17 thoughts on “2014/2015 Season – Hockey Night in Canada (HNiC) – Opening Intro

  1. From the States… the new theme is awful.  "Canadian Gold" grew on me after replacing the original theme, this one is awful.

  2. I grew up watching hockey pretty much every saturday with Hockey Night In Canada…and now that Rogers has taken over, for Canadian hockey fans, it isn't the same. Although it's still "technically HNIC on CBC", it really isn't…you don't mess with something that isn't broke. HNIC is huge in Canada for Hockey fans, and although this comment means nothing, it's too bad Rogers changed it. Not that it's bad now, but it isn't the same. The day HNIC dies(i bet it will eventually) i'll be very sad, because hockey on saturday's is a big deal in Canada, it had a special feel to it.

  3. This sucks. Bring back Canadian Gold. Or the original Classic but that's not going to happen. what a bunch of fuck ups at HNIC.

  4. While I preferred the original "Canadian Gold" over this, I don't hate this either. Very orchestral and powerful nonetheless.

  5. Don't worry Canadian hockey fans, Rogers coffers will eventually bring back your 'pre-Candian Gold' theme, Aand at least you're not forced to watch NBC, which has even worse coverage & more generic theme music.

  6. This is just a "more Dramanizing" of Canadian gold, they tried to make it dramatic like the old NFL on CBS intro by Frankie Vinci

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