2015 CCM Ribcor Platinum Hockey Skate | Source For Sports

The popular Reebok Pump state line has been reintroduced this year as the
CCM Ribcor Platinum. This skate is exclusive to Source For Sports and all of you pump lovers out there, don’t worry we’ve still got you covered. It’s built off the 46k, so the 46k is a great skate, with a lot of wonderful features. The most important feature always with any of the Ribcor’s is we have the pump. Now this has the new advanced pump, this is the most efficient pump they’ve ever had. That allows us to get more air in around the areas where it’s going to
do the actual work. On the actual bladders inside here what that’s going to do is it’s gonna really lock your heel down, it’s also gonna be very comfortable on your ankles without adding any weight. It has a deeper fit than a lot of the other CCM products. So if you have a wider foot or a little deeper in-step that’s gonna really allow your foot to sit in there, it allows the tongue to get down where it needs to go. It’s a very comfortable skate if you’ve got a foot like that, if you have an average foot when, when we heat fit this we’re also going to be able to wrap your foot it’s gonna fit you like a dream as well. This is the Speed Blade black. So what we have is a really top end stainless steel that’s been treated with this really
hard black coating and what that does for you, is it makes
this skate much firmer on the edges. If you happen to get a few nicks and things like that during a game that can really effect your agility. This skate is going to resist that, you’re gonna have a better edge life, and it’s gonna allow it to feel the same start to finish. The liner in this skate is a duel zone liner, those two different pieces actually do a different job. The first
piece on the back will really grip your heel, and the pieces in the front are very comfortable. The CCM Ribcor Platinum skate is just one in the lineup of all new CCM Ribcor pump skates. Exclusive at Source For Sports.

2 thoughts on “2015 CCM Ribcor Platinum Hockey Skate | Source For Sports

  1. take a couple sessions to get used to teh holder if you come from the new bauer holders,
    Pros: Good material on the inside and the skate in general is great
    cons: the toecap is bendable its that weak but thats like a very small factor its like %99 good and it looks like 100 times better in real life im not sure why they took such bad pictures of it but it looks so good
    also get ee if you have an average foot cause its narrow i wear US size 10 shoes and wear 6.5EEbauer so i got size 7D for the ribcors thinking going up a size would work since ccm sizes smaller but its a bit too narrow so get ee if your getting these in a pro fit and not just going off the 2 sizes down bs point is that this isnt a wide skate if your getting a pro fit

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