2015 RIT Hockey Highlights

Brad Reid: I had a great time here, a time
we’re going to remember for the rest of our lives.
Brad McGowan: I think we have the best fans in college hockey. When we were coming out
of the tunnel and we hear the “RIT” and the place felt like it was shaking.
Brandon Thompson: It’s been the best four years of my life, hands down. Announcer: It was another championship season
for RIT hockey. The Tigers once again hoisted the Atlantic Hockey trophy.
Brad McGowan: We were on the bench high-fiving, hugging, the buzzer finally went and we jumped
over the boards and threw all my stuff off. Brandon Thompson: Just holding that trophy
over our heads at the end was pretty phenomenal. Announcer: The conference title led to the
NCAA playoffs where the Tigers knocked off top seeded Minnesota State and advanced to
the Elite 8. Wayne Wilson: I think we’re on the right
track of setting the expectations that we have, which are high expectations. But it
also made us appreciate how much work and how difficult it is to win championships. Matt Garbowsky: Being nominated for the Hobie
Baker award is obviously an individual thing, but you can’t do it without your team and
we’ve been great this year as a team and exposure for RIT has been great.
Announcer: It was an incredible season as the Tigers moved to the Gene Polisseni Center.
The new on-campus arena has more than four thousand seats, with amenities for fans and
all the first class facilities for the team. Brad Reid: It’s outstanding, this compares
to the top of the nation. Brad McGowan: Whether it’s the workout room,
the training room, our locker-room, it’s all top notch. Matt Garbowsky: We love the arena, they did
a great job on it. We knew our fans would carry over right from Ritter and be just as
loud over here. Brandon Thompson: you hear them start the
“RIT” chant, oh, you get goose bumps every time. It’s pretty amazing. Announcer: RIT plays in the Atlantic Hockey
Conference against teams from New England to Colorado. The Tigers start each season at Rochester’s
11 thousand seat Blue Cross Arena. The home-coming contest draws sellout crowds for opponents
like Penn State, Michigan and Boston College. Wayne Wilson: It’s been sold out weeks before
the game now, that’s just over 11 thousand people. It’s a highlight on our schedule,
that’s for sure. Brad Reid: You have 11 thousand fans, all
wearing orange, a lot of parents and they’re all screaming for you to win. It’s always
a tough game as well. Announcer: RIT hockey has a long and storied
tradition that includes a trip to the NCAA Division One Frozen Four in 2010. The Tigers
also are sending players to the pros, including the NHL. Matt Garbowsky: It’s always been my dream
to play professional hockey and RIT definitely prepared me for that and helped me get there
and now that I’m there, I want to make the most of it. Brandon Thompson: It shows that if you do
have a solid performance on the ice, you do have the opportunity to go play pro, potentially
in the NHL one day. Wayne Wilson: We’ve got two players currently
playing in the NHL with Steve Pinizzotto and Chris Tanev and they’ve been great representatives
of RIT. Announcer: The path to future success starts
with a renowned education. RIT has nine leading colleges with an extensive selection of academic
programs that include business, Liberal Arts, Health Science and Engineering. The campus
is located in greater Rochester, New York, three hours from Toronto and five hours from
New York City. Brad Reid: If guys like myself are not going
to try and play pro, you’ve got that great education. Or the guys that will go play pro,
they’ve got the education to fall back on. Brandon Thompson: I ultimately settled on
business management and I’ve loved it. Classes are great, teachers are amazing. Matt Garbowsky: I’ve learned so much about
business and you know I hope to carry that through and own my own business one day as
well. player: In the end when you come out you know
that you’re set to get a job pretty much anywhere that you apply. Announcer: Wayne Wilson with more than 300
victories at RIT signed a seven year contract extension in 2015. The 2010 national coach
of the year has a dedicated staff who help keep RIT at the forefront of college hockey.
Wayne Wilson: I’m just lucky that I think I have two of the best assistant coaches in
Brian Hills and Dave Insalaco. We’re always a fast moving, dynamic team, we get after
things, from penalty killing, power play to five-on-five, we want to force mistakes and
pressure pucks. Announcer: A hockey tradition that continues
to grow, at the Rochester Institute of Technology. Brad Reid: I think the decision to come to
RIT was probably the best decision I could have made and it was the best four years of
my life. Brandon Thompson: I’m going to walk out
of here with a tremendous education, and an opportunity to potentially play pro hockey.
The world’s my oyster right now and I have RIT to thank for that.

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