2003 Cricket World Cup Final – Harsha Bhogle shares the strategy (Australia Vs India) with subtitles

Harsha: …and sometimes ideas work and sometimes they dont. But its how you approach a problem that often determines whether you are gonna have a solution or not. Harsha: if you approach a problem saying, ‘we cannot find a solution’, its very unlikely you will find a solution. Harsha: But if you say, ‘may be this is a way I can find a solution’, you may not always find it, but you give yourself a chance of finding it. Harsha: South Africa made 359 for 2 or 369 for 2, in the World Cup final?
Audience: Australia!
Harsha: Australia sorry, not South Africa. Audience: 359 for 2
Harsha: 359 for 2, so you gotta make 360 to win, right? 7.2 an over. Harsha: Bowling was… McGrath, Gillespie had gone back, Lee, Bichel… anyways, whatever! it doesnt matter who the bowling is when you make 360.
Final of the World Cup, how do you win?? Harsha: India would have been… easiest thing in the world for India will be to say ‘ok guys, we gave it a good shot. We got into the final. Lets get happy we made the finals because we cant score 360.’ Harsh: Apparently at team meeting he said, ‘can we score a boundry of every over?’, ‘Can we score 1 boundary (4 runs) per over?’
….seems allright! Harsha: if you hit 1 boundary per over, you made 200 runs off 50 balls. What is the target down to?
160 runs off 250 balls. Harsha: he said, ‘Can we?, Come lets go and try and win this match!’

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