the strength of
Gareth Hopkins there’s exactly where he loves to play the ball both sides of the
wicket behind point let’s league boys it’ll be a couple at
least a lockdown before gone away very fine for for I didn’t
think that was a bad shot Mecca will need to have another look at it but geez
Oh strike and hard boy that’s a good shot boon Tamaki’s a sport – brynee McCallum
blogger fucking that’s a terrific shot as well before white paper for unlucky
Australians he did couldn’t quite pull it off and Brendon
McCullum has picked up a half century that you cannot defend it short now and that’s into the grandstand
into the deans that stand for half a dozen kids goes leg side this time and
that is sex more is it yes it is gets it away don’t about the battle
Hopkins is here he’s up for it again McCullough’s it’s gone all the way
no one bounce one bounce before for Australia
Oh lettuce kids guy that’s high and that is the grandstand
another six for Gareth Hopkins he has got it right tonight that little fella
though Clippy sir he’s out anyway hoppy is
falling on his stumps I think he’s out is he sir I thought I heard something I
went for four but he’s actually walked on the stumps and the process getting
anything else happen can he do it that’s the key now where’s
this gone yeah that’s why I have to buy the stand again McCallum just reels off
yet another one it’s the highest score for a New
Zealander and twenty20 cricket that’s sex meal that’s beautifully timed
he absolutely pummeled that fear is tight brilliant again had never set up
my sex my garden early wit 20 feet off the ground
Warren’s got to get better on ball here he lies gone absolutely gone Jacob
Warren at six well ruin tracer bullet under the
stand there hang on get the timing it was there to
hit they might get to he might get far thrashed away from Cameron white that is
a bonus because he didn’t hit that at all well he knows it’s gonna go down the
ground for four he’s gonna miss out on that fastest hundred but he goes to 99
that 11 and everywhere just stay there and acknowledge everybody does he enjoy
there you don’t often say that the grave
animation out of Brendon McCullum after everything that happened after they
waited so long for Australia to come to these shores that’s coming 6x that’s 15 yards over
the top again that’s gonna be six more it’s even
bigger that’s even bigger that’s six and that’s a wonderful strike by the brother
this time and I won’t set the end to Brendon McCullum stake in the heart
over the type of cover for four more yes one bounce for then let’s just stay with
Brendon McCullum because they won’t stand as one for him
tonight just brilliant the Australians come to
UM to as a man to congratulate them on what is just absolutely fantastic one
day that’s the equation for Australia they need to get 215 and they’re 20
overs at ten point seven five if you get up
Australia good luck you’ll have really thrilled the house and those sitting at
home we’ll see you back shortly open for New Zealand and a story of Australia in the past
shame bond nice stroke down the ground that’ll be for from New Zealand got it got it strike
got it beautifully – look at that David Warner length
that’s too much length that’s too much later guys before it was testing he’s
got that again he’s missed his lands and he’s been put away once more eyes a
dangerous player David Warner I’ll stride again this is lovely stuff
it really is good stuff too bad god she’s got some class is it like a puller
for victory hi they’re going back this is a chance to be a tough catch it’s a
biggie it’s a beauty turn south hey there with a cool come here and Shangaan
has made a vital breakthrough that one out of the screws really yes
it’s a good way to start it’s nicely worked and that may we’ll go
to through to the fence it does she’s a great time or the wall Michael Clark at 6:00 and a big wonder boat a monster
took the pace off that Jacob Warren but Michael Clarke put it back in not chopped it all and it’s gonna race
away for four is it he said well all but chopped it on the league stamp what well
that’s sweetly time big sex then to the noisy part of the crowd it’s the bowl
but it’s been beautifully worked gee that’s clever betting bread hadn’t that
is very best a job well they can now because that will be
sex well and truly over the boundary it was a good effort from martin Guptill
he’s just about taking out one of the cameras it’s this period of five overs
well it’s flat she’ll be out we’ll be out very well taking Peter Ingram what a
good catch it was low just inches off the ground
plaque goes it goes over midwicket does he get it far enough yes he does just
for though one bouncing into the fence all this time that will be half a dozen
straight down the ground a very very good shot from the Aussie skipper by outside edge a little bit of luck
attack perhaps he does visit and has gone away for four cut down that
boundary and is another very good shot through extra cover that is David
hussies area Franklin misses with his area I was a slob no from James Franklin see
witness swing it away on the leg side the park he was on again but we’re in a
pretty good position here that oh no book well that certainly helps a
great shot like Cameron White 6 over extra cover maybe one of the keys for
Australia’s got to try and remain there oh what a shot what a shot that is boy
that is superb timing the Tory tried to go it at the league stuff there’s a
powerful man more straight back down the ground one bounce for bad delivery got
punished either way I think that’s big enough for sex that’s judge from Cameron
why just liver time that really but that was
a free hit big over for the Aussies approached us that is massive shorter I’m Jeb I’m not
sure why they went over to look at and love to go touch it on
and that’s gone one bounce pour over cover magnificent shot straight down the
ground it’ll be a for who pierces the gap it’s a big one there borer I’m just
getting the links wrong let’s think again straight down the ground straight
again for four back-to-back full tosses back to back boundaries tilt in one of
these last two boys from Zealand big trouble and that is beg he’ll beg that
sex he’s pounded up down the ground adorbs cuffing you’re hiding here down on the ground again trace upon it
before so strong let’s not they’ll be looking for Nana got to run turn it off yes
brilliant now they’re gonna cut the tree Michael clacks got to come back
time time to finish
oh goodness 10:7 what a hero super over strike down the ground and they’ll just
get the one and let this morning’s gonna be expressed and get back could he be
run out no he’s sharp enough just a single 10 Sally roaming the seasons we’re here go on
strike our secondly he doesn’t have to try let’s beg
it’s gonna be caught it’s going to be taken not big enough Nathan McCullen its
to Sara Lee again too he runs them out that would be the end
of the innings he didn’t try super over and that’ll on TV one go run again and
though as well Hopkins of God at the batsman
you run the line of the throne perfectly legal you can do that bread head and
protect the wickets to running towards gets up behind point don’t have to
scamper that might have been close remember Australia get two wickets they
won what can you come up with here that was why – – that might have pushed
the boundaries back again this is another run-out opportunity here we go
Daphne closed it wide one as well the contact pressure on by
taking the shot on from four balls down point it to ripple from ghetto
take cutting too much work too much pressure there newzealand
well they had it won once they let it go and they’ve won it again what a day who
would have thought they would have thought that in that situation it would
have been the Australians to get it completely wrong to fold to buckle under
the pressure New Zealand have bounced back from that first game will everyone
the pundits the media the fans were saying well they’re just not in the
class of Australia well they’ve turned up here in Christchurch along with a

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