2017 Spartan Baseball Roster

[Music] Kenneth Negron, Sophomore Pitcher, from Florida, Puerto Rico [Music] Angel Morales, Sophomore Outfielder, Cayey, Puerto Rico Andre Beltran, Sophomore Utility, Lincoln, Nebraska [Music] Ricky Hernandez, Sophomore Pitcher, Puerto Rico [Music] Marcus Chieves, Freshman Outfielder, Huxley, Iowa [Music] Rauvardo Torres, Sophomore Pitcher, Puerto Rico [Music] Jared Heman, Sophomore Outfielder, Carthage, Missouri [Music] Kevin Torres, Sophomore Catcher, Puerto Rico [Music] Erick Espinosa, Sophomore Shortstop, from Arecibo, Puerto Rico [Music] Pedro Nazario, Freshman Infielder, Cidra, Puerto Rico [Music] Gabriel Leon, Sophomore Outfielder, Caracas, Venezuela [Music] Juan Perez, Sophomore Utility, Arecibo, Puerto Rico [Music] Stephan Soto, Freshman Infielder, from Lajas, Puerto Rico [Music] Elijah Johnson, Freshman Outfielder, Omaha, Nebraska [Music] Jake Duren, Sophomore Catcher, Lincoln, Nebraska [Music] Emilio Candelario, Sophomore Pitcher, Sabana Grande, Puerto Rico [Music] Sean Houston, Sophomore Pitcher, Denison, Iowa [Music] Nathan Torres, Freshman Catcher, Hatillo, Puerto Rico [Music] Dylan Torres, Freshman Pitcher, from Santa Isabel, Puerto Rico [Music] Victor Perez, Sophomore Infielder, Vega Baja, Puerto Rico [Music] John Poldberg, Freshman Pitcher, Carter Lake, Iowa [Music] Waldemar Figueroa, Sophomore Pitcher and Outfield, from Toa Alto, Puerto Rico [Music] Oscar Rivera, Freshman Pitcher, Ponce, Puerto Rico [Music] Jhon Vargas, Sophomore Pitcher, Dominican Republic [Music] Nick Houzenga, Freshman Pitcher, Muscatine, Iowa [Music] Jose Mendez, Freshman Shortstop, from Dorado, Puerto Rico [Music] Trevor Fisher, Freshman Pitcher, from Blue Springs, Missouri [Music] Manuel Hazoury, Sophomore Infielder, from Dominican Republic [Music] Yadiel Cruz, Sophomore Pitcher, from Caguas, Puerto Rico [Music] Ian Torres, Sophomore Pitcher, from Ponce, Puerto Rico [Music] Pedro Hernandez, Head Coach, Vega Baja, Puerto Rico Now is our time! [Music]

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