2 Baseball Hitting Drills You NEED To Master THIS SUMMER 2017

What’s up guys? Coach Madden, official trainer, YouGoProBaseball.com
and I’ve got 2 baseball hitting drills that you probably should master in the summer of
2017 if you want to take your hitting game to the next level. The first drill that we’re going to do is
the back knee drive to the med ball, big med ball, wall ball right here that we’ve got,
and the reason why I like this drill so much is because I see a lot of guys when they swing,
they don’t get deep enough, they don’t really drive off of this back leg. They kind of stay tall, they’re not really
getting deep or driving on this back leg. So what we want to do in this drill is drive
this back knee, not spin it, but drive it down this way to that ball as we hit. So it looks a little something like this. Alright, for the second drill we’re going
to come over to the wall, if you’ve got a wall, or a mat, or something like that, we’re
going to do the stop at contact drill and all we’re doing here is we’re getting close
to the wall, we’re going to take our swing, and we’re going to stop at contact. What you want to make sure is that you’re
driving that back knee like we did in that last drill, that you’ve got a good body angle,
which means you’re tilted over the plate a little bit this way, also your head is over
your back knee, your front leg is straight and up your body, your hands are above your
barrel, your left forearm is in line with the bat, and your right arm is in a power
L position. Those are just a few things you want to check
when you’re doing the stop at contact drill. So those are 2 great baseball hitting drills
that you want to master this summer of 2017 because they’re going to make you a better
hitter especially when you’re driving that back knee in and you can focus on that with
this drill and that drill at the same time at the same time. So these 2 drills are really great. I do want to say thank you very much to Marucci
for hooking me up with the nice gear, the hat, the shirt, these shorts are sick by the
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I’ve got you. Thanks guys!

21 thoughts on “2 Baseball Hitting Drills You NEED To Master THIS SUMMER 2017

  1. love the large ball drill. working with my son to stay back and not drift over front foot. I will be looking into starting this one. Thanks for all you do.

  2. Hey I've been hitting a lot of pop ups and foul balls lately is there any reason for that other than just getting under the ball

  3. Hey I need some help I want to join a travel ball team next year but I'm not sure if I'll have what it takes I can throw accurate and know what plays to do majority of the time and I can hit 410 at my max I can throw roughly 260 and I have this summer to practice do you think I have a good chance at making the team I'm only 13 so I'm going to be the young player

  4. Nice video John. Can you touch on the topic of hitters becoming obsessed with launch angle? I'm a little dude. Contact guy. If I'm trying to hit 500ft moonshots every AB I'm only hurting my team. What do you think?

  5. I would like to know how to hit more line drives and how to get better with reading pitches, I get at least one strike every an ab on an outside pitch, it would really help thx👍🏼

  6. Can you do a video on right hand cutter sliders and curve ball and sinker because since your a lefty I have a hard time seeing the correct grips for the sinker curve slider and cutter

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  8. I'm having a little trouble with my swing I'm having a little trouble where my swing I think I got the mechanics down now is my time in I'm getting antsy at the plate and I feel my self I catch myself Russian to hit it I've been watching your videos and I know that I have to wait let the ball travel do you have any advice that could help me out I would really appreciate it thank you very much and good jobs we don't love these videos very helpful

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