2017-18 Elmira College Women’s Ice Hockey Season Preview

The first few weeks of practices have
been going really well. It’s been high tempo, everyone’s excited. People have been nervous, but they’ve sort of worked the nerves out now and everyone sort of getting into the groove of playing college hockey, especially the freshmen. They’ve sort of had the nerves out. They had the first couple of days of just like confusion a little bit but now everyone seems to be
really excited and the coaches are having good practices. Yeah you know what’s so far so good. We’ve had our good days, we’ve had our bad days. We’re trying to work on our systems as much as we can. Anytime you do that and you slow it down you got to try to pick up the pace again as well and so we’ve
been working on that. Really excited about the group as a whole. I think we have some really good upperclassmen, some good freshmen that I think are gonna help pitch in right away. So we’re looking forward to this Saturday against Oswego. A lot of systems, a lot of power play, penalty kill. Just moving the puck
and trying to get our heads up and figure out where each other are on the
ice, who clicks with who. A lot of systems. I think once we’re system strong, we’ll be winning games a lot more and a lot easier. I think our systems are
really our key component to our team. We’re always been like system
strong and I think that carries over to success. I think that’s a big part of it. Our penalty kill, power play, we’re working on that. Hopefully we can get
those special teams going to this year. I think our freshmen have come in and they’ve kind of established their roles already. They’ve kind of been chipping in and
learning the systems and that’s always a process coming in from their U19
programs, but I think so far so good and we’re really excited to have them. I think that the freshmen have been really good with fitting in with our team. I mean in terms of preseason and the beginning of the year, we really tried to
implement a lot of off-ice team bonding and I think that has a lot to do with
how they transitioned into not only the school, but our hockey program. I think everyone’s really excited. It’s been a long preseason, a long
two and a half weeks with Coach. I think everyone’s just really ready to get
going and playing games. We know that Oswego is gonna be a big
challenge for us, but we’re ready for it and we’re prepared so I’m excited. Yeah, I think it’s always good to keep your expectations high so that you can go for
a goal that that you want. Essentially, the goal is to get to the
final game. We want to win every game that we can. We want to win every shift, every period. So the expectation is high for our program and it has been for many years now. I think that if we can come together as a team and really focus on systems, We’ll be able to achieve our goals. We want to try to take it weekend to weekend, day by day. I think certainly we know what’s that task in regards of where we want to get win wise and what
we want to accomplish regular-season with our non-conference slate. We understand that the goal is to get to March and you know that’s our goal for
this year.

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